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Check out some alternate designs for Deadpool in X-Men Origins: Wolverine; Jackie Chan calls Rush Hour his least favorite movie; Actor Damon Poitier talks playing Thanos in The Avengers; Various members of The Hobbit cast and crew discuss what scene(s) they’re looking forward to in Desolation of Smaug; and another YA fantasy novel has been put on the fast track for development.

Visual Effects studio Amalgamated Designs has provided X-Men fans a closer look at some unused designs for Deadpool in X-Men Origins: Wolverine via a slideshow/video.

The video features 82 different variations on the character’s Weapon XI form, most of which resemble the final design in one way or another. However, there are also some designs that appear to be inspired by the character’s traditional Marvel Comics look – specifically the red and black mask.

It’s still not a faithful adaptation by any means (the forearm katanas seem to be part of the design from the very beginning), but there are some looks that might have been a tiny bit more palatable than what Fox ended up using. And, to make things a little more intriguing, there’s even a design that looks like Bane from The Dark Knight Rises, which we can only assume Christopher Nolan is happy didn’t make the final cut.

Even though we highly doubt many of these alternate designs would have satisfied fans’ desires, it’s nonetheless interesting to see how many different “pitches” a visual effects company comes up with before narrowing it down to one.

Source: Superhero Hype

Sorry Rush Hour fans but Jackie Chan may have just closed the door on his involvement with the franchise in recent comments.

Jackie Chan Disses Rush Hour Movie News Wrap Up: December 27th 2012

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter Chan revealed that Rush Hour is his least favorite of the 50+ movies he has made. What specifically he dislikes about the film Chan didn’t say, although he does acknowledge the franchise’s appeal.

“I have reasons to do each film, I have something to say. Unlike Rush Hour – there was no reason [in making it], you just give me the money and I’m fine. I dislike Rush Hour the most, but ironically it sold really well in the U.S. and Europe.”

Ironically it was Rush Hour that kicked off a string of buddy comedies – including films like Shanghai Noon and The Tuxedo – for Chan, but apparently there was something about that first film that rubbed him the wrong way.

So while Chris Tucker – whose only credit since the Rush Hour films is Silver Linings Playbook – would likely jump at the chance at Rush Hour 4, based on his comments it sounds like Jackie Chan might not be as interested as a report earlier this month led us to believe.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Audiences might not know who Damion Poitier is, but they’ve likely seen his face on the big screen (sort of) at least.

Thanos Actor Talks Role Movie News Wrap Up: December 27th 2012

Poitier, a longstanding staple of Joss Whedon’s lesser known troupe of actors, was behind all of the purple prosthetics and make-up that helped bring the character of Thanos to life for The Avengers mid-credits scene. While Poitier doesn’t have much to say in regards to reprising the role for future Marvel films (we know the character is poised to play a large part in ‘Phase Two’ of the Marvel Cinematic Universe), his interview with Comic Book Movie is an interesting read nonetheless.

In it Poitier discusses what it was like to be sworn to secrecy regarding the presence of Thanos in The Avengers, as well as how he initially came by the role. As a self-professed comic book fan Poitier also expresses his enthusiasm for the S.H.I.E.L.D. series that Whedon is developing for ABC, although he says he has not been approached for a role.

Make sure to head to Comic Book Movie to read the full interview.

Even though the first Hobbit film, An Unexpected Journey, hasn’t been in theaters for a full month many fans are already turning their attention towards the second film in the trilogy, The Desolation Smaug.

As part of the press tour for An Unexpected Journey, Total Film‘s Sam Ashurst asked some of the film’s major cast and crew (Peter Jackson, Andy Serkis, Martin Freeman, among others) what scene they are most excited to see in Desolation. Check out the video below to hear their answers:

Obviously fans are eager to see Peter Jackson’s vision of Smaug, but equally as intriguing is how Benedict Cumberbatch will voice the dragon. Hopefully we won’t have to wait until next December to find out.

Source: Total Film

Yet another young adult fantasy novel has been put on the fast track for development, this one called Daughter of Smoke & Bone.

Daughter Smoke Bone Joe Roth Movie News Wrap Up: December 27th 2012

Written by Laini Taylor, the novel’s story follows a young art student who is sent on a journey to collect teeth by her adopted guardians, a group of Chimera. A follow-up to the novel, titled Days of Blood & Starlight, was released in November.

As far as the film adaptation is concerned, Joe Roth (Snow White and the Huntsman) has been brought on to produce for Universal, who acquired the book’s rights after a heated battle with Paramount. The concept certainly sounds unique, but whether or not it has those inherent YA hooks is yet to be determined.

Source: Deadline

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