'Deadpool' Trailers: We Can Make You Better

Note: NSFW Red Band Trailer Below!

First there was the leaked Deadpool test footage that we had heard described in a positive light many times over the years since director Tim Miller and star Ryan Reynolds made it to prove they could. An HD version of said footage also "leaked" quickly thereafter and the response to it paved the way for the film to get a greenlight from studio Twentieth Century Fox and a fast-tracked production schedule to have it release in February 2016, months before the next X-Men film opens in theaters.

Skip forward a year and Deadpool had the most applause-inducing panel of San Diego Comic-Con 2015 where the first teaser trailer played in front of over 6000 fans. A hilarious trailer for a trailer later (see that one here!), and today's the day the world gets their first real look at official Deadpool movie footage. And it's perfect!

With Fantastic Four opening in theaters this week, it was a given that Fox would use the opportunity as a platform to release their first Deadpool trailer. Conan O'Brien hosted star Ryan Reynolds this week as well which was advertised to premiere the R-rated trailer. And because of that, Conan had to change the episode to a TV-MA rating. That just goes to show how much is going into ensuring Deadpool is what it needs to be - edgy and different. After all, it's the first R-rated Marvel property developed at Fox.

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