Wolverine and Taskmaster Were Planned For Deadpool Movie

Ryan Reynolds explains how Taskmaster and Hugh Jackman's Wolverine were in earlier versions of the Deadpool movie script.

Deadpool, Taskmaster, and Wolverine

A few weeks before Deadpool opened in theaters publicly, it screened as a surprise for fans attending special preview events in Los Angeles and New York. Some of the cast and crew took part in a Q&A at the LA event and in NY, Reynolds made a solo appearance to answer questions from the audience.

One question in particular asked about characters he wanted to include in Deadpool but that didn't make the cut, and Reynolds immediately responded with "Taskmaster," explaining that he's someone everyone originally wanted to feature. The studio actually lost the film rights to Taskmaster last year when they reverted back to Marvel Entertainment so it wasn't to be.

That name though came up again this week in a podcast interview with Empire where Reynolds talked about other characters and X-Men that he, director Tim Miller, and writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, wanted to include.

"Taskmaster was in the script, originally. Too expensive... We had versions where we wanted Hugh Jackman in there, we wanted all kinds of little cameos from different people, but it just becomes a big mess you know, for the studio."

Taskmaster (real name: Tony Masters) is character who can copy the movements and fighting styles of others and while originally portrayed as a villain, has often helped train heroes as well. He's fought against and with Deadpool frequently over the years and we listed him as one of the best Deadpool team-ups from the comics. His outlandish costume embraces elements an weapons similar to various characters he's learned to mimic, from Captain America's shield and Black Knight's sword, to Hawkeye's bow and The Punisher's firearms, etc.

Deadpool Vol 2 Issue 9 - Taskmaster Marvel Comics
Deadpool Vol 2 Issue 9

As for why Colossus was chosen for inclusion in the movie, Reynolds says a big reason was that he simply hasn't been done "justice" in the films yet. We can attest to that over the simple fact that the previous version, while not quite the fault of actor Daniel Cudmore, was not honoring the core characteristics of Colossus from the books - that of a massive yet somewhat passive Russian mammoth of a metal man.

Flashback Exclusive from the Set: Colossus will finally be Russian in Deadpool movie

That authenticity to the comics applies to the other details of Deadpool as well, especially when it comes to his iconic red costume. That's why Colossus was adapted the way he was for this film, and why Negasonic Teenage Warhead sports the classic yellow New Mutants X-Men costume. It really makes you wonder then that if Hugh Jackman were able to make a cameo appearance in this film if he'd finally sport a version of his own yellow costume from the comics, something he said to us he really wants to do.

With Wolverine 3 beginning production in April - and news that it's taking a cue from Deadpool in exploring an R rating - perhaps Hugh's finally time playing the character will see him suit up at least once. Many fans expect it. And c'mon, who wouldn't want to see the star try this on...

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