Deadpool Gets Mad Max: Fury Road Composer Tom Holkenborg

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An important component in the lighter tone of the promotion for Deadpool thus far has been the music. The songs used in the trailer did a great job of establishing who Deadpool is and what this movie is going to be, with the use of DMX's "X Gon' Give It to Ya" providing a wry nod to 20th Century Fox's most established superhero brand.

While both songs made the trailer that much more enjoyable, the whole soundtrack to the movie is not going to be made up of Salt-N-Pepa hits and/or DMX pump-up songs. The Merc with a Mouth needs a decent composer to provide a musical score for his antics, and luckily it seems Deadpool is getting just the right guy for the job.

As Tom Holkenborg (aka Junkie XL) revealed via his Twitter, he will get started on creating the musical score for Deadpool this Monday. Holkenborg may be best recognized for the thunderous Mad Max: Fury Road score, which made waves earlier this year and in a lot of ways defined the tone of that movie. Prior to that, he has also composed for films like Megamind, 300: Rise of an Empire, and Divergent, as well as contributing to the scores of The Dark Knight Rises and Man of Steel with his longtime collaborator Hans Zimmer. This also means that Holkenborg will be contributing to two major superhero movies next year, as he is set to score the Batman parts of Batman v Superman with Zimmer.

On Monday I will start on @deadpoolmovie !!!! So excited!!!

— Tom Holkenborg (@Junkie_XL) October 4, 2015

Considering the action-heavy sequences Fox has shown off for Deadpool so far, Junkie XL is arguably the best fit for the film. The Grammy-nominated composer is often known for his trademark drum-heavy, intense musical scores that often slip from the background to the forefront during a film. It's an approach that works especially well when a scene needs a little bit of extra weight.

Deadpool Movie Composer Junkie XL

While X-Men: Apocalypse is going to have the important job of introducing several new, younger X-Men, Deadpool is going to have just as important of a task with expanding the X-Men universe beyond the main set of films and the Wolverine solo movies. With Gambit set to follow Deadpool soon after, Fox is banking on it being successful and generating positive buzz with its audience. Especially after Fantastic Four failed to deliver the new superhero franchise Fox was looking for, Deadpool needs to deliver, and based on the marketing so far it may do just that.

Deadpool opens on February 12th, 2016, followed by X-Men: Apocalypse on May 27th, 2016; Gambit on October 7th, 2016; Wolverine on March 3rd, 2017, Fantastic Four 2 on June 9th, 2017; and some as-yet unspecified X-Men film on July 13th, 2018. The New Mutants is also in development.

Source: Tom Holkenborg

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