Rodriguez May Be Unable To Direct 'Deadpool'

Deadpool movie director Robert Rodriguez Ryan Reynolds

The mercenary Deadpool will eventually make the leap from comic book to the big screen, but his movie may not feature director Robert Rodriguez at helm after all.

Rodriguez has previously admitted that he is not yet committed to directing Deadpool, even though he also heaped praise on the film's screenplay, which was penned by the Zombieland writing duo of Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick.

"[20th Century Fox is] trying to make a certain small window [for the release of Deadpool] that's going to be tough because of Spy Kids," Rodriguez told Deadline, referring to Spy Kids 4, a semi-reboot of his kid-friendly action franchise.  "If they push it back, it would be a lot better for me."

Rumors about Ryan Reynolds stepping down from Deadpool due to his Green Lantern obligations have been circulating for a few weeks now.  The actor's jam-packed schedule would make it difficult for Fox to shift their tentative plans for the Deadpool production schedule in order to accommodate Rodriguez - something's gotta give if these two talents are actually going to work together.

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The underwhelming performance of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World at the U.S. box office could affect Fox's choice of director for its Deadpool movie.  The character has a much larger and more mainstream following than Scott Pilgrim did, but arguably not so much that studio heads would be inclined to invest in a big-budget film adaptation that does not feature a significant name in front of and behind the camera.

Rodriguez is well-known for delivering films with high production values at significantly lower costs - films that look as professional as the average expensive Hollywood blockbuster.  He also has a solid cult following that will make it all the more difficult for Fox to pass him over for its Deadpool movie.

Deadpool director Adam Berg

If Rodriguez ultimately does pass on directing the Deadpool movie, there are few obvious choices to take on the job instead.  Quentin Tarantino's name has been brought up in the past and he could certainly deliver the kind of stylized, kinetic, action-packed Deadpool pic that would please fans. Even QT's signature "dialogue scenes" would have their place in a Deadpool movie - provided our favorite "Merc with a Mouth" still breaks the 4th wall to address we, the audience :-).

The Inglourious Basterds filmmaker is notorious for being highly selective about which projects he takes on and tends to direct movies of his own original invention.  He might be interested in a property as unique as the Deadpool franchise, but that is a purely speculative suggestion at this point in time.

We will keep you updated on the development of the Deadpool movie as more news comes our way.

Source: Deadline

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