20 Things Wrong With Deadpool We All Choose To Ignore

Along with huge laughs, the R-rated superhero blockbuster Deadpool expertly pulled off action and violence galore. It lived up to all of the hype Ryan Reynolds and co. thickly spread to make the movie happen in the first place, living up to the expectations of most fans and coaxing many more aboard the Deadpool bandwagon.

Like any adaptation, the movie wasn't completely perfect and had plenty of flaws, from glaring bloopers like Wade's gag being moved all around in between shots during a scene with Ajax to some of Reynolds' own favorite jokes getting cut. It also had more than enough quizzical choices made that left viewers mildly wondering what the heck happened. Of course, some opted to simply skip the questioning and stick to enjoying the movie.

Some of the movie's problems are so big that they'd ruin a lesser movie, especially when they really fail to give viewers a payoff for watching. Other issues are minor but enough to give hardcore fans an eye twitch for a few days.

From plot points that make no sense to comic characteristics that just didn't translate to the film, here are 20 Things Wrong With Deadpool We All Choose To Ignore.

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Deadpool Negasonic Teenage Warhead Taxi
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20 He Takes a Taxi Cab To Get Vanessa

Deadpool Negasonic Teenage Warhead Taxi

Some of the movie's issues could be explained away with one simple explanation: the budget. Why else would we be introduced to the X-Men's SR-71, the Blackbird, and then just not use it and opt for a cab for the rest of the film? Why not take the Blackbird?

There's also the fact that Colossus wants to take Deadpool in after the violent scene he made at the beginning of the film, yet now he and Negasonic are all keen on helping him rescue Vanessa. Of course, they're doing going in a timely manner via flight, but on the ground, taking a taxi in traffic.

There's another perfectly logical explanation too, of course: Deadpool is a much scrappier movie than the MCU or X-Men films. Whether this is to distance itself from other Marvel fare or, more likely, to simply demonstrate what an altogether different animal the whole Deadpool series is than any other comic you're likely to encounter, it's present throughout the film in the costumes, the dialogue, even the romance.

While taking a taxi doesn't make sense at all in terms of logic, it makes sense in terms of Deadpool, which could pretty much be argued for anything.

19 The Weapon Collection Scene

What is the point of an epic montage of weapons collection only to have a final battle minus all of the weapons that were so tantalizingly dangled in front of the audience?

Budget constraints and yet another example of the Deadpool universe subverting both traditional comic adaptations as well as action flicks are valid arguments once again, but the matter still stands.

All of those weapons are left behind, so it's a completely pointless scene.

It also gets people excited for a gunfight that doesn't happen, and fans have issued similar complaints about that throughout the movie.

Some say that Deadpool made a lot of promises it couldn't fulfill, not going nearly as gory as the comics while not delivering many of the wisecracks Ryan Reynolds promised, but critics who enjoyed the movie say that it had to leave at least some room for growth in the sequel. Deadpool isn't meant to be X-Men: Hostel, so it stands to reason that it's not going to be violence and nothing more.

Still, that weapons scene deflated a lot of raised hopes in the time it took to build them and even if it is a big middle finger to the aforementioned, it doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

18 Vanessa Survives That Fall

Vanessa Carlysle is the only person in the scene without either a superpower or a weapon, yet instead of being splattered on the pavement as she should have been or suffocated in the box as Francis intended, the love of Wade's life comes out of the final battle without a scratch on her body. Close calls like this one are frequently used in action sequences to create dramatic effects, so we get that, but as chaotic as that scene was (particularly with Wade forgetting all of the ammo in his friend's cab) she really should have suffered a worse fate.

Some may argue that Vanessa may yet have previously unexplained powers, and that may be true. In the comics, Vanessa is the psychopathic mutant known as Copycat whose own evil tendencies often make her a perfect match for Wilson despite the fact that they frequently attempt to end one another. That alone would not help her survive the fall, but we all know that the artistic license used to make movies stretches pretty far.

If she were given some kind of healing factor or other power, it might help her withstand that kind of trauma. Or it could all just be chalked up to dumb luck and being rescued in the nick of time.

17 The Zamboni Scene

Most of the violent revenge scenes in Deadpool are very funny and weirdly satisfying. They give us a chance to watch Wade evolve from snarky assassin to snarky unhinged vigilante with some pretty awesome gratuitous scenes. Each of these scenes could be considered questionable in its own way, but that zamboni scene is the one that people really need to be questioning.

It's not unbelievable that a person could be smashed by zamboni, but the mechanics of it are quite confusing.

It's hilarious but why end the guy right in the middle of the ice? Did Wade knock him out mid-run and then follow him once the guy started crawling? Did he hit him while the dude was already in the center of the ice, and if so, was he already flat on the ice?

One would assume he'd be running so he probably fell, which would not be very sportsmanlike, but we are talking Wade Wilson and not Andre the Giant here. If he had already hit him, wouldn't there be blood on front of or behind the zamboni? This entire tiny scene just provokes so many questions, even as it supplies many more laughs.

16 Deadpool Is BFFs With The X-Men

In the Marvel comics, Wade Wilson has so many adventures with the X-Men, X-Force, and other teams that it makes sense that Colossus wants him to join the X-Men. Unfortunately for those not familiar with the comics, this makes zero sense in the movie.

There is never any context given as to how Wade knows Colossus or where to find the X-Men to begin with, let alone why Professor X would want him on the team at all.

Given his history, it's confusing for viewers to see how the benevolent (in the films, at least) Professor Charles Xavier might want this ruthless mercenary on his team of law-abiding mutants who fight crime.

Some critics chalk this up to Deadpool's omniscience since he frequently breaks the fourth wall and announces that he knows everything that's going on and that he's aware he is, in fact, a movie character. That still doesn't work inside the movie.

Since Deadpool first met the X-Men in a New Mutants comic in 1991 and Negasonic Teenage Warhead's uniform looks a lot like the ones in the comic, many believe that some backstory may be present in the New Mutants movie coming out in August of 2019.

15 Wade Isn't Ugly Enough

There's something that the non-comic book readers just don't get about Deadpool that the readers also seem to largely ignore in the movie: he's disgusting. His comics face is at least three times as gross as his film face, which just looks like a moderately burned countenance rather than inside-out cancer, and his body matches. What's worse is that he smells like it, too. His odor is more off-putting than his appearance, which is the bigger reason why he has trouble in his love life - along with his insane, annoying personality.

Deadpool's smelly and repulsive in the comics. The movie just doesn't go nearly far enough to make this happen. His happily ever after moment with Vanessa seems believable despite the fact that he is one of the most tragically loveless comic book characters of all time. Yes, he has his dalliances and even gets married, but it's never the same kind of romance as the love shared between, say, Rogue and Gambit or Catwoman and Batman - though those pairings aren't as romantic as fans seem to think. None of Wade's romances deserve the sentiment, either, as they are almost all shallow or even abusive on some level.

14 He Keeps Asking, "Where's Francis?"

Deadpool Highway Fight Scene

This one is a no-brainer. When your villain's name is Ajax and all of his henchmen know him as such, why would you go around demanding "Where's Francis" like The Bride in Kill Bill before smashing everyone's heads in? Why would anybody know that?

Everyone knows him as Ajax, so it makes much more sense to inquire after a person called Ajax instead.

The issue is further exacerbated when the villains don't even know who Wade himself is, so why would they know his history or who he's after? What if he just got rid of a bunch of uncooperative bad guys just because they didn't know who on earth he was talking about?

Once he finally did find Francis, we also find out that he had to have left at least one person alive since the man smugly revealed that he heard Wade could regrow missing body parts now. How else would he know that without someone who had fought Deadpool telling him the secret? Is he keeping tabs on Wade as well?

Those two really should have just become Facebook friends to keep in touch if all they wanted to do was stalk one another like catty ex-boyfriends.

13 Threatening Jeremy Was A Wasted Scene

On the surface, this scene makes plenty of sense. Wade Wilson is hungry, he wants to shake up some innocent bystander by using his apartment as a base from which to intimidate a creepy pizza delivery guy, and he uses litter boxes. Okay, maybe the last part doesn't seem very logical, but the entire scene seems like such a wasted opportunity from some fans' point of view.

Why have the pizza delivered at some random's house when Wade could've had it ordered it to be sent to a victim he was going to take a hit out on instead? Then he could really intimidate the delivery man by taking the hit right there in front of him, scarring the dude for life.

This could be explained away by the fact that Wade still sees potential for human decency in Jeremy and he didn't want to scare him too badly, or the fact that he didn't want the young man to be caught in the crossfire that could occur during an actual hit. It's a fantastic scene that helps build Wade's personality and caustic wit, but it does seem to be muted when considered alongside the rest of the movie.

12 The weirdly calm opening scene

opening scene deadpool car chase

Let's be honest here: the first scene isn't meant to be realistic and we love it for what it is: a stream of gratuitous violence and wicked jokes that fits in perfectly with Deadpool's own level of insanity. Between "Angel of the Morning" playing and the Green Lantern card nodding to Reynolds's previous superhero film, the magazine featuring Ryan Reynolds to the Hello Kitty lip balm, and yes, the wedgie, it's pretty much everything we needed for the perfect opening to Deadpool. The problem arises, however, when the cars all land in fiery rubble.

The narration and other funny bits aren't meant to be realistic in any sense and we love them for it, but why did the drivers of all the cars all stop to gawk at the intense violence occurring in front of them instead of speeding out of there and away from danger? There's gridlock despite an obvious amount of room for cars to get through, which Francis takes full advantage of later in his quick getaway.

Why are there no cops with helicopters like we'd see in other action movies?

Does the city really have no law enforcement available until after everyone has left the scene?

11 Wade Just Hangs Around Waiting For Francis

Deadpool Drawing

After asking everyone "Where's Francis?" before taking them out when nobody should even know who he's talking about since nobody knows who Francis is, Wade eventually finds out where he can find the bald Englishman when he inquires about luring children in the back of a van to a shady character. When he finally catches up with this suspicious person after more than 40 baddies have been taken out, we get to see him promise some carnage. Then we not only fail to witness how he dispatched of this villain,but also how he knows exactly where Francis will be and when.

While it's logical that the man who supposedly shouldn't be found within fifteen hundred yards of a school might know where Francis is hiding out at, why would he know where he is traveling at any given moment?

There needs to be a little more context about how Wade chose his location before he abandoned his walkman and a sweet track to rough up some henchmen in slow-mo.

Why is Wade sitting there drawing in the first place (with a pouch for his crayons but no cash for his taxi driver), and how did he know that's where to wait?

10 Ajax Leaves Silently And Quickly

It's one of those moments that ties the audience in with the actors, leaving them all looking a little stupid. How did none of us realize that Ajax had left the scene once Colossus and Negasonic had arrived and otherwise occupied Deadpool in the middle of his carefully plotted sweet revenge?

It makes absolutely no sense any way you look at it: Deadpool had him pinned and his motorcycle had crashed, yet Ajax left that fast without his bike making any noise at all? We can somehow hear a moody teenager alert DP with a colorful warning but not hear 500 pounds of metal zooming away.

While Colossus and Negasonic were making a bit of noise and Wade's rage and desire to take it out on Colossus's body while injuring himself in the process explain some of his distraction, this is not a POV movie where we are inside the protagonist's brain.

The sound of Francis's wrecked motorcycle should have been heard over the X-Men and Deadpool's bickering, at least alerting us to the bad guy's abrupt departure.

Should we blame the sound effects department on this one or chalk it up to the director not wanting us to notice the getaway, either?

9 The Marvel Logo

Marvel Entertainment Logo

This is such a tiny portion of the movie that it barely even seems consequential, yet it's also front and center where you can't miss it. The Marvel flip-book logo must accompanied films adapted from any Marvel comics, despite the fact that this is a Fox studio film, rather than a Marvel studios film.

Despite the legal necessity of its inclusion, this logo is jarring, especially in the wake of the much-heralded Disney-Fox merger.

This film is decidedly not associated with the Marvel Studios films - better known as the Marvel Cinematic Universe - and even holds itself apart from the X-Men movies. Regardless, the logo serves as reminder that if Marvel Studios winds up with the rights to the X-Men, things could change greatly for Deadpool as well. How will Deadpool possibly fit into the family-friendly world of the X-Men and MCU movies, especially when the filmmakers took such great pains to mock that noble attitude in Deadpool?

After making such a fuss about not being involved with the other X-films and MCU, the filmmakers then had to use visual graphics that tie them together anyway. How can fans ignore that Deadpool may soon change forever when they see the Marvel logo?

8 What Happens To Dopinder?

Karan Soni as Dopinder in Deadpool

Dopinder is one of the most beloved characters in Deadpool. A cab driver who gets paid in high fives, he takes Pool's advice to kidnap his cousin in order to marry the love of his life seriously to the point of shoving said cousin in the trunk of his cab, where he struggles for survival as Colossus, Negasonic Teenage Warhead, and Deadpool travel within it. This begs another question: why does the goody two-shoes Colossus do nothing when he discovers there is an innocent man locked in the trunk?

But back to Dopinder. He's got a kidnapped cousin and a cab full of weapons that Deadpool leaves behind by the end of the movie, but he's pretty much left dangling, rear-ended and waiting for the cops to arrive. Is he going to be have to explain the whole situation to the police? Will Deadpool help his friend out of a jam? It's the least he could do after such poor relationship advice and accidentally dumping his weapons on the guy, not to mention after stiffing him the cab fare twice in a row.

The unofficial movie sidekick (or at least getaway driver) at least deserves some kind of resolution by the end of the movie, don't you think? Of course, that's what Deadpool 2 is for.

7 Ajax's Powers Are Inconsistent

Ed Skrein as Ajax in Deadpool
Ed Skrein as Ajax in Deadpool

Ajax is presented as this super powerful villain and on the surface, he seems pretty cool. He's handsome, he has an accent, and he can't feel pain, but doesn't he seem a little wasted on Deadpool?

For starters, many critics have pointed out that since Ajax can't feel pain and Deadpool can't lose his life, all battles between them are essentially pointless. We can only appreciate an even battlefield when the stakes remain high - which doesn't happen if neither of the fighters really risks anything.

What exactly is Ajax's motivation beyond giving what he got? We understand that he was a victim of the same program that took advantage of Wade, but why would someone like him just go along with the company and work for them instead of taking them down if he's invulnerable?

Then there's the fact that Ajax can't feel pain, but does that extend to any other powers?

 Without any additional abilities, the villain should have been wiped out long before the end of the film, regardless of how much pain he doesn't feel.

He's been through enough maiming and brutality that, no matter what kind of grade-A first aid his team has access to, without some sort of healing factor or other power, he really should not have survived as long as he has.

6 Colossus Eating Cereal In Metallic Form

Fans of the X-Men comics know that Colossus does not have to eat in his metallic form. In fact, that would be a great reason why he would be in metallic form if he weren't engaged in combat-- to save his appetite while, say, stranded without the Blackbird and saving his calories.

The fact that he's metal in the entire movie is super weird since he's usually only metal during a fight, but it's even weirder that he's eating cereal. Also, Grape Nuts? Really? Maybe he's enjoying a break from his normal breakfast routine but somehow we think that Mr. Rasputin might be better served with a more protein-heavy diet.

Some fans say that this seemingly small diversion from source material is another way to distance the R-rated Deadpool franchise from Disney's family-friendly Marvelverse, much like Quicksilver was not Quicksilver from X-Men to Avengers, and it's a valid argument that should be considered.

Like Evan Peters' differences from Aaron Taylor-Johnson's character, Colossus' characerization might insert enough distance to still make it possible to include the big guy in the X-franchise, too. Even so, how might one munch with a mouthful of metal in the first place? Someone please explain.

5 Angel's Character Makes No Sense

Deadpool - Weasel (TJ Miller) and Angel Dust (Gina Carano)
Weasel (TJ Miller) and Angel Dust (Gina Carano)

Angel is played by former MMA fighter Gina Carano, giving her much more possibilities than she was ultimately afforded in the movie. "Less-angry Rosie O'Donnell" was given incredible powers but very little involvement in the story. While we don't expect her to be the lead character, some context might be nice.

Her name, Angel Dust, refers to her insurmountable strength, but most of the time she's just called "Angel," which is just laughable.

It does make sense to give her this ironic moniker for a satirical twist when she's put up against someone like Colossus, but it really only prominently points out how underwhelming the villains' names are here. The Deadpool Big Bads are a kitchen cleaner and a Christmas tree topper.

Not only does her name not make sense, but not noticing her match is gone and actually getting hurt by a head-butt that should have been impossible with a belt around Wade's neck were both ludicrous. That head-butt shouldn't have warranted an "ouch" for someone as invincible as Angel, let alone caught her off guard enough to notice a match that is always in her mouth is suddenly missing.

Also, she mentions how she has "seen this girl" (Vanessa), but how? Does she frequent the dance club? And what happens to Angel in the end anyway? Nothing about her makes any sense.

4 Shady Cancer Treatment Obviousness

Wade Wilson as he appeared in Deadpool (film)

You get diagnosed with terminal cancer and some wealthy, benevolent man waltzes up to you in a dingy dive bar and offers you a miracle cure. It's the classic heartwarming tale we all know and love except-- no, wait, it's not. Wade hadto know that it wasn't some plan to make him into a superhero. He's dealt with low-lifes all his life and he didn't suspect a thing? It makes absolutely no sense for him to fall for this one.

Some might argue that he chose the option because he felt as if he had no other options and left with nothing left to lose, but a calculating merc like Wade Wilson would likely take his own life or orchestrate an ironic end long before he'd agree to blindly allow someone he didn't research to experiment on him.

He's cased enough places to know how to get the information he'd need, take one look at the shady warehouse of torment, and probably just end everybody there instead. There is really no reason he'd offer himself to the experiments without knowing what he was in for.

The real question is if Wade just opted in out of sheer curiosity or a means of self-punishment, which also makes no sense given his history. For everything Wilson does, there has to be the promise of a payoff, even if he often gets stiffed in the end.

3 That Dry Cleaning Tag

Ed Skrein as Ajax in Deadpool

Wade reveals that he knows Ajax's true name because he found a dry cleaning tag that read, "Francis." Viewers have since pointed out that this detail presents a plethora of problems. For starters, do supervillains even get their clothes dry cleaned? Wouldn't some lackey have been in charge of it? How would Wade have gotten his hands on it?

It would have had to have been something Wade had seen him wear in order to identify whose clothing it was, and if that were also the case, do we ever see Ajax wearing anything that really looks as if it should be dry-cleaned, and if so, why is he wearing it to torture people? It would make so much more sense to wear clothing that's easy to care for if you're working on blood stains. Al knows that, so why doesn't Ajax?

Then there's the fact that Francis would even bring his dry cleaning to work.

Even if we give him the benefit of the doubt and say the tag fell out of his pocket at some point, the fact that he uses his real name - that he famously loathes - instead of Ajax is just stupid.

It's not like he's got an incredible secret identity to maintain. Nobody knows who he is outside his organization. Why not just use Ajax instead?

2 Colossus' weak stomach

Deadpool 2 - Colossus

Piotr "Peter" Nikolayevich Rasputin, AKA Colossus, is one tough X-Man. Not only can he turn into steel but he's also been in the Russian mob. It stands to reason that Peter has witnessed quite a bit of violence in his life, which is the reason why it makes zero sense for the man to ralph when Deadpool shoots AJ up close at the end of the movie.

While we get that this is supposed to point toward his gentle nature against senseless violence, it really makes no sense when he has no issues with Deadpool slicing off his own hand earlier in the movie, which is way grosser.

Comic readers know that Colossus has seen some pretty ralph-inducing stuff go down without having ever lost his lunch. He's joined up with Magneto, he's left a teammate behind, he's even ended bad guys himself - like the time he snapped Riptide's neck after witnessing the villain beat Nightcrawler up.

Colossus is no stranger to the dark side, and that's not necessarily a bad thing. All of our heroes should have their flaws and we appreciate them for their mistakes, especially when they learn from them. Colossus, one of the most physically powerful mutants ever, should have a strong stomach to match.

1 The Entire Premise Doesn't Make Sense

Deadpool Cancer Treatment

The Weapon X program makes complete sense in the comic books, but translated into a movie, it's just wonky. In the comic, Wade gets the healing factor so they can predict the outcome, ensuring a much higher chance of success than just randomly tormenting someone and crossing their fingers for the best.

Everyone just hopes Wade will become a mutant and his cancer will be cured.

That leaves an enormous possibility that their experiments will fail, and surely Francis and company have had plenty of actual failures happen if this is their modus of operandi. Why waste all that time and money on Wade if they don't know that he'll manifest a mutant ability for sure? What kind of business operates on a plan of dumping money into something they hope will miraculously work?

Rectifying this one would be pretty simple. Weapon X could have simply injected Deadpool with the healing factor, tying in with the whole "Polverine" allusion made at the beginning of the film, or included at least one short line about it in order to help the film flow.

Instead, we all ignore that it just doesn't make sense because it's such a good movie anyway and we all just want to listen to Deadpool's quips and watch him break bones instead of nitpicking the plot details.


What else about Deadpool do fans ignore? Let us know in the comments!

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