Deadpool: Morena Baccarin Glad Several Sex Scenes Were Cut

Apparently, Deadpool left a lot of sex scenes on the cutting room floor, and star Morena Baccarin is glad they stayed there. Baccarin, of course, plays Vanessa, an escort Wade (Ryan Reynolds) meets in a bar. The two quickly spark up a relationship, and Wade proposes one year later.

In between, their relationship is portrayed through various sex scenes during different holidays: Christmas, Valentine's Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Chinese New Year, International Women's Day, Lent, the whole shebang. It's an extensive, explicit montage, but one that is in step with Deadpool's tongue in cheek humor.

The original sequence is roughly two minutes long, but during a recent interview with Conan O'Brien on Conan, Baccarin revealed that it took two days to film, and most of it didn't even make it into the movie. She explained:

"It took about two days to shoot because it was us making sweet love for an entire calendar year. So it was all the holidays, you know? We dressed differently for every one. Believe me, there's a lot left on the cutting room floor, because there's a lot of holidays. And I feel good about that — the part that was left out."

Ryan Reynolds and Morena Baccarin as Deadpool and Vanessa in Deadpool

When O'Brien asked if they'd taken something out that upset her, she said, "No, no, no. I literally mean that was enough sex. Nobody needs to see more than what was in the movie."

Deadpool was a raunchy film, and there are a whole host of reasons that it received an R rating — violence, language, and gore, to name a few — but that early montage was certainly one of them. However, it fit with the movie's tone without dragging on too long, so it seems like they hit a happy medium in terms of length. Any more and it could have felt borderline gratuitous.

That being said, the sex scenes were more comedic than sexy, and it's a safe bet that there was plenty of other hilarious material (and outtakes) to work with. It's likely the footage won't ever see the light of day, but Reynolds has a proven affinity for self-deprecation, so perhaps he'll do a parody somewhere down the line. In fact, he and O'Brien already riffed on The Notebook together, so maybe Baccarin just gave them an idea for a follow-up. For now, fans will have to wait to see what Reynolds and co. are plotting for Deadpool 2.

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Source: Conan

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