Throughout this year’s awards season, Deadpool emerged as a surprise contender, picking up nominations from the Golden Globes, Writers Guild, and Producers Guild (among others). With all the accolades, it became the most critically acclaimed comic book adaptation since 2008’s The Dark Knight, and its many fans were hopeful that the Merc With a Mouth could crash the Academy Awards party and maybe get a Best Picture montage of his own. The odds of that happening were low, but that didn’t stop Fox from campaigning hard for Deadpool on their For Your Consideration page.

Unfortunately, when the 2017 Oscar nominations were announced, Wade Wilson was nowhere to be seen. Deadpool wasn’t just shut out of the major categories, it failed to receive any below-the-line nods – a rather disappointing end to its late surge. Ryan Reynolds has promised a “crazy reaction” video if the film managed to break through, but with the film getting no recognition whatsoever, his response is far more low key.

Reynolds took to Twitter and offered congratulations to the films that were nominated, while also giving Deadpool fans a shout out in his own unique way:

There’s no denying the merits of the movies that are in contention, but it still would have been nice to see Deadpool get some love. After all, the Academy can nominate as many as ten films for Best Picture, and this year sees only nine of those spots filled. It’s true that Deadpool would have essentially been just the “token blockbuster” and had little chance of actually taking home gold, but viewers would have enjoyed seeing it in the same discussion as beloved dramas such as La La Land and Moonlight. The Oscars have gone for popular genre features in the past (Inception, Mad Max: Fury Road), but for whatever reason, Deadpool just couldn’t crack the lineup. The comic book genre is still waiting for its first Best Picture nominee, and perhaps this year’s Logan (which is more serious drama than irreverent comedy) could break that ground.

While fans are undoubtedly upset Deadpool was completely blanked, this shouldn’t take anything away from its previous accomplishments. By all accounts, the film achieved much more than anyone expected, setting a new record for highest-grossing R-rated film and earning several non-Oscars awards nominations for good measure. For a film that was only green lit after some test footage leaked online, that’s an impressive performance, and now the pressure is on Deadpool 2 to deliver on all fronts as well. With the always-passionate Reynolds leading the charge, the property remains in strong hands.

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Source: Ryan Reynolds

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