Ryan Reynolds Thanks the Fans for Making 'Deadpool' Movie Happen

Deadpool fan art by sadorien

After years of being in development hell, Fox finally gave the long-gestating Deadpool solo film the green light last year, following the timely leak of some test footage that director Tim Miller put together with star Ryan Reynolds. The two have been on board for this project for a long time, and they're excited to get a chance to channel their passion for the fan-favorite antihero by doing the character justice in this movie (after the version of the character who appeared in X-Men Origins: Wolverine was derided by fans).

Despite the fanbase clamoring for a proper Deadpool movie after Origins, Fox was hesitant to move forward on it until they saw the widespread enthusiasm the general public had for the antihero. The energetic, humorous test footage launched an Internet campaign to get the movie made, and the studio listened to the demands of the people. That fact hasn't been lost on Reynolds, who is eternally grateful for all the support the Deadpool movie has received.

The actor took to Twitter to thank the Deadpool fans for their part in helping make the project a reality:

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