What’s a good superhero story without some obstacles? A guy like Superman might just be the most powerful entity on the planet, but if he doesn’t occasionally run up against a kryptonite wall, then it really takes a lot of the drama out of his various conflicts. Even still, there is a limit to the narrative contributions of injuries in the case of most superheroes. After all, if Batman is getting his back broken by every thug with a ski mask and a gun, then you’re going to start wondering if he should really be suiting up night after night.

That’s not the case with Deadpool. His healing factor is so strong – even by superhero standards – that the vast majority of his tactics involve getting blown up, torn apart, and shot in order to deprive his opponents of their confidence and ammunition. While you can usually rest assured that Deadpool is going to get absolutely destroyed at least once an issue, there are some times when Wade Wilson suffers such great pain that you have to think even he wishes that he had chosen an alternate strategy. If many of these absolutely brutal injuries read like deaths to you…well, there’s a reason they call him Deadpool.

15. Deadpool Gets Gored By an Elephant While Trying to Kill Theodore Roosevelt

Deadpool Deadpool’s 15 Most Brutal Injuries Ever

The great thing about Deadpool is that he’s Marvel’s ultimate utility for absurdity. Whenever a writer comes up with an idea that is undeniably awesome – but perhaps not quite right for the noble heroes of the Marvel universe – Deadpool can always be called in to become the star of the show. For instance, Marvel decided that they wanted to have a gang of former United States presidents return to Earth as zombies. Naturally, Deadpool is called in to stop this threat.

In typical Deadpool fashion, he took an unreasonable degree of pleasure in this unfortunate assignment. Unfortunately, his enthusiasm proved to be his undoing when he took on Theodore Roosevelt while the former president was hunting big game. Unaware of his surroundings, Deadpool was quickly caught by an elephant, who proceeded to use its massive tusks to gore the merc with a mouth and turn our hero’s innards into outwear.

14. A Pacifist Version of Deadpool Has His Head Ripped Off by Apocalypse

Deadpool Apocalypse Deadpool’s 15 Most Brutal Injuries Ever

To make a very long story short, Deadpool once teamed up with the X-Men at a time when some radicals were trying to resurrect Apocalypse. Somewhere along the way, the Avengers were called in to help settle a debate regarding whether or not the innocent vessel that was to be used as the host for Apocalypse should be murdered or not. During the process, Apocalypse is revived and the heroes of the Marvel universe become villains, while the villains become heroes.

This puts Deadpool in an awkward spot. While technically a hero, Deadpool’s oppressive and violent nature means that when his disposition was altered, he became a pacifist who pleaded with everyone to put aside their violent ways. Apocalypse, a man notorious for ignoring such pleas, decided to rip Deadpool’s head off his shoulders while his body and head continued to plead for reason.