You Can Become Deadpool's Second Friend On Twitter

Deadpool is on the prowl for a new friend on Twitter, and it could be you. Anticipation is running high for the Untitled Deadpool Sequel, which is poised to be one of this summer's biggest hits. The film was one of many studio tentpoles that made waves last week, offering fans a fresh trailer with a look at Josh Brolin's Cable in action and all the shenanigans we've come to expect from the property (see: Deadpool playing with action figures). With just a few months until Deadpool 2 reaches theaters, promotion should just be heating up.

Clever marketing was a key factor in the original Deadpool becoming the highest-grossing R-rated film of all-time, so it's no surprise the team is looking for more creative ways to spread the word about the sequel. As evidenced by star Ryan Reynolds, social media is a valuable tool when it comes to advertising Deadpool, and now the Merc With a Mouth is trying to get his fans in on the fun.

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The official Deadpool Movie Twitter account (which stole the show during the Super Bowl), opened the floor to anyone for suggestions on who Wade Wilson should follow next on the platform. To date, the lone account Deadpool follows is the fittingly on-brand Hello Kitty, who says, "You can never have too many friends!" As one would expect, the replies are loaded with people making the case for why they should be friends with Deadpool.

It'll be interesting to see if the account opts to follow one of Deadpool's many adoring fans, or, similar to the Hello Kitty situation, stick within Wade's own pop culture interests. Considering the character's love for Golden Girls, some have recommended Deadpool connect with Betty White. Unsurprisingly, others associated with Marvel movies (Hugh Jackman, Iron Man, Spider-Man) are a popular pick as well. Until Deadpool makes his choice, viewers would be keen to join the thread and cast their own votes. It looks like illustrating how big of a Deadpool fan you are (i.e. showing off a tattoo) is a quick way to earn some points with the character.

This is an amusing marketing tactic that only the Deadpool movies could get away with, given their unconventional style. Even the official trailers have been particularly off-kilter, spoofing Bob Ross and taking shots at Justice League's infamous mustache removal. These strategies have allowed Deadpool to feel like a breath of fresh air in the increasingly crowded comic book movie realm, and the results prove they're very effective. Given how successful the first Deadpool was, its sequel should be more of the same.

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