15 Weaknesses You Didn't Know Deadpool Had

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When it comes to the Merc with a Mouth, weaknesses are few and far between. Unless you count killing people with katanas and looking good in a skin-tight suit as a shortcoming, you’ll be hard-pressed to find much about Deadpool that isn't the epitome of awesome. Still, everyone must have their flaws. Take Ryan Reynolds for example. By most people's standards, he’s a handsome actor with millions in the bank and a totally rad resume to boot, but he’s also responsible for Green Lantern, which just proves that not everyone is perfect.

As an antihero with a thing for violence, Deadpool is light years from your neighborhood good guy. He’s quick on the trigger with his quips, but can just as easily pick you apart with his agility, superhuman strength and ridiculous endurance. Not many have gotten the best of him and that's because few know how, so think of this as the official guide to defeating (or attempting to defeat) Deadpool. As you may have guessed, taking down one of Marvel’s most iconic superheroes won't be easy, but with this list of the 15 Weaknesses You Didn't Know Deadpool Had, there's a chance out there for all of us.

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15 A Cure for Cancer

Deadpool Cancer Treatment

In the comic book world, there are no rules. It’s a medium in which the troubles of the real world can be erased and solutions can be found for any problem. In universes where superpowered beings exist, medical science has developed well beyond what we know. That means life-threatening ailments aren’t always a dead end road.

Brought up through foster care, Wade Wilson was a tragic figure. He was physically abused by his father before being sexually abused in his foster home. He later becomes a killer for hire and is forced to leave his girlfriend Vanessa behind after being diagnosed with terminal cancer.

As the masked Deadpool, Wilson possesses the ability to rapidly heal, but his cancer does not disappear. Instead, he develops a form of super cancer, with his body constantly creating new cells to replace those destroyed by his illness. If Deadpool’s cancer were to somehow be cured, his new cells would continue to produce, eventually leading to horrible growths that could cause him to explode. A similar fate can be seen in the “One of Us” story arc, where Skrull warriors are shown blowing up after gaining Deadpool’s healing ability.

14 The Thanos Curse

Deadpool vs Thanos

Deadpool’s first encounter with the Mad Titan Thanos came with a bit of jealousy on the villain’s behalf. During his troublesome days as a lab rat at the Weapon X facility, Wade Wilson encountered Death while slipping in and out of consciousness. He would see the cosmic embodiment of mortality so frequently that he would develop feelings for her, sparking a relationship between the pair. Thanos would seek the hand of Death for himself, even going so far as to use the Infinity Gems to harvest billions of souls for her, but to no avail. When he noticed Deadpool’s connection to the apple of his eye, he cursed the hero to eternal life (with the help of the sorcerer T-Ray).

In the mini-series Deadpool Vs. Thanos, the curse of eternal life given to Deadpool would be lifted, rendering him once again capable of dying if any of his future injuries proved too much for his healing powers. Although Thanos still has the ability to once again gift Wilson with undeath, he can just as easily make him mortal. If we were in a similar situation, we’d use caution when talking to the big guy from now on.

13 His Disfigurement

Deadpool Scarred Face

Despite all the wise-cracking in the Deadpool comics, much of the hero’s jokes are self-deprecating in nature, taking a critical look at the protagonist’s flaws. The biggest of these is his looks, which have been described as “Ryan Reynolds mixed with a Shar-Pei;” "an avocado that's had sex with an older avocado", and a “testicle with teeth.”

Picking up his scars as a part of the Weapon X program, his disfigurement serves as a perpetual reminder of everything that was done to him by the maniacal surgeon Dr. Killebrew and his assistant Ajax. He also gets his moniker from the experience, a term first heard as a gambling pool by the Weapon X inmates taking bets on which of their fellow prisoners will die next.

Although his appearance has also shown to be a strength in many ways, giving him the will to become the violent hero he is now, there’s no denying it helped to inspire his gallows humor. The scars cut deeper than the surface, and if you can penetrate deep enough into that self-conscious attitude, you have a slight chance to use it to your benefit.

12 He's Annoying

Deadpool Cable Annoying

For a hero whose mouth is usually covered up, Deadpool has a knack for talking. And by talking, we mean, like, really talking -- incessantly, without end, to the point where everyone would rather shoot him in the head than work beside him.

Believe it or not, Deadpool can show signs of loyalty. His sidekick Hydra Bob, an agent without any superpowers to speak of, has stuck around because of his friendship with the mentally unstable hero. His relationship with Cable has also been significant, if somewhat complicated. First set into motion when the Merc was hired to kill the time-jumping warrior, the two would share a comic book series together. Still, for the most part, Deadpool is impossible to work with.

Always coming up with a quick pun or a clever way to clear the air, Deadpool isn’t the type of person to take a situation seriously. In the past, that’s gotten him in trouble with some of Marvel’s more prototypical heroes. By definition, his murderous actions aren’t heroic, and the fact that he has to top it all off with a zinger doesn’t make it any easier for those around him to take it all in.

11 His Mental State

Deadpool Brain

From the outside, everything may look peachy for the sword-wielding man in red, but inside, his head is a bubbling cauldron of madness waiting to explode. A lingering topic of interest in the Deadpool comics has always been the hero’s untreated mental illness. His schizophrenia and battle with depression lie just beneath his comedy routines. The evidence of his mental breakdown can be seen through his audio and visual hallucinations and memory problems, but the worst of it is his violent outbursts, where he unleashes his illness onto everyone in his path.

Due to his mental instability, it's been nearly impossible to discern much about Wade Wilson outside of his hero persona. Flaunting his craziness, his personality is too erratic to accurately pinpoint his train of thought at any given moment. There is an upside to his madness, however. Because his angry spurts can lead to massive killing sprees, it leaves him vulnerable at times. While he’s out binge-killing, it leaves his opponents enough time to prepare for the next step during his little distraction, helping them to gain the upper hand. It's hard being one step ahead for any hero with a one track mind.

10 Children

Deadpool Eleanor Daughter

Although Wade Wilson may act like the morally flexible hero without limits, the truth of the matter is that he's really just a great big softy on the inside. As evidence, we present to you exhibit A: the children.

Wilson’s life growing up was complicated to say the least. His parents were abusive in more ways than most would like to imagine. Although Deadpool has admitted he doesn't always remember his past, perhaps some of his leftover thoughts were enough to impact the way he sees younger members of society.

On many occasions, the Merc can be seen going out of his way to remove children from harm, and at times, he's even been a shoulder to cry on. Another motivator for Deadpool’s leniency towards kids could be his own daughter Ellie, the result of the hero's fling with a woman named Carmelita Camacho. After learning of Ellie’s existence, he protected her from the terrorist group ULTIMATUM. Eventually, he was able to rescue her and she was adopted by S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Emily Preston following her mother’s death. Who said a murderous superhero with an R-rated sense of humor can't be a great father?

9 Gluttony

Deadpool Pancakes

To chimichanga or not to chimichanga, that is the question. The deep-fried dish popular in the southern U.S. and Mexico has become part of Deadpool’s catchphrases, but in Cable & Deadpool, it was finally revealed that the food item wasn't as dear to the mercenary’s heart as fans always imagined. In fact, according to the antihero, he just loves saying the word, while he finds the gooey, cheesy deliciousness of the food itself to be subpar at best. Still, chimichangas aren’t the only food he’s made a big deal about over the years. He’s also shown quite a liking for pancakes and tacos.

How much of a problem is overeating for the loud-mouth superhero? In Night of the Living Deadpool, our protagonist wakes up to a world overrun by zombies after slipping into a self-induced food coma inside a Mexican restaurant. If it was chimichangas on his plate, which he claims to not even like that much, then you know he has a problem. Of course, feeding someone so much that they become drowsy and fall asleep isn't the most practical way to get the one-up over them, but it's definitely one way to go about it.

8 Women

Deadpool Heart Weakness

Deadpool has always been a bit of a ladies man. In the movie, it was Vanessa (aka Copycat), played by the sultry Morena Baccarin, that grabbed Wade Wilson by the feels and held on tight. We all remember the tender moment between the two at the end as “Careless Whisper” played overhead. Still, the Merc is actually pansexual, and writer Fabian Nicieza once described the character as the “epitome of inclusive” when it comes to his sexuality, although his sexual experiences have largely been heterosexual in nature thus far. But that doesn't mean he wouldn't put the moves on another guy, even if it's for comedic effect.

Apart from Copycat, other notable women who have found their way onto the Deadpool love boat include Siryn, Death, his ex-wife Mercedes, and Carmelita Camacho. As a man of many loves, it’s fair to say Wade gets around, and much like in the movies, his romantic partners can be a distraction. He’s currently married to Shiklah, a succubus once destined to marry Dracula. The two are set to go to war against one another in the upcoming “Til Death Do Us” storyline later this year.

7 Kittens

Okay, first things first, let’s be candid for a moment. Who among us don't have a soft spot for kittens? The little balls of fur have taken over the Internet. They’re the purrfect distraction when you’re down in the dumps, and they can instantly put you back in the asskicking spirit, even if you're more of a dog person. Anyone who likes kittens is A-OK in our book, so it goes without saying that this weakness makes Deadpool a bit more likeable.

The Merc has called kittens his only true weakness, and the little guys have made such an impact that their adorableness has rendered his swords useless in the past. In “The Magic of Gracking,” such power can be seen when a woman showers the hero in the meowing felines. He tries brushing them away, but they cling to his arms as he attempts to continue his business.

Noted Hollywood actor Ryan Reynolds has also joined in on the love in the past. In celebration of Caturday, he took to his Facebook page to post himself in his superhero gear, shrouded in cats as he tries his most intimidating pose. Something tells us that if Reynolds can’t overcome the cat sensation, the Merc is going to have a hard time too.


Deadpool Drawing

Apart from his overall lunacy and keenness for the appropriately timed crude joke, some readers have speculated that Deadpool may suffer from a severe form of ADHD, thereby explaining his inability to focus. Take his constant fourth wall breaks, for example. If someone with a brain problem heard voices, they may respond by trying to ignore the people in their head, but not Deadpool. For him, the voices are the readers, and he’ll actually take the time out of his busy schedule to give you an update on the latest happenings in his life.

As someone with a lot on his plate, Wilson always makes sure to stop and smell the roses. Whether he’s drawing a picture with crayons before a big fight or offering up a pop culture reference for your consideration, the hero is never too preoccupied to stop and chat. With such a hyperactive mind, a villain can easily gain an advantage with the right distraction. Maybe some really cool hip hop music would do the trick, or perhaps a shiny piece of jewelry. Either way, that moment of inattention during a critical fight is bound to happen, and when it does, it’s best to strike while the iron is hot.

5 Bovinophobia/Coulrophobia

Deadpool Hellcow

Bovinophobia is the fear of cows -- yes, you read that right. The Merc with a Mouth is deathly afraid of cattle. That’s because, to him, they not only make good burgers, but they also have a death stare unlike any other animal on the planet. Deadpool has been quoted as saying they “scare the *#$% outta” him because they appear soulless, looking at you with an evil intent, almost like they’re just waiting for you to make a mistake so they can make their move. Something so abnormally calm can go by unnoticed, and when you least expect, that’s when they’ll get you.

In addition to his less common phobia, Deadpool has also admitted he's afraid of clowns, calling them the greatest threat to Earth after Galactus. In the Cable & Deadpool storyline, “Enema of the State,” he slaughters many of them in a “blood-spurting, hanky-hiding-up-your-sleeve-big-footed ass-kicking.” Of course, his distaste for the make-up wearing entertainers is warranted. Everyone knows they’ve done nothing but mutilate or maim everyone in their paths, which is why so many horror movies have focused on the blood-thirsty creatures.

4 Hugh Jackman/Wolverine

Logan Wolverine Hugh Jackman Deadpool Ryan Reynolds

Two heroes, the best at what they do, will forever be pitted against one another because of their not so nice personas and healing abilities. They’ve fought in many top notch brawlers, but in the end, neither has come out on top. The pair have dueled many times in the Marvel Universe, including in Cable & Deadpool, Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe, and a few Wolverine titles, but things took a turn for the worse when Hollywood decided to sew a certain character’s mouth shut and put him in a fight against the clawed mutant.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine was by all accounts a disaster; not quite as bad as Green Lantern, but still brutal to endure. Still, nothing infuriated fans more than seeing Ryan Reynolds’ mouth closed during his fight with Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine. Reynolds hasn’t forgiven the diss by the writers of the movie, nor did he let up on his co-star of the film, making sure to get his jabs in when Deadpool hit theaters. Still, the Wolverine/Deadpool fight rages on and until the wrongs have been righted, the chiseled Hugh Jackman continues to be a lingering shadow for Reynolds and his superhero persona.

3 The Muramasa Blade

Now that we’ve talked about Wolverine, how about covering a weapon that only comic book minds could think up: the Muramasa Blade. The sword was forged for Wolvie by the Japanese swordsman Muramasa, using a part of the hero's soul to give the weapon great power. In a fight against Sabretooth, the X-man would use the instrument of death to cut off his enemy's right arm. Failing to reattach his severed limb, Sabretooth would be decapitated mere seconds later.

So with all this hubbub about the clawed mutant, what's Deadpool got to do with all of this? After all, Wade Wilson never came into contact with the Muramasa Blade. Still, Wolverine claims it's the only weapon that can effectively end his life without him respawning in a future issue. If that’s true, and the weapon is indeed the immortal killer, it’s certainly enough to stop Deadpool in his tracks as well. While Wilson’s carbonadium katanas have shown signs of slowing down the healing process, they pale in comparison to Wolverine’s personal key to victory. That's why we're going to go out on a limb and say that this is one item Deadpool hopes to never be on the receiving end of.

2 Deadpool

Deadpool vs Evil Deadpool

Here’s a hypothetical scenario for all the readers. Let’s say you’re an immortal assassin with regenerative healing powers who can slice and dice your way through pretty much anyone you want; who’s the only person on Earth capable of stopping you?

That doozy of a question isn’t so easy. Some might say Wolverine stands a chance given his history with Deadpool (and the previous entry on our list), but that matchup hasn’t worked out so well for Logan in the past. The more likely candidate, then, would have to be one’s own self. So exactly how would Deadpool battle himself?

After encountering the psychotically obsessed Dr. Whitby, who’s been collecting Deadpool’s dismembered body parts in her fridge, the hero comes into contact with a conscience-less version of himself made up of the spare pieces, appropriately named Evil Deadpool. Although he manages to kill him off using a mystery serum, the Frankenpool monster is later resurrected. In the pages of Deadpool Kills Deadpool, the Merc would also meet the Evil Deadpool Corps, a scheming team of alternate Deadpools convinced by another nihilistic version of the hero named Dreadpool to kill the original Wade Wilson. Needless to say, things get sticky as the protagonist slashes his way through his many nefarious clones.

1 The Writers

Deadpool Kills Writers

Ask the fans what makes Deadpool such a standout among his comic book peers and some may refer you to his witty jokes or mental instability, but above all else, it’s his fourth wall breaking. Unlike the other heroes of his universe, Deadpool has a keen sense of his surroundings. He's so acutely aware of his own existence that he can trace his origins back to the writers’ room where it all began. He addresses his audience frequently, treating them as his guests. He's even threatened their lives in the past, but if there's anyone with whom he truly has a bone to pick, it’s the people behind the scenes.

In Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe, Wade Wilson knocks off all the heavyweights of the Marvel world, taking the bloodbath to the likes of Wolverine, the Hulk, and pretty much anyone you can think of, but his real battle comes at the end, when he stumbles upon the writers’ room right in the middle of their creative process. They're the ones who wrote the story, who forced Deadpool to take death to the doorstep of all the iconic Marvel figures, and it's ultimately them he must stop to bring an end to his tale. Seeing as how the antihero is still going strong, this is one fight he has yet to actually win.


What other weaknesses or shortcomings does the Merc with a Mouth have? Let us know in the comments.

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