Black Panther Just Dismembered Deadpool, For Science!

Warning: SPOILERS for Black Panther vs. Deadpool #1

Deadpool and Black Panther can't fight in the movies, and Marvel may have just shown why. Wade Wilson just tried to push the King of Wakanda around... and T'Challa took his arm for the disrespect.

Of course, that would usually be no problem at all for Deadpool, since he's blessed with a healing factor to rival even Wolverine's. But to prove that the limited series Black Panther vs. Deadpool won't be anything close to a team-up, the first issue has the Black Panther use his cutting-edge science to overcome Deadpool's most powerful gift. Before kicking him back to the curb, and keeping the mercenary's arm as a trophy.

So yes, Deadpool is right to point out that Black Panther is a LOT nicer in the movies. Without his healing factor able to grow a new arm, Deadpool's powers just took a major hit - and fans are going to know why and how this ridiculous plot twist came about.

Deadpool Infiltrates Wakanda Like a True Spy

Since Deadpool's usual stomping grounds don't include the highly secure nation of Wakanda, we should explain that Wade actually has a very specific reason to infiltrate the African country. And believe it or not (because Black Panther sure doesn't) his reason for it all is a heroic one. Because regardless of his own role in his friendly neighborhood mailman, Willie Lumpkin, being impaled and left inches from death, Deadpool jumps to help solve the problem. The problem is the metal nudging into the man's heart. The solution? Vibranium.

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There's only one place in the world to go for Vibranium, and considering Wade needs only an inch of the precious, near miraculous metal to remove the shrapnel, it's not that big an ask. So as sinister as his method of entering Wakanda may be - masquerading as an elephant due to he shipped there - and as much if a faux-pas as he makes by greeting T'Challa and Shiri with a "Hakuna Matata!", the Black Panther should hear his request. But even kings can rush to judgement too soon, if it's Deadpool before them.

Deadpool Makes The Mistake of Attacking T'Challa

Should Deadpool have come right out and explained his need for Vibranium? In hindsight, that may have been the smarter move. Should he have expected T'Challa to hear his request for a bullet-sized piece of Vibranium and assume the worst? That's a grim perspective on the world, but the results speak for themselves. T'Challa denies Deadpool's request, oblivious to the fact that he is sealing an innocent man's fate in the process. But instead of mounting an argument Deadpool draws his swords, and confirms that this superhero crossover, like most others, will also begin with a "small misunderstanding" and an ensuing battle.

It's a terrific scene, with Deadpool taking on the combined strengths of both T'Challa and Shuri. And while the smile Sharpie-ed onto Deadpool's mask (the closest he got to diplomacy) implies he's taking this hiccup like all others, the fact that an innocent life hangs in the balance makes him more impatient than usual. Right up until the moment T'Challa tells his sister to clear the area directly around Wade. The time has come, it turns out, to test a new type of Wakandan weaponry.

Black Panther Takes Deadpool's Arm... For Good?

The image is worth a thousand words, as the beam of blue energy slices clean through Deadpool's body, sending his right arm flying through the air. To fans of the Marvel films, seeing Black Panther, supposed leader of the Avengers turn to such a grisly attack will be shocking. But to comic book fans, it's become par for the course. Knowing about Deadpool's healing factor, the Avengers beat him bloody once before. By comparison, T'Challa's decision to claim only an arm may be a sign of restraint. At least... we think he only meant to take Deadpool's arm.

Whatever the Panther's intentions, and no matter how easily Deadpool usually shrugs off a wound like this, things have changed. Because as Deadpool's arm hits the floor, and he waits for a new one to start to grow back... and waits... and waits... he realizes along with the reader that Black Panther has found a way to negate his most important power. Deadpool's arm isn't healing - and Black Panther is keeping it for study (shudder).

But how is it possible to overcome Deadpool's mutation, science or no? For that answer, fans will need to prepare to change everything they know about how Deadpool's power actually works.

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