'Deadpool' Offered to Robert Rodriguez?

The upcoming solo film featuring the character of Deadpool has been in the cards for awhile now. Ryan Reynolds played the character in X-Men Origins: Wolverine (one of the only saving graces of that movie) and depending on scheduling being worked out (Reynolds is currently busy with Green Lantern) he could play the character in the solo film.

It was confirmed back in January that Zombieland writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick would write the Deadpool movie. So that's the writers sorted out but what about a director? Well, an odd but not altogether shocking director is reportedly being eyed to direct Deadpool: none other than Robert Rodriguez.

Production Weekly (via The Playlist) reports - and confirms from "a source close to the project" - that Rodriguez has been offered the Deadpool director's chair. Now the key word here is "offered" and not "closed a deal" or anything that concrete.

Rodriguez is a pretty in-demand director (for example, he was offered the Planet of the Apes reboot but turned it down), but his relationship with Fox - the studio is releasing Rodriguez's films Machete and Predators - indicates that Rodriguez would seriously consider the studio's Deadpool flick.

Deadpool director Adam Berg

As I said, it's not really shocking that Rodriguez has been offered Deadpool, but he's certainly not the first director that comes to mind for potential candidates. I would rather he keep his attention on the many other projects he has in the cards, including his sci-fi film Nerverackers (which was sadly pulled from Dimension Films' schedule last year) and the long-overdue Sin City 2.

Having said that, I would be curious to see what a Rodriguez-direct Deadpool would turn out like, but that may just be because I'm a big fan of pretty much everything he's done (Spy Kids 3 aside :-P ).

Would you like to see Robert Rodriguez direct Deadpool? Or would you rather he focus on other potential projects? Which other directors are suited to a Deadpool film?

If things come together nicely, Deadpool could be shooting this summer or fall. In that case it would likely hit theaters in 2011.

As always, stay tuned to Screen Rant for more on Deadpool as news comes out.

Sources: Production Weekly and The Playlist

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