Deadpool Creator Wants To See More X-Men Theme Park Attractions

Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson in Deadpool

The man responsible for creating Deadpool, Robert Liefeld, says that Fox have their work cut out when it comes to matching Marvel Studios in the superhero theme park ride stakes - saying he would love to see a Deadpool-themed attraction in the future. Although comic fans have been familiar with Mr. Pool for a long time, the potty-mouthed character shot into the mainstream with last year's big screen venture, which achieved tremendous success and has a sequel, Deadpool 2, in development for a 2018 release date.

Liefeld's comments come in the wake of the grand opening of the Guardians of the Galaxy Mission: Breakout! attraction at Disney Resort California. The ride is a free-fall dropexperience which also features a number of Marvel Easter eggs, famous characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies and exciting special effects. The new attraction was recently unveiled in a grandiose, star-studded event.

In a series of posts on his Twitter account, Liefeld firstly commented on the lengthy queues fans are experiencing before Mission: Breakout!, but then went on to speak about the superhero movie arena more generally. The writer and artist claimed that a strong presence at theme parks such as Disneyland is an important factor in the mainstream success of superhero movies and that Fox are playing catch-up with the MCU when it comes to the X-Men franchise, in this regard:

The 5 hour wait for Guardians of the Galaxy ride at Disneyland is astonishing. Even more Marvel mainstream integration w/smash theme ride!

— robertliefeld (@robertliefeld) May 30, 2017

FOX has its work cut out more so than ever given that the Marvel Disney brands are part of Americana. Fitting that X-Men, again outcasts.

— robertliefeld (@robertliefeld) May 30, 2017

Do not discount for a minute the importance of a strong Disneyland presence. No More Mutants, indeed.

— robertliefeld (@robertliefeld) May 30, 2017

A Deadpool ride would be great!!

— robertliefeld (@robertliefeld) May 31, 2017

Of course, as Liefeld himself alludes, the MCU is at a distinct advantage when it comes to theme park presence, due to Disney now owning Marvel Studios. This makes the process of obtaining rights and permissions for branding far simpler for Disney, as they already own the property. And sure, a lack of theme park attractions might not have hindered Deadpool's big screen success but with Disneyland visited by guests of all ages and backgrounds, it's certainly a fantastic way of exposing characters to a huge and varied audience.

But if Liefeld's wish for a Deadpool ride did come to pass, what kind of creation could be dreamed up? When it comes to the 'Merc with a Mouth', it's difficult to imagine that the attraction wouldn't include some kind of mature content. And whilst it'd be unrealistic to expect a recreation of Ryan Reynolds and Morena Baccarin's 'holiday' montage, there's surely some scope to include graphic cartoonish violence and bad language.

With that said, does Rob Liefeld's assertion not to discount the importance of theme park presence completely ring true? The Guardians of the Galaxy, for example, were virtually unknown to the mainstream before the release of the first movie and it's only because of that cinematic success that the characters have been made the focus of a theme park ride.

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