Domino's Powers Get An Upgrade Ahead Of X-Force Movie

Warning: This post contains SPOILERS for Domino #6

Domino's profile has risen in the comic world recently, with a new solo Domino comic series and an appearance as possibly the most powerful mutant in Deadpool 2. And now with her next movie appearance in X-Force on the horizon, her powers are getting an even better tweak in the comics.

As Deadpool fans now also know, the mercenary mutant has the unusual power of 'good luck' - that is, she can manipulate probability to ensure that she always comes out on top. This can mean anything from near-impossible misses, to finding a car with the keys in the ignition at the moment that she needs to get away. It makes her an incredibly powerful mutant, although she cannot actually control her power. Instead, it simply kicks in when she needs it, and even she doesn't know exactly how it will work at any given moment.

At least... she didn't used to know.

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In recent issues of Domino, however, Neena's power started to fail her, and she nearly died as a result. Unsurprisingly, this terrified the mutant, heading to Hong Kong in search of a master (Shang Chi) to help her learn how to regain control. But Domino may have learned something game-changing about her abilities.

In Domino #6, Neena is in Hong Kong with Shang-Chi, feeling almost like herself again. Shang-Chi explains to her that while they have been training, her gifts have been responding to both his direction and the intensity of his attacks. Because of this, he believes that she may actually be able to tap into her connection to her powers of probability manipulation. And eventually, learn how to 'focus' it for greater influence.

At first, Domino refuses to believe that this is how her power works - however, when Topaz (her attempted killer) appears and the two have to battle it out, she realizes that her new mentor is correct. By focusing, she is able to fight back against Topaz and beat her, despite Topaz's own superhuman gifts. She may leave Shang Chi to return home by issue's end, it seems that this new ability to control her abilities will be coming with her.

This is a huge change for the mutant, who was originally deemed a 'failure' by the government project that created her abilities (not strong enough, or easy enough to control). This new possibility that she may indeed be able to train to control her abilities alters that element of her backstory to a huge extent - and opens up the possibility that she'll be able to prevent the from causing accidental harm to anyone else. This also begs the question of whether or not her new control will make it onto the big screen in time for X-Force.

Her powers already make her a formidable opponent, but if she could control them fully, it would be a chance for X-Force to really make her the star. It would also move her mutant power from 'luck' to something a little bit closer to the reality-warping abilities possessed by other mutants. The ability to manipulate probability intentionally, whenever she wants, to do whatever specific act she wants. Of course, if Domino were to become fully in control of her powers, this may also make her a little too overpowered to really be interesting. If a character is too powerful, no one can stand up to them, and there is no conflict (which is the core of most superhero stories). However, watching her train and become slightly more in control of them is sure to be an interesting part of the next few months of Domino's story.

Domino #6 is now available from Marvel Comics.

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