Deadpool's New Superpower is Too Disgusting For Movies

WARNING: This article contains SPOILERS for Despicable Deadpool #300


The Deadpool movie let a worldwide audience in on the grosser aspects of Wade Wilson's powers, but Marvel Comics has given him a new superpower that is officially too disgusting to ever be seen on film. Here's your WARNING: gross content lies ahead.

The good news? The story makes sure to include some of the best known heroes of the MCU and X-Men movie universe, so Deadpool fans won't need to use much of their imagination. The bad news is... well, each reader can choose their own rock bottom moment once the vomit starts flying.

Ever wondered if Giant-Man's bodily fluids grow in volume when he turns into his giant form? Wonder no more, because Deadpool #300 has you covered.

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Yes, Gerry Duggan has saved one of his most stomach-turning stories for last, sending the Merc with a Mouth off in fitting fashion, before Deadpool's memory is erased for his new comic book relaunch. And it all starts with a callback to Deadpool #30, released shortly before the beginning of Secret Empire and the evil Captain America drama.

The issue saw Deadpool head to Knowhere on the edge of space in search of a superweapon. After recreating the body horror of the Alien franchise - but before using Ego the Living Planet as a washroom - Wade got what he was looking for. Or... he thought he did.

Before departing Knowhere, Deadpool was approached by a green-skinned alien woman who had what he needed. She didn't actually explain WHAT the item was, only that it would provide some kind of super-powered boost. It was a mystery planted then, but Duggan was sure not to leave without paying it off.

Deadpool decides that with the supervillains and heroes of the Marvel Universe all coming to take him in, the time has finally come to deploy his secret weapon (secret even to him). At first, it's unclear what the alien woman has actually awarded him without asking a price. Until Falcon makes his first attack run on Deadpool... and the vomit starts to erupt.

Yes, the new superpower added to Deadpool's arsenal isn't the kind of offensive ability he had in mind. The potency of the alien sick-spray is proven when Daredevil arrives on the scene - vomiting uncontrollably - and claims he can actually SEE the cartoon stink lines coming off the former contract killer.

The puking Daredevil is followed up by the younger heroes of Marvel's Champions, causing the young Sam Alexander to accidentally create a Nova-powered barf bomb, and the young Ms. Marvel to shapeshift her mouth to accommodate the reflex.

Duggan really goes all out with Deadpool's "one last ginormous fight," and the chance to see the terror of projectile vomit mixed with Quicksilver moving through a crowd at superspeed is one few Deadpool fans will want to miss. The pinnacle, however, is likely a tie between Thor and Giant-Man. The former, caught off-guard and rendered vomititious with her face just inches from the propeller-like spinning Mjolnir.

The latter delivering the finale to the fight when arriving in giant form, and confirming when his body grows a hundred times the size... his stomach grows to match.

Considering the unspeakably vile content, it seems oddly generous that Duggan actually has Deadpool kill him in the same issue (or the comic book version of Duggan, at least, with Wade fully aware that he has been writing his life every step of the way). And the self-sacrifice made by Duggan to remove some the sting of his departure - giving fans a comic dripping in superhero vomit nightmare - shows why his absence will be lamented by so many.

As comic book publishers race to bridge the gaps between superhero comics and blockbuster movies, you have to hand it to Deadpool. As insane as even Deadpool 2 may be, we can safely assume it won't see vomit used as a weapon. And with that, we say: Long Live Comics.

Despicable Deadpool #300 is available now from Marvel Comics.

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