Ryan Reynolds Confirmed To Star in 'Deadpool' Movie

Deadpool Movie Ryan Reynolds Star Confirmed

It may seem like an unsurprising announcement to say that actor Ryan Reynolds (The CroodsR.I.P.D.) is set to star in Deadpool, since the actor has been attached from the very start, before second-guessing on the part of Fox put the project into development limbo. But while the Deadpool movie may be officially set for 2016, Reynolds' return to the role he first played in X-Men Origins: Wolverine has only been rumored.

Given that a large part of the overwhelmingly positive reception to the leaked Deadpool concept footage was due to Reynolds performance, providing motion capture and voice to the fully-CG action sequence. At the time of the leak, Reynolds claimed the fan reaction convinced him that he and director Tim Miller were on the right track, but without a contract in place, it was only wishful thinking linking him to the newly-greenlit film.

That is, until now. With TheWrap reporting that Reynolds has entered final negotiations to play the masked mercenary Wade Wilson a.k.a. Deadpool, it seems oddly fitting that Reynold should take to Twitter to tease his return - in a fashion that fans of the character will appreciate:

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