Rob Liefeld Pens Open Letter Asking For Deadpool & Wolverine Crossover

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Rob Liefeld, co-creator of Deadpool, has written an open letter unequivocally stating his desire for a big screen clash between Ryan Reynolds' Merc with a Mouth and Hugh Jackman's Wolverine. After 17 years playing the iconic mutant, Jackman sadly hung up his claws prior to the release of Logan in 2017, however with the X-Men universe almost certain to return to Marvel Studios thanks to Disney's impending acquisition of Fox's film and TV assets, there has been some discussion among fans as to whether the actor would be willing to return to the role in the MCU.

Unfortunately for fans who can't picture anyone other than Jackman as Wolverine, the actor was quoted yesterday distancing himself from the idea of returning and questioning whether or not movie-goers were even hungry for a Deadpool/Wolverine crossover. Of course, there has already been a cinematic collision between Reynolds' Deadpool and Jackman's Wolverine back in the latter's 2009 X-Men: Origins movie, but both the film and that version of Wade Wilson were received very poorly.

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Liefeld has now thrown his voice into the mix via a long and heartfelt post on Instagram. The comic book writer reassures Jackman that fan demand for the crossover is huge and requests the actor consider returning for such an event. He even recommends some potential source material to adapt in Wolverine #154-155 and mentions the anti-mutant organization known as The Watchtower as a possible inclusion. Liefeld concludes his post with the tongue-in-cheek hashtag "BiggerthanInfinityWar". The post reads:

"Dear @thehughjackman just checking in to reassure you per your recent comments that, yes, fans absolutely desire on the deepest possible level of affection and excitement that we can collectively muster to see you return as Wolverine alongside Ryan as Deadpool. Being in the comic business for 33 years and speaking as someone who has crafted a few memorable encounters between Logan and Wade, I can guarantee and confirm an audience and a reaction like nothing you have ever before experienced!! Wolverine is my favorite character in the history of comics, he inspired every aspect of Deadpool’s creation!! Please give some consideration to unsheathing your claws for one more glorious adventure! #wolverine #deadpool #marvel p.s. please feel free to adapt directly from Wolverine #154-155 and feature The Administrator, The Watchtower! Unapologetically and unashamedly, your pal, Rob! #BiggerthanInfinityWar #robliefeld"

If Jackman's only reservation about appearing as Wolverine in a crossover with Deadpool is whether or not there would be an audience, Liefeld is absolutely right in his assertion that this concern is unfounded. Wolverine and Deadpool are arguably the two biggest names in the X-Men movie universe and both Reynolds and Jackman have attracted universal acclaim for their portrayals. Things would have to go terribly, terribly wrong for the movie to not be a smash hit.

However, there are still a number of valid reasons Jackman may have for wanting to stick to his superhero retirement. At 50, age might be somewhat of an issue considering Wolverine's superpowers and after almost two decades working within a single franchise, it's completely understandable that Jackman would want to explore other creative avenues. Furthermore, the actor's first major release since leaving the X-Men world, The Greatest Showman, didn't exactly struggle at the box office.

If there is still an urge to play Wolverine somewhere deep in Jackman's soul, it's voices like Liefeld's that will surely be instrumental in luring him back and it's an idea like a Deadpool crossover that would likely be too tempting to refuse. Even if the calls for Jackman to reprise the role of Wolverine are destined to go unfulfilled however, the actor can take great pride in the fact that 18 years after first suiting up, both fans and comic creators are still hungry for more.

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Source: Rob Liefeld/Instagram

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