16 Worst Things Deadpool Has Ever Done (In The Comics)

There's a reason Deadpool is considered an ANTI-hero. He's done so much in the comics that's too terrible to show on screen.

Who doesn’t love a little Deadpool in their life? The Merc with a Mouth is one of the most entertaining characters in all of comic books. His popularity has seen an increase lately, especially after the unexpected megahit film based on the character. He’s a lovable loon who gets away with most of what he does because of his joke-cracking tendencies.

But don’t get it twisted: Deadpool has done some incredibly messed up things throughout the history of his books. There’s a reason many people consider him to be an ANTI-hero. You don’t get that “anti” part if you there aren’t a couple of times where you’ve made some questionable judgment, bended your morals, or just straight-up killed some people in the name of completing your mission.

Sure, that’s kind of the whole point of Deadpool - he’s a mercenary and will align himself with whoever can pay the most - but for a character who is so popular and beloved, you would think he’d have a bit more of a heroic moral compass.

Well, that compass is broken most of the time, so let’s have a look at some of the most terrible, disturbing, and definitely anti-heroic things Deadpool has done.

Here are the 16 Worst Things Deadpool Has Done In The Comics.

16 Killed Beast and wore him as a fur coat

Deadpool has been known to fly off the handle sometimes. He’s one of the world’s most deadly assassins and his skills are matched by very few, and that includes members of the X-Men. When Deadpool went on a rampage, killing all of his former X-Buddies, one of the more ridiculous things he did was wear Beast’s fur as a coat.

It was just insult to injury because Deadpool showed up to fight Wolverine, the X-Men’s most popular mutant, while wearing the coat. It was truly a horrifying thing to see and showed just how ruthless and unhinged Deadpool can get.

Also, guess who came out the victor in the fight with Wolverine. Yup — Deadpool got the better of him. You don’t see that every day, do you?

15 Shot Spider-Man point-blank in the head

Previously, we talked about Deadpool killing all of the X-Men, which was included in a non-canonical storyline called Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe. It was a gruesome and vicious side of Deadpool that many people had never seen before, savagely going around slaughtering superheroes willy-nilly.

Well, in that storyline, the first hero to fall to The Merc was Spider-Man. Peter Parker confronts Deadpool - trying to reason with him, to get him to be a better hero and person - and what does Deadpool do? He takes out a gun and shoots his face off. Point-blank range.

It was truly one of the most shocking and disturbing things that Deadpool has ever done, and seeing that savagery towards Spider-Man is unheard of, considering he is Marvel’s golden boy. Hence, why this particular story is non-canonical.

14 Basically everything in "Killustrated"

Let’s face it — reading can be boring, especially when you are forced to read classic literature with outdated references and strange vernacular that isn’t relatable to people reading it today.

Apparently Deadpool agrees with this sentiment, because in the storyline Deadpool: Killustrated, The Merc with a Mouth goes around killing many beloved characters from classic literature such as Ebenezer Scrooge, The Three Musketeers, and the animals from The Jungle Book. Not to mention he went to the house where the Three Little Women live and burned it to the ground.

It’s a giant F-U to classic literature, which Deadpool seems to consider boring as hell. It’s fair to say Deadpool wasn’t a fan of book reports and summer reading lists when he was in school, right?

13 Blew up Avengers Tower

The Avengers are one of the most iconic superhero teams in the history of comic books. Their popularity has only increased since the critically-lauded and box-office blockbuster films have come out. As you may know, in the comics characters interact with each other all the time. So you know The Avengers had to cross paths with Deadpool at some point, right? Wonder how that turned out…

Oh yeah: Deadpool blew up Avengers tower! In a dose of irony, Deadpool used Pym Particles to destroy the tower and kill just about everyone inside. That’s right, Deadpool even took out Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. Granted, it was in another reality, but still. The dude is an absolute beast when he needs to be.

You can pretty much guarantee you won’t be seeing that in any of the upcoming Marvel films.

12 Shot an innocent bystander in order to distract Daredevil

Deadpool is a wise-cracking, jovial, and morally ambiguous character and Daredevil is pretty much the polar opposite of that. Daredevil is a stern, brooding, and grim character who carries a ton of guilt with him due to his religious beliefs and upbringing. Let’s just say, these two don’t get along very well.

At one point when these two crossed paths, Daredevil got the better of Deadpool, and had him tied up. It certainly looked like Deadpool wasn’t going to escape justice, but Deadpool is too clever to surrender immediately. At one point in his capture, he distracted Daredevil and then shot an innocent bystander, who Daredevil then rushed to save, allowing Deadpool to escape.

That couldn’t have made Matt Murdock too happy. Looks like it’s more doom and gloom for the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen.

11 Stole an Iron Man suit and got wasted

One of Iron Man’s most iconic characteristics is his trouble with alcoholism. It’s a very touchy subject and it’s an addiction that many people suffer from. It’s not something to be taken lightly, as it could have potentially fatal effects on the alcohol abuser and the people around them.

Leave it to Deadpool to make a giant mockery of the disease. The icing on the cake — Deadpool stole Tony Stark’s Iron Man armor and got absolutely wasted while flying around in it. That’s not only irresponsible, it’s incredibly dangerous. Plus, it’s just rude to his on-again-off-again friend Tony Stark.

Deadpool is a fan of taking the low road and going for the easy joke, but this was one of his most brutal “jokes.” Bad from, Deadpool. Bad form, indeed.

10 Force-fed vegetarians meat

Look, those of us who are meat-eaters can pretty much agree that when a vegetarian or a vegan begins to lecture you on the negative consequences of eating meat, it’s just not fun at all. Many of us are easily annoyed by such speeches and diatribes. It’s pretentious, time-consuming, and ultimately it probably won’t change your mind about anything.

Deadpool is the same way. Sick of hearing vegetarians force-feeding him propaganda, he decided to take matters into his own hands at one point. In a strange mock-PSA that compares the actions of Captain America with those of Deadpool, Deadpool is shown force-feeding meat to several vegetarians.

Sure, it’s not as brutal as killing The Avengers or shooting an innocent bystander, but it’s still a total jerk move. Let them live their lives, Deadpool!

9 Fed Angel his flesh

It’s probably a bad sign when this moment is considered one of the most heroic things Deadpool has ever done. If you heard a story about a person feeding another person their own flesh, it’s highly doubtful that you’d think, “Wow, that person is a hero!”

But Deadpool saved Angel’s life by feeding him his flesh. Due to Deadpool’s advanced healing factor, he is able to regenerate skin tissue incredibly fast, so when he saw Angel in a rough spot, he decided the best way to save him was to hack off parts of his arm and feed it to him. Amazingly, the plan worked and Angel was saved.

What makes this such an effed-up moment is the fact that Deadpool kept Angel in the dark about the whole thing. It’s a little sadistic.

Angel even outright asked what he was eating and Deadpool refused to clue him in that he was being forced to become a cannibal.

8 Lit an elephant on fire for a joke

Deadpool, like many of us, is a fan of a good joke. He is considered one of the funniest characters in all of comic books, and his books are always good for a few laughs.

A few of the best parts about his comics is the fact that he can break the fourth wall, he can pull off visual gags, and there are generally no consequences for what happens on the pages. So, when Deadpool literally lit an elephant on fire for the sake of making a joke, it was pretty much the most perfect Deadpool moment ever. It incorporated just about everything that makes Deadpool great, and everything that makes Deadpool completely psychotic.

Heroes don’t light innocent animals on fire. That probably doesn’t need to be said, but here we are.

7 Used his daughter as bait to fight Mad Cap

Most parents get sick at the thought of their children being put in harm’s way. Not Deadpool!

Deadpool is a special breed of insane, as he used his daughter, who he'd only recently found out existed, in the direct line of danger in order to bait Mad Cap into fighting him.

Not only does this make Wade Wilson a bad hero, a bad person, and a bad parent - it just totally goes against any code of ethics that you’d ever see in any form of media! To purposely put a child in danger is one of the most villainous things a person can do, and Deadpool did it. Thank goodness Quicksilver was nearby and saved her, like a real hero.

He won’t be winning any “Father of the Year” awards, that much is certain.

6 He has a chimichanga-making slave

Anyone who knows anything about Deadpool knows that the dude is a fan of Mexican food. He simply can’t get enough! Sure tacos and burritos are great, but Deadpool has a special place in his heart for chimichangas. They’re his favorite food by far, and he will stop at nothing to eat them.

That even includes abducting a person and forcing that person to constantly make him chimichangas. That’s right, Deadpool has a chimichanga-making slave. He keeps him locked up and abuses him. He even calls him Paco — which may be his name, or it may be a cruel racist joke. Still think Deadpool is someone you want to root for?

When the man asks to see his family, Deadpool refuses and threatens his life. Smooth move, Wade Wilson.

5 His abusive relationship with Blind Al

Another one of Deadpool’s abuse victims is Blind Al, an elderly blind woman who is addicted to drugs. Deadpool holds her captive for no real reason other than he thinks it’s funny. At least the chimichanga-making slave served a purpose. Blind Al isn’t a weapons expert and she has no insider information on Deadpool’s enemies; she is literally only there because Deadpool won’t let her leave.

Sure, they form an emotional connection to each other after a while, but you have to realize that this is classic Stockholm Syndrome. Al isn’t allowed to leave without Wade’s permission and she surely resents him for that.

Plus, she is generally on the receiving end of Deadpool’s cruel pranks and jokes. If any other comic book character would do this, they would be considered a villain, but because Deadpool can crack a few jokes, he’s adored.

4 Killed his parents

Another tell-tale sign that a person isn’t a hero is when they have killed their parents. Name another hero who has killed their parents. Go ahead, try to think of one. Yeah, parents have died, but it is almost never at the hands of the supposed hero. It sounds more like a villain’s origin story.

He went back to his childhood home, saw all of the trinkets from his childhood, locked his parents inside and burned it to the ground. This was all a test to see if he could ruthlessly murder still. Guess what, Deadpool? You still got it.

But just because you can ruthlessly murder your parents doesn’t mean you are superior to anyone at all. It’s not just the act of murdering his parents that makes this moment disturbing, it’s the joy Deadpool takes in ending their lives.

3 Killed a guy for liking the new Star Wars movies

This is perhaps one of the most petty and unnecessary deaths in all of Deadpool’s comics. It really shows his immaturity and lack of morals. Understandably, it was a death for the sake of a joke, but still it was ridiculous.

Deadpool was chatting with two pilots who were talking about Star Wars and one of the pilots mentioned that he thought the prequels were better than the original movies, and Deadpool immediately pulls out a gun and shoots him in the head. He then demands the other pilot denounce the name of Jar Jar Binks. Look, it’s just comics, but could you imagine getting killed for something so insignificant?

If this is the pinnacle of Deadpool’s humor and “heroics,” he really shouldn’t be looked at in any kind of positive light.

2 He's a home-wrecker and a cheater

Amazingly, Deadpool has hooked up with a lot of ladies in his history as a character. Maybe that whole “women like jerks” sentiment is true, because Deadpool is a lady-killer (literally and figuratively). One of the more interesting aspects of Deadpool’s romantic relationships is the fact that he almost always cheats on his lovers or steals them from someone else. Or gets them killed.

He stole Lady Death from Thanos, he cheated on Siryn, he got Mercedes Wilson killed, he killed Orksa’s husband and married her, and that’s not even mentioning what happened between Wade Wilson and Anastasia (We’ll get to that).

There are far too many instances of Deadpool being a bad dude when it comes to romance to list in here. Don’t hook up with the guy!

1 Shot Anastasia

Deadpool and Anastasia had a very strange and ridiculous relationship. Deadpool met her while working on a mission with the police, and immediately fell in love with her due to her femme fatale appearance and prickly attitude. She was into his scarred and grotesque body, so it seemed like a match made in heaven.

That is, until Deadpool shot her in the freakin’ head. There were many things leading up to this moment, like Anastasia hitting him in the head with a shovel and burying him alive. This (understandably) led to Deadpool resenting her and telling her that he couldn’t trust her anymore.

She handed him a gun and said that if he truly felt that way, he would have no problem shooting her. Deadpool, not one for bluffing, shot her dead.


Can you think of any other horrific things Deadpool did in the comics? Let us know in the comments!

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