Deadpool & Wolverine Fan-Made Grindhouse Trailer

While Deadpool and Wolverine are very different characters all around, that hasn't stopped them from being inextricably linked together, especially the movie renditions, played by Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman. Reynolds' Deadpool, of course, first appeared alongside Jackman's Wolverine in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, which infamously made the decision to take the always talkative Merc with a Mouth and literally sew his mouth shut.

When Reynolds' long-desired R-rated Deadpool solo movie finally arrived to kick box office butt in early 2016, the fourth-wall breaking titular character naturally didn't waste any time in taking shots at how Fox had treated him the past. Deadpool also took several playful jabs at Jackman's Wolverine, including a hilarious joke near the end of the film involving the hideously disfigured Wade Wilson opting to wear a mask of Jackman's face over his scarred visage when revealing himself to love interest Vanessa (Morena Baccarin).

With all that in mind, one wonders how awesome it might be to see Deadpool and Wolverine team up on the big-screen, especially since their personalities are likely to mix about as well as oil and water. A new fan-made trailer by We Got This Covered offers interested audiences a chance to take a look at what such a film might look like, albeit filtered through the retro lens of both a grindhouse-style action flick, and an '80s buddy cop comedy. Check the full clip out above, and bask in the glory of an aging Wolverine who clearly has no patience for Deadpool's antics.

Wolverine and Deadpool

Featuring music straight out of an old-school action movie and tracking errors that would be right at home on a VHS tape, the above Deadpool/Wolverine trailer is likely to transport viewers right back to the era of films like Lethal Weapon or Tango & Cash. Make no mistake, though, the trailer is most definitely red-band, with lots of violence and strong language. In other words, it probably isn't safe for work, although watching any kind of movie trailer while one is supposed to be working is arguably always an unsafe practice.

In a fun twist, an edited clip of Mads Mikkelsen also makes an appearance in the above trailer as Mr. Sinister, the apparent lead villain that Deadpool and Wolverine are recruited to stop. Sinister has apparently already taken the other X-Men out of the equation, leaving no one left to defend humanity but a guy with violent rage issues and a man whose behavior sometimes makes those around him question his sanity. Yeah, sounds about right.

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Source: We Got This Covered

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  • Deadpool 2 (2018) release date: May 18, 2018
  • Logan (2017) release date: Mar 03, 2017
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