Stop Motion Animated Video Takes Deadpool to the Edge of Venomverse

Deadpool (Wade Wilson) finds the Venom symbiote

In a promotional video for the fifth edition of the Edge of Venomverse series, Marvel has unveiled a tantalizing stop-motion dramatization of what would happen if the alien symbiote latched onto Deadpool and created a hybrid of the two.

The Edge of Venomverse series has been a strange but intriguing miniseries collection of comics released throughout the summer by Marvel Comics depicting what would happen if the black Venom goo latched onto other Marvel superheroes. For example, the first edition followed the adventures of X-23, whose abilities are enhanced by the symbiotic goo, but whose mental thought process is also compromised. Since then, other heroes affected include Gwenpool, Ghost Rider, and Old Man Logan. This is all leading up to the official Venomverse, which is coming soon to comic stands.

The latest issue features probably the biggest blockbuster crossover yet, as fan favorites Venom and Deadpool merged into one deadly antihero. The "Symbiote with the Slobber" issue of Edge of Venomverse became available to the public last Wednesday, and Marvel has released a clever stop-motion video to promote the edition going on sale. Via Marvel Entertainment's Twitter page, the short features Deadpool in a gunpoint standoff with a mad scientist, who holds the power of the symbiotic entity in a canister in his hand. This fact is unbeknownst to Wade Wilson, as he shoots the canister and unleashes the goo. Once opened, the symbiote swarms onto Deadpool, creating the terrifyingly evil-looking hybrid that will spell bad news for anyone in its path:

There's nothing more terrifying and slobbery than Venom latching onto Deadpool! Pick up "Edge of Venomverse" #5 at your local comic shop.

— Marvel Entertainment (@Marvel) August 27, 2017

The Deadpool-Venom hybrid is just as visually terrifying as you'd expect, with Venom's trademark black and white face with razor sharp teeth replaces Wilson's classic red and black mask. The tongue is also actively animalistic, but maybe scariest is that Venom has access to the murderous skill set that makes Deadpool such a compelling antihero. With a couple guns and two katanas in tow, this version of Venom promises to be the deadliest and most dangerous yet. In fact, the spikes on the uniform give Deadpool a Mad Max-esque look, as he looks ready to go into battle in some sort of post-apocalyptic wasteland along the "Fury Road".

The stop-motion animation is impressive, as the designs and movement of Deadpool pre and post infection looks great. The video resembles the mad scientist opening of an episode of Robot Chicken, which of course is a mixture of action figures and stop-motion as well. If nothing else, the short raises awareness for the Edge of Venomverse series in an eye-catching way that wasn't accessible to non-comic fans before now.

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Source: Marvel Entertainment 

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