Confirmed: 'Deadpool' Will Of Course Be Rated R

Ryan Reynolds Confirms R-Rated Deadpool

In the lead-up to the beginning of production on Deadpool, everyone involved with the X-Men spinoff has emphasized that this project is different. In more ways than one. It's fueled by the fans - a group that includes the people working on it. It's also different because Twentieth Century Fox is letting director Tim Miller and star Ryan Reynolds be creatively free to bring the unique character to the screen in his own movie.

That couldn't be more evident in how he film is already coming together. From the original, highly praised script by Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, to Miller's test footage, to how Fox greenlit the film and fast-tracked it immediately after the response to said test footage, to the costume itself and how the marketing has already begun, even in the earliest days of production. Today, Fox one-upped themselves yet again.

Deadpool is a lower budget superhero action movie and one that's coming out with a release date usually reserved for the types of films studios dump at the beginning of the year, outside of the traditionally lucrative summer and holiday seasons. Taking the budget into account, the release date, the script, etc. - all of these signs pointed towards the possibility that the film could be rated R. Some fans were vocal about that all along but Deadpool co-creator Rob Liefeld said it wasn't necessary (more on that below). Of course, a PG-13 rating equals larger audience, equals more money, equals more chimichangas.

Reynolds however, was still fighting for that R rating, even this week as production takes place in Vancouver:

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