Hugh Jackman Comments On Possible Deadpool/Wolverine Movie

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Hugh Jackman responds to Ryan Reynolds' campaign for a possible Wolverine/Deadpool spinoff project. First appearing together playing their superhero roles in the critical flop, X: Men Origins: Wolverine in 2009, both actors have separately redeemed themselves in the genre with Jackman's critically-acclaimed Logan and Reynolds' thriving Deadpool Fox Marvel sub-franchise. The imminent release of Deadpool 2 only fuels people's interest in possibly seeing the two in a much better movie.

Reynolds has been vocal about wanting to reunite with Jackman's Wolverine on the big screen. In a recent interview, while promoting Deadpool 2, the Canadian actor reiterated this and even made a point about how it's still possible for the beloved scruffy mutant to show up in his films considering their timeline. Logan was set in a dystopian future where all mutants are extinct and with Deadpool films presumably taking place in real-time, it's still definitely possible for the two characters to both appear in a movie set in the present time (not that the Fox Marvel Universe cares about continuity that much). But despite the undying clamor, it sounds like the Deadpool/Wolverine crossover will just be a pipe dream, at least for now.

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Dropping by Good Morning America while promoting his latest venture - a coffee company - Jackman was asked about the possibility of him busting Wolverine's Adamantium claws out any time soon in light of the upcoming release of Deadpool 2. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like the actor is interested to return to his superhero gig even for a potential Wolverine and Deadpool spin-off.

"I might just have a little message for Ryan. I love you, man. I love Deadpool. I can’t wait to see the movie. You’re one of my best friends. Blake [Lively, Reynolds' wife], the fam, the whole thing. But back it up a little. Play a little hard to get. It’s too much; it’s not sexy."

Deadpool and Logan in X-Men Origins

Jackman has been badgered by the possibility of him unretiring almost since Logan came out early last year, and every single time, his answers have always sounded pretty definitive without him explicitly saying that he has no plans of returning to his superhero gig. While fans can bet that the actor won't be suiting up as Wolverine on the big screen in the foreseeable future, he has still partaken in the promotional campaign for Deadpool 2, appearing as himself in one of those funny spots similar to a recent one which features David Beckham. For the record, however, Reynolds has also helped the Australian actor in marketing Eddie the Eagle from 2016 where the former hilariously interviewed the latter, so if anything, this is just Jackman returning the favor.

While Reynolds will have to make do without Wolverine popping in at any Deadpool movies in the foreseeable future, Wade Wilson would just be fine considering that he literally has a slew of new allies. Aside from Domino and the rest of the X-Force, Cable, who is initially presented as a villain, will also be joining the foul mouth superhero in his future endeavors, and based on early buzz for Deadpool 2, they all work well together. That being said, fans will still be waiting for the day that Deadpool and Wolverine are reunited on the big screen.

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Source: Good Morning America

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