Deadwood Movie Update: Filming This Fall According to Kim Dickens

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The Deadwood movie is and will start filming this fall, according to Kim Dickens (who plays Joanie Stubbs). HBO's western drama, Deadwood, has one of the more infamous unintended series finales of all time. Deadwood ended not quite on a cliffhanger, but its season 3 finale was not meant to be the end. HBO axed the series before it had a chance to properly wrap things up and fans have cried out for more ever since 2006.

Since the finale, there's been talk of a movie happening again and again. Yet, that movie has never materialized. Now things are looking more hopeful than they ever have before and Deadwood fans might finally get the wrap-up that they have waited to see for over a decade. They still might want to cross a few fingers (and toes) though.

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In an interview on Talking Dead (h/t, while talking about her role on Fear the Walking Dead, the subject of the Deadwood movie came up with Dickens. The actress didn't offer an official word on the movie's production or its premiere date but she did offer this tease of hope:

Well, I’ll tell you, next up, looks like all signs are go to do the Deadwood movie this fall. I’m not giving an official release on this or anything, but yeah, they’re locking us down.

There's been multiple hold-ups for the Deadwood movie occurring, yet nailing down the large and in-demand cast has been one of the most persistent problems. Deadwood's cast was full of many actors who would go on to become TV stars in their own right. It's not just Kim Dickens; American Gods' Ian McShane, Santa Clarita Diet's Timothy Olyphant and Lost in Space's Molly Parker were all among Deadwood's regular cast. Getting all these actors to work out their availabilities together has been a huge problem, but now the stars all appear to be aligning (literally).


Even though Olyphant suggested the Deadwood revival will never happen earlier this year, he may end up eating those words. Still, while the Deadwood movie has never been this close to happening, Olyphant probably isn't too far off base. The years since the show has ended have been littered with stories of the Deadwood revival happening "soon." Fans probably shouldn't hold their breath until the actors are on set and filming (and things might not even be assured then, either).

A lot still must be revealed and explained about the Deadwood movie too. While the cast has been very vocal about reading the script and loving it, the movie still has to explain quite a bit. It would be strange if there's no mention of the fact that all the characters and actors look 10 years older. Some time should've passed since the season finale. Also, due to some real-world tragedy, one of Deadwood's biggest characters won't be involved. Powers Boothe played Cy Tolliver, the rival saloon owner to Ian McShane's Al Swearagen, but sadly passed away in 2017 at the age of 68.

Of course, there will probably be some historical basis for the movie's plot. Nearly all the characters in Deadwood, including Swearagen and Olyphant's Seth Bullock, are based on real people. The real Al Swearagen reportedly died penniless, either trying to jump on a train or being murdered. Even so, the series has always been known for taking creative liberties with its historical figures. The end of Deadwood's Swearagen (and everyone else) might not be the same as it is in the history books.

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