Deadpool & Thor Now Have [Spoiler] in Common

Warning: SPOILERS for Deadpool: Assassin #4

Thor and Deadpool might be two of Marvel's most popular characters, but that's pretty much all that this duo has in common - until now! In many ways, Thor and Deadpool are polar opposites; from Thor's stunning good looks to Wade's tumor-ridden hideousness. From Thor's air of dignity to Deadpool's madcap antics. Both of these characters do have a moral code that they follow, although Thor's is something that most would find a little more easily recognizable as such, given that Deadpool's amounts to 'brutally slaughter people who do bad things'.

The two have also joined forces in the past, and even had an issue of Deadpool Team-Up (#887) together where they took down an Asgardian sorceress. However, this team up only served to highlight how very different these two Marvel favorites are... although in this week's Deadpool: Assassin #4, Thor and Deadpool gain at least one more thing in common.

They have both been turned into frogs.

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No, we're not kidding. Deadpool: Assassin #4 opens with an action montage, showing Deadpool taking on assignment after assignment in order to pull together enough money to retire - but he fails to complete at least one mission, and is turned into a frog instead! The assignment was to destroy a spellbook, the Darkhold, but in trying to do so the Merc with a Mouth suffered from 'mystical frogmorgrification'.

Thankfully, Threnody was there to scoop up little Frogpool and take him to Doctor Strange to undo the damage, although there's no denying that he still looks like he's having fun.

Frog Deadpool Assassin

Of course, Thor has also had his time as a frog, although that was far less recent. Frog-Thor first popped up in the mid eighties, when he was transformed into the little green critter courtesy of Loki (who else) and then goes to battle alongside other, non-transformed frogs in order to win the day. He is, of course, eventually returned to his usual form, but fans fell for the little green Asgardian, and he was eventually brought back.

More accurately, a new Frog-Thor, named Throg, popped up in 2009. Throg is one of the frogs that Frog-Thor fought with, and who managed to pick up a sliver of his hammer and use it to become Throg (clearly, he was worthy). Now, Throg is a member of the Pet Avengers, while Thor has gone through plenty of other, less reptilian transformations.

Of course, with neither Deadpool nor Thor still in froggy form, it's not likely that we'll be seeing an amphibian team-up any time soon. However, this was a great little joke panel in Deadpool: Assassin, and one that is sure to make fans of Thor, and Throg, very happy. (Or should that be... hoppy?)

Deadpool: Assassin #4 is now available from Marvel Comics 

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