20 Hilarious Deadpool Vs Spider-Man Memes

It's time for some memes about Marvel's most beloved best frenemies, Spider-Man and Deadpool. Marvel has a lot of great team-ups in their vast catalog of characters, but none of them are quite as fun as these wisecracking BFFs.

They've had quite the relationship over the years. They can be anywhere from reluctant allies, to bitter rivals, to willing and witty partners in heroics. They might even be more than just friends, if you ask Deadpool. The two have crossed paths plenty of times in Marvel comic history, and even got their own series, Spider-Man/Deadpool, back in 2016. The series is ongoing, and the duo's fanbase only seems to grow larger. Maybe someday we'll see them together in the movies, but until then, we've collected some great memes to hold us all over.

The images aren't just "versus" memes, of course. For this list, we gathered as many memes as possible that use the two heroes for comedy. No, this isn't about who would win in a fight (though there might be a bit of that) but about exploring their friendship and histories instead... but also, it's about memes. So yeah, don't think to hard about it.

Sit back, relax, and grab yourself a chimichanga. Here are 20 Hilarious Deadpool Vs Spider-Man Memes.

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20 Ads and Underoos

2016 was a milestone for superhero films, and especially for the Marvel brand. In the same year, we got an authentic R-rated Deadpool film, and an pseudo-Avengers crossover sequel, Captain America: Civil War.

In February, the year, Deadpool was all the rage. Between a prolific, well-crafted marketing campaign and fantastic word-of-mouth, it seemed like the niche comedy talents of  Wade Wilson were going to be the highlight of blockbuster films in 2016.

As the trailers premiered for Civil War (set for release only months later), Deadpool's spotlight was stolen by the likes of the Avengers cast, the newly-introduced Black Panther, and the special cameo of our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

While Spidey's appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe was widely celebrated, it certainly didn't set Deadpool back. Both films were runaway successes with critics and the box office. Spidey just stole Wade's thunder for a little while.

19 Wade Wilson Extermination

Finally, all those bug spray jokes can come to an end. This meme actually uses a screenshot from "The Waiting Room — Episode 3" from YouTube channel batinthesun, famous for their ongoing series "Super Power Beat Down".

As you probably guessed, the show places three superheroes in a waiting room and let's the hilarious and awkward small talk ensue. In this particular episode, Deadpool drives Spider-Man and Ant-Man crazy - as he usually does.

Spider-Man and Deadpool are separate regulars on the show, but seeing them together is even better. This bug spray gag pictured above is only one of many, but it finally puts to screen a joke that Scott and Peter have probably heard one too many times. It might be a tired bit, but just like batinthesun and their great sketch, we couldn't resist including it.

18 Civil Disagreement

If only Deadpool could have shown up in Captain America: Civil War. 

In a way, this meme is actually faithful to the comics.

Spider-Man plays is integral to the original Civil War storyline. Starting out on Iron Man's side, Spidey reveals his secret identity to the world as an endorsement for the Superhero Registration Act. As he witnesses Tony's increasingly desperate and despicable actions, Peter joins Cap's team after having a change of heart.

Deadpool ends up on the pro-registration team alongside Tony Stark. Wade doesn't play a huge role in the story arc. He's largely relegated to the background and some adventures with Cable in a separate series — which is fine, considering he doesn't really care who wins. Oh well. At least we have this meme to show us what could have been.

17 Now That's Just Horrible

This is either too cruel or totally hilarious depending on who you are. This fantastic viral artwork depicts Deadpool lowering what looks like a facehugger from the Alien franchise down on Peter Parker's head while he sleeps.

We've all seen those pranks where somebody drops a bug near an unsuspecting victim, but this is probably a step too far.

It's definitely way worse than a bug. DP's been known to play pranks on Spider-Man every once and a while, but never one so deadly. To be fair, nothing is ever really deadly for Deadpool.

For someone who admires Spider-Man so much, you'd think he'd try to be a bit more considerate and not, you know, risk his close friend's life by dangling a space parasite over his face. Peter has had run-ins with space parasites before, and it hasn't ended well. Just ask anyone who saw Spider-Man 3.

16 Deadpool's Dreams Come True

The first image is a shot from the 2017 Golden Globe Awards, where Ryan Reynolds and Andrew Garfield came up plan to prank Reynolds' wife, Blake Lively. Reynolds thought it would be hilarious — upon a potential Best Actor win — to kiss Garfield instead of his wife. When Ryan Gosling won the award instead (for his performance in La La Land), Reynolds and Garfield decided to do it anyway.

The kiss was caught on camera, and it was not a small peck. Clips of that moment in the ceremony clearly show the two actors grabbing each other and vigorously sucking face, with everyone beside them bursting into laughter. The performance Reynolds was nominated for? Deadpool, of course.

15 Exam Season

Can you imagine these two in school together? Peter would still be the quiet, good-natured geek with a heart of gold. But Deadpool? He would just be "that one guy." We all remember a kid like Deadpool from school — juvenile sense of humor, kind of obnoxious, but ultimately the witty class clown.

Come to think of it, has this been done in the comics before? Think The Breakfast Club, but with Marvel universe characters. Captain America would be the popular jock, Tony Stark would be the spoiled rich kid, Black Widow would be the emo kid who loathes her classmates — it practically writes itself. Nick Fury could be the principal, Hank Pym could be a science teacher, and Thanos could be... the evil gym teacher? Come on, Marvel. This is a gold mine here.

14 Unrequited Love

It might come as a surprise to find out that this meme isn't entirely false. Deadpool has always been been fond of suggestive humor, especially with Spidey around, but Deadpool has been shown to have a real attraction to Peter.

In Spider-Man/Deadpool #4, the two actually discover Deadpool's "free pass" list — a list of five romantic interests agreed upon by Deadpool's wife Shiklah that gives him, well,  five free passes.

Among candidates like Hillary Clinton, Hellcat, and Thor (only "if he ever becomes a girl," which technically happened), Spider-Man appears at the end of the list. If that's not proof enough, magic once revealed that Wade's "heartmate" is actually Spider-Man, too. Peter doesn't necessarily feel the same way, but at least DP can dream.

13 Identity Crisis

Peter Parker has an extensive track record for revealing his secret identity, whether on purpose or through many, many reckless accidents. The amount of characters who know of Peter's alter ego changes from era to era, but the number is always quite high. His friends and family usually find out pretty quickly, and even his worst enemies like Norman Osborn and Doctor Octopus sometimes learn the truth.

Surprisingly, Deadpool isn't usually one of those people. There are exceptions to this, but not in recent years.

Nowadays Peter is a public figure as the head of Parker Industries, but even a close associate like Deadpool hasn't found out that Spider-Man and Peter are the same person. If he ever finds out, though, hopefully it plays out just like this — with J.K. Simmons and all.

12 Poster Hijinks

Other than one or two clever posters, most of Spider-Man: Homecoming's marketing was somewhat subpar. Between garish and cluttered posters and trailers that revealed nearly every beat of the movie, fans probably wish they could have avoided Homecoming ads all together.

Deadpool, on the other hand, had a stellar marketing campaign filled with all sorts of fun viral promos and unique commercials. Remember that Australia Day ad? Or the Valentine's Day one that ran during an episode of The Bachelor? Yeah, they went with some pretty creative angles.

This meme is a combination of both posters, demonstrating that these BFFs always go best together.

Here we have Deadpool showing up in the more popular Spider-Man: Homecoming posters completely ruining (or improving?) them. Why hasn't the team behind Deadpool 2's marketing thought of this?

11 Deadpool's Sweet Side

Peter Parker has always been a pillar of morality in the Marvel community. He's not perfect, but he knows that above all else,  great responsibility comes with all that great power. On the other hand, Deadpool's moral compass has never been so black and white. Nowadays he aligns with good (for the most part), but older incarnations of the character were pretty villainous.

This viral art is a nice nod to the balance that Deadpool has struck between hero and villain.

He's not "evil" anymore, and sometimes he's barely an anti-hero. Sometimes he's just mischievous! He might, for example, smuggle a little puppy in his jacket. It's probably best we don't find out why, but look at it! Oh, that Deadpool! So unpredictable and so cute!

10 Finding Francis

This meme feels so natural that it might as well be a real scene from Spider-Man: Homecoming. During a montage of Spidey's day on the job, he helps an old woman who, as a reward, buys him a churro. Deadpool is spliced into this moment and it still feels pretty seamless, which just goes to show how badly we need to see these two on screen together.

Peter ends up calling Happy Hogan and leaving him a voicemail later that day. It's unlikely that the Avengers will be happy to hear that their young intern had a run-in with the Merc with a Mouth, but that doesn't make this meme's fan service any less satisfying. Come on, Disney. Make this crossover happen somehow!

9 Spider Power Logic

Sorry to spoil your dreams of becoming the web-slinger, but Spider-Man's powers are completely illogical. It would be impossible for human beings to climb walls like he does without some major changes in size and proportion, and an abundance of sticky pads over half of the human body. Spidey sense isn't a thing either, and radioactive or not, spider bites will either irritate your skin or straight-up end you.

This meme pokes fun at the ridiculousness of Spidey's powers, with a few inside jokes to boot.

That last set of messages is a nice nod to the Clone Saga, which is responsible for not just confusing his enemies, but loyal fans as well. It was a difficult time for Spider-Man comics.

Seriously, though, who would want Deadpool to have their phone number? Can Peter even afford a data plan to handle all that nonsense?

8 Still Better Than BvS

This is probably what you came here looking to find: the actual greatest gladiator match in history. It's safe to say that this would be a huge box office draw, especially since Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice set the bar pretty low. The fight itself might not last long — Deadpool is quick to eliminate and Spider-Man simply isn't — but to see these BFFs have a real fight would make for quite a spectacle.

Honestly, it would be more than enough just to see them in the same cinematic universe. With Disney's massive acquisition of 20th Century Fox, the MCU may soon have access to Fox's X-Men and by extension, the rights to use Deadpool. While we probably won't get "Dawn of Chimichangas", it makes perfect sense for Disney to one day fold Deadpool into the MCU.

7 The Four-Step Tutorial

Unfortunately, this meme is pretty true. Creator Rob Liefeld designed Deadpool as a comedic parody of the DC Comics villain, Deathstroke. They share similar backstories, fighting styles, gear, and costumes. This wasn't simply a "rip-off" either — Liefeld has been very vocal about his fascination with the Deathstroke character as one he's loved since his childhood.

Sadly though, DP also happens to share a lot of design similarities with Marvel's friendly neighborhood web-slinger. Between the red costume, similar eye shape, dark accent color, and tendency to crack wise, Deadpool and Spider-Man are extremely similar. Obviously they personalities are vastly different, but with such identical looks, it's no wonder that non-comic fans get them confused all the time.

6 His Little Pool Party

Over the years, this relationship has been one of unrequited friendship - and love. Deadpool has a deep respect and admiration for Spider-Man, almost like he would have for a role model. Peter, on the other hand, is genreally mildly annoyed with Deadpool and doesn't want him around. He judges Wade for not having the same moral conviction as him, and although they've helped each other get out of several dire situations, Peter always seems glad to be rid of him.

In recent years Spider-Man's perception of Deadpool has begun to change, especially in Spider-Man/Deadpool. 

Peter sees Wade care for his wife and daughter, and is proud to see him changing into the good man he was always meant to be. Maybe Spidey isn't as enamored with Deadpool as he is in this meme, but deep down, he does actually care about him.

5 Careful What You Wish For

Lilo was sent Stitch, but Peter Parker was sent something far worse. This wonderful image parodies a moment from Lilo & Stitch where Lilo's sister Nani eavesdrops as Lilo prays for a best friend to enter her life. This immediately cuts to Stitch, rising from the smoldering ashes of his crashed space ship, laughing maniacally. Sound like the Merc with a Mouth, doesn't it?

Replacing Nani with somber Captain America and Tony Stark, this moment feels like it was made for the Marvel characters.

Deadpool might not be an alien who fell out of the sky, but he's just as terrifying.

Peter and Wade might not necessarily be as inseparable as Lilo and Stitch either, but this pretty closely resembles Spidey and DP's relationship.

4 Superhero Landing

Not only is this a great jab at all superhero movies, but it practically predicted Spidey's appearance in Captain America: Civil War only months later. Yes, yes, we know he doesn't say "Super Spidey Landing" in the movie, but he might as well have!

Coincidentally, Spider-Man has often been the subject of those superhero landing poses throughout his history — even more so than other superheroes. In comics, movies, and even video games, he's always landing in an exaggerated crouch, on one knee, or with one hand on the ground. It's part of his agile-arachnid aesthetic.

In any case, it may have looked cool for years, but after having seen Deadpool, it's hard to see a superhero landing without giggling a little.

3 An Inconvenient Truth

Hold off on your "well, actually" comments for just a second.

Yes, we know that these characters are completely different, but the joke does hold some truth to it.

Both characters love to crack jokes and one liners, and they have extremely similar designs. Obviously there are a load of differences in their backstories and motivations, but Spider-Man is mostly just Deadpool without all the weapons, bloodshed, and suggestive humor.

Of course, this sameness is only noticeable to the casual fans and strangers to comics. Real fans know their vastly different histories, but unfortunately, most of the world will just see Deadpool as a really twisted version of the web-head.

At least those people aren't as wrong as the ones who think Marvel and DC are the exact same thing!

2 The Circle Of Life

Seeing as Disney may eventually own Spider-Man as well as Deadpool, this image is especially appropriate. For those anyone who doesn't know, it's a parody of a moment from The Lion King. At the beginning of the film, Raffiki presents Simba, the new Prince, to Pride Rock during the song "Circle of Life".

Here, Deadpool presents Spider-Man to the rest of the world and it's hard not to laugh at it.

It's an adorable piece of artwork that embodies their relationship, and even more fitting that it's the younger, MCU version of Spider-Man. Deadpool is hardly a parental figure in Peter's life like Raffiki is to Simba, but he does admire him for being a true hero — something Deadpool continues to work at becoming.

1 Origins

Spider-Man has had plenty of time on the big screen. He is a staple of superhero cinema, and one of the most successful in the industry. Unfortunately, he wasn't added to The Avengers roster until 2016, and a lot of his solo movies just aren't very good.

Sam Raimi's original trilogy ended on a horrible note, and the two Marc Webb-directed reboots weren't much of an improvement. Homecoming was a solid comeback, but Spidey films need to do better in order to stand with his MCU counterparts.

Compare this to Deadpool, who has only been in two films. He was fantastic in one, and a total trainwreck in the other. Spidey's had some rough outings, but nothing is as downright awful as Deadpool's appearance in X-Men Origins: Wolverine — absolutely nothing. Thankfully, Deadpool is on the upswing and Spidey seems to be in the comfortable confines of the MCU.


Have a favorite Deadpool and Spider-Man moment? Leave a comment down below and and tell us yours!

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