'Deadpool' Set Photos Recreate Test Footage Sequence

Deadpool leaked test footage

Vancouver has been a filming location for many major movies and TV shows, but the city's latest visitor is a guy who wears a red and black suit and has no respect for the fourth wall. Ryan Reynolds is reprising his role as a slightly different version of irreverent, morally flexible mercenary Wade Wilson A.K.A Deadpool  - and Reynolds (or someone wearing his costume) has been spotted filming an action sequence on the Georgia Viaduct.

These are the first set photos to show Deadpool all suited up, but we've already seen a few images of Reynolds playing Wade Wilson before he adopts his super-antihero alter ego. Deadpool will retell the character's origin story, beginning with his career as a gun-for-fire before he was subjected to inhumane experiments that left him super-powered but horribly disfigured.

What's particularly interesting about these new set photos is how familiar they are, as director Tim Miller appears to be recreating the leaked test footage that was instrumental in earning Deadpool a green light from Twentieth Century Fox. In the original scene, Deadpool is hanging out on a bridge doing some coloring and rocking out to Gwen Stefani, and then accosts an SUV full of (presumed) bad guys with his usual blend of gore and humor. It seems that this scene was lifted - at least, in part - from the feature film script by Zombieland writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick.

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The test footage was very CGI-heavy and was created in-studio with Reynolds wearing a motion capture suit - quite different from this shoot, which is on location with either Reynolds or a stunt performer wearing a physical version of the costume. There are, however, motion capture dots around Deadpool's eyes, which will allow them to be animated so that the "Merc with a Mouth" can be expressive even through his mask.

It makes sense to shoot at least some of the film with the real suit; a CGI version is OK for test footage where a lot of action is happening, but probably wouldn't look as good if sustained for the entire length of a feature film. Besides, no one can really get into the spirit of Deadpool until they've been stewing in their own juices inside a skintight leather outfit for 12 hours. Oh, the glamor of filmmaking.

Deadpool opens in theaters February 12, 2016

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