Deadpool's Reboot Gives Him a New Partner in [SPOILER]

The next Deadpool series is about to start fresh, sending Wade Wilson into a monstrous trap - but he isn't going alone. Which might be worse.

Deadpool and Mary Jane Comic

The Marvel relaunch of Deadpool comics is preparing its relaunch with an all-new creative team, and Marvel's new preview pages reveal Deadpool will have a new partner for his first mission: monster-hunter Elsa Bloodstone.

Fans shouldn't expect too drastic a change when Deadpool's new series begins, since the hero's recent antics have been as varied, outrageous, and not quite in-continuity as his readers have come to expect. After all, what other superhero is capable of welcoming Fox's Fantastic Four back to Marvel Studios in one book, while he unintentionally creates Marvel's version of Batman in another? It's that kind of versatility that guarantees: even if Deadpool #1 sounds like it might kill Wade Wilson, fans know it's just the beginning... again.

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According to Marvel's solicitation, the new Deadpool #1 from Kelly Thompson Chris Bachalo will be sending Wade "after the King of Monsters, who has claimed a new kingdom for his monstrous subjects… on Staten Island!" It's fitting that he'd have a monster-hunting professional along for the ride, and the new preview pages from Newsarama show Elsa Bloodstone interrupting Deadpool's interrogation of one of the Monster King's lackeys to announce she's hunting the same quarry. So, will these partners begin as enemies?

Deadpool Preview Elsa Bloodstone 2

For those who don't already know, Elsa Bloodstone is the daughter of Ulysses Bloodstone, the immortal creature-killer created for Marvel Presents in 1975. During the prehistoric Hyborian Age of Marvel's version of Conan the Barbarian stories, a hunter-gatherer (Ulysses) battled an alien entity over a powerful jewel-like meteorite. In the battle, a shard of the jewel -- called the Bloodstone -- was embedded in the man's chest, granting him immortality. In 2001, writers Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning teamed with artist Michael Lopez to introduce his daughter Elsa in the Bloodstone miniseries. But she really caught on with fans when she appeared in Warren Ellis and Stuart Immonen's cult classic Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E., which established Elsa's current characterization as comically serious, hypercompetent, and extremely British, along with the orange jumpsuit, trenchcoat, and "important hair" she sports in Bachalo's preview art.

Since then, she's bounced around a variety of Marvel comics, teaming up with some classic horror characters in Legion of Monsters, joining the Fearless Defenders and Howling Commandoes, and leading the charge against an invading army of extraterrestrial horrors in Marvel's Monsters Unleashed event. That's experience Deadpool may need, since he was once married to the Queen of the Monsters, Shiklah. In the online series Deadpool: The Gauntlet, Count Dracula hired the Merc with a Mouth to fetch Shiklah so that Dracula could marry her and secure an alliance between two warring monster factions. Thanks to various shenanigans, Shiklah fell for Deadpool instead, and the two were married in a special oversized issue.Their marriage wouldn't last, though, once Deadpool found her in bed with a werewolf. Will a return to the world of monsters reopen these old wounds in Deadpool's past?

Deadpool #1 will be available on November 20th at your local comic shop.

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Source: Newsarama

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