Deadpool Photobombs Classic Movie Posters in Walmart Exclusive Blu-Rays

Deadpool Holds Logan (Wolverine 3) Poster

Deadpool is photobombing the movie posters of many of his 20th Century Fox movie counterparts as Deadpool 2 gets ready to open in theaters worldwide. Anyone who is a fan of Deadpool already knows that Ryan Reynolds' superhero has no limits, whether it be in his adventures on the big screen or in the films' promotions. Essentially, the character leads an "anything goes" existence, and perhaps the wild unpredictability of the Merc with a Mouth is why so many movie and comic book fans are so enamored with him.

Reynolds, of course, has pulled out all the stops in promoting Deadpool 2, from his laugh-out-loud hilarious turn in Celine Dion's music video for the film to his unexpected appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, in which he took over the talk show host's opening monologue. But now, it appears Reynolds has pulled off the mother of all promotional ideas in getting fans pumped up for the movie - and it didn't take a in-person appearance to do it.

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Twitter user Jayme K posted a series of photos online showing Deadpool spoofing classic movie posters, which are being sold at Walmart. Deadpool is featured on the movie posters on Blu-ray slip covers of several popular Fox film titles, including The Terminator, Edward Scissorhands, Fight Club, Cast Away, My Cousin Vinny, Office Space, War for the Planet of the Apes, Revenge of the Nerds, Predator, Assassin's Creed, and Speed. There's also a new cover the first Deadpool film, which pictures the irreverent superhero riding on - what else? - a unicorn.

Naturally, Deadpool, being the bane of Wolverine's existence, also photobombs the Blu-ray covers of Logan and the three most recent X-Men films, including ApocalypseDays of Future Past and First Class – where he appropriately dons a yellow X-Men trainee shirt. After all, a Deadpool stunt isn't truly complete if he's not taking some sort of shot at his favorite adamantium-clawed mutant. It's all in good fun, of course, as Jackman called the movie "a work of genius."

Fox's Walmart Blu-ray promotion works for three big reasons; to start with, it's simply something Deadpool would do. Second, it's a great way to sell Blu-rays, even if the Deadpool photobombs are only featured on the slipcovers. Fans can't grouse too much about buying their favorite films on Blu-ray again, since each of the titles contain $5 in movie cash to help them pay for Deadpool 2 ticket. Lastly, the special Deadpool-infused Blu-ray covers helps fill the sore need for some sort of Deadpool 2 movie merchandise, since there aren't any action figures of Reynolds' iteration of the character to be found, apart from a new Hot Toys' collectible figure.

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Source: Jayme K

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