First Look at Deadpool as Venom in Marvel's Back In Black Series

First Look at Deadpool as Venom in Marvel's Back In Black Series

Over the years, Deadpool has become many things to many people. Starting out as Rob Liefeld’s lark on Slade Wilson (a.k.a. Deathstroke), the character has truly come into his own. The Merc with a Mouth became a time-hopping comrade of Cable, a semi-frequent thorn in the side of Spider-Man, an unlikely pseudo-Avenger, and most surprisingly of all, a box office smash hit. Now, Deadpool devotees can add Secret Wars revisionist historian to that list.

The premise for the upcoming Deadpool: Back in Black comic book miniseries meddles with Marvel’s timelines in a major (and enjoyable) way. In it, Wade Wilson makes the early acquaintance of Eddie Brock’s extraterrestrial alter-ego: Venom.

CBR recently shared a first look at Deadpool getting all gussied up in his finest symbiotic black. The latest four-colored madness comes from Deadpool Killogy writer Cullen Bunn and Deadpool & the Mercs for Money artiste Salva Espin and brings the fourth-wall-breaker face-to-face with the cosmic oil slick responsible for tons of superhero trouble. Take a gander at the cover and a few panels of one of the most enjoyable-sounding Marvel retcons in recent memory (click here for a more sample pages):

First Look as Deadpool as Venom in Marvel's Back In Black Series

Deadpool Back in Black panel 2

Deadpool Back in Black panel

Back in Black reveals that, during the first Secret Wars (well, actually Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars), the Venom symbiote first got a taste of Wade Wilson's mad mind. Following Peter Parker’s separation from the life force-draining space skin, it found its way back to the mouthy merc. All of this happens, naturally, before the alien adversary found a home on Parker’s old rival Eddie Brock.

Technically, Deadpool’s take on Venom tale won’t fall under Marvel’s official canon. Nonetheless, it isn’t the first time the ultraviolent duo has teamed up for some insane sequential adventures. The parasitic combo first donned their slick, black and red uniform in Rick Remender’s alternative Marvel Universe comic “What If: The Venom Symbiote Possessed Deadpool” in 2011. In the one shot, Deadpool is hired by Galactus to kill the Beyonder. After a string of events, Wilson winds up coated in Spidey's symbiote. Rather than rending worlds apart, Venompool rages it up with party boy Beyonder, before the interstellar deity tires of his antics, and…well, that’s really most of it.

While Deadpool’s wacky adventures may skirt the bounds of the Marvel Universe, they always make for a riotous and irreverent read. With Deadpool 2 is on the horizon and talk of a Venom standalone moving forward, Deadpool: Back in Black offers an amusing faux-history lesson – and perhaps some cinematic food for thought. A Deadpool and Venom co-venture gracing the silver screen is extremely unlikely, but many fans thought Spider-Man’s entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe was impossible too. Since Deadpool writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick are scripting a Venom solo shot, you never know what could happen.

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Deadpool: Back in Black #1 arrives at newsstands and online on October 5, 2016.

Source: CBR, Bleeding Cool

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