Deadpool: Ryan Reynolds Celebrates Film's 1-Year Anniversary


Although it may be hard to believe, Deadpool made his record-breaking solo film debut (let's just forget about X-Men Origins: Wolverine) about a year ago. Back then the film was riding an impressive wave of marketing that threatened to oversaturate audiences with Ryan Reynolds' fourth-wall breaking antihero. In the days leading up to the film's release it seemed as though a handful of new snarky TV spots, highlighting the film's R-rated humor and love of heightened violence, were released. The marketing blitz turned out to be a stroke of genius, as 20th Century Fox would go on to have an unprecedentedly successful for-adults-only superhero film on its hands. The rest, as they say, is history.

Since then, Reynolds has been riding high on the cinematic accomplishments of the Merc with a Mouth. In addition to making a mint at the box office and essentially paving the way for the upcoming R-rated Logan, Deadpool became an unlikely awards contender, scoring a Best Theatrical Motion Picture nomination from the PGA and taking home plenty of trophies from the MTV Movie, Teen Choice, People's Choice, and Critics' Choice awards. Naturally, anticipation for the upcoming sequel is as high as it's ever been, and Reynolds continues to do his part to market Deadpool even when he's supposed to be focused on other films, like the upcoming outer space thriller Life.


In recognition of the aforementioned one-year anniversary of the first film's release, the actor took to social media to give the internet the traditional first-year gift of paper – double ply as it were. In a post on Instagram, Reynolds' anniversary present is a mock up of a Deadpool brand toilet paper, which is a veritable smorgasbord of juvenile bathroom humor all wrapped up in one easy-to-read image. Take a look below:

One year ago today, we released Deadpool. And the gift for a one year anniversary, is of course, paper.

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The image has it all: puerile mention of "hemorrhoid cream", a poop emoji posing as pudding, and the promise that the bathroom tissue comes complete with an "All New Flavor". Essentially, it's all the humor of the Deadpool movie compressed into a single image. It's basically the perfect one-year anniversary gift to fans.

If anything, the reminder of Deadpool's anniversary is a key aspect of the first film's success. Like the character, the marketing seemed unable to refrain from constantly reminding potential viewers of its existence. There may be me plenty of examples of how long characters in the film can stand to be around the red-suited menace, but it seems as though audiences have a much higher tolerance for the Merc's shenanigans.

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