15 Memes That Show Deadpool Makes Too Much Sense

The beautiful thing about Deadpool is that he's not really a superhero, but an antihero. Deadpool not only breaks all the rules of comic books, such as breaking the fourth wall, but he also curses, tells dirty jokes, speaks his mind(s), and is always the funniest guy in the room. He's the R-rated superhero that comic book fans love and need and while he's making fans laugh, he's also kicking the bad guys' butts in the most graphic way that he can.

Although many fans are only familiar with the Deadpool portrayed by Ryan Reynolds on the big screen, he actually has a long comic book history. The character first appeared in Marvel Comics in 1991 in The New Mutants #98. Although he started out his comic book career as a supervillain, he eventually evolved into the Deadpool we know and love today; the "Merc with the Mouth" who is a good guy, but somehow still stays in touch with his bad guy ways.

The Internet also loves Deadpool because he has a way of speaking the truth: he makes sense even when he's talking nonsense. That's why there are so many Deadpool memes to choose from.

Here are 15 Memes That Show Deadpool Makes Too Much Sense.

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15 Wakanda Forever

Deadpool meme

Marvel's Black Panther is literally everywhere and that's a good thing. It has invaded popular culture: there isn't a single Marvel movie fan that doesn't understand that arms crossed over one's chest is the symbol for Wakanda Forever. That's why this meme is so funny.

In the Deadpool trailer, Deadpool starts talking about the X-Force, which will end up being the team of antiheroes that supports him. In this screenshot that makes up this meme, he's making a literal "x" with his arms. This gesture is actually the same as the Wakanda Forever gesture, which is why Domino is going to point that out to him.

This meme makes sense because when we see Deadpool make that gesture, we will think "Wakanda Forever" before "X-Force."

14 Deadpool and Black Widow

Deadpool meme

Sometimes the coincidences of the real world line up in a way that just makes sense, but sometimes it takes a meme to make us see that. Here's the deal: Ryan Reynolds, the actor who portrays Deadpool, was once married to actress Scarlett Johansson, who portrays Black Window in the Marvel cinematic universe. +

Interestingly enough, Deadpool once had a fling with Black Window. Is that a coincidence? Maybe not.

Reynolds is now currently married to Blake Lively, who portrayed Carol Ferris in Green Lantern. Reynolds was Hal Jordan, aka Green Lantern, in that movie. And the two are a couple. Is that coincidence, too? Perhaps not.

This meme just makes way too much sense. It's a case of when fiction meets reality and vice versa.

13 Trolling Thanos

Deadpool meme

One of the scariest villains to ever grace the pages of comic books and movie screens is Thanos. He is absolutely terrifying and certainly not someone that anyone, including superheroes, wants to mess with. The entire premise of Avengers: Infinity War is about stopping him from getting all the Infinit Stones because that will give him the power to bend reality to his will. Think about how much scarier that would make him! The Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy team up to stop him from doing that.

In the comics, though, there is one person who has no problem taking on Thanos, and even goes so far as to troll him. And that's Deadpool, who fears nothing and no one. Everyone is a target.

12 Freshman year vs. senior year

Deadpool meme

High school is one of those experiences that almost everyone has gone through. It's rarely anything like it is on TV or in the movies. For most, it's a terrible thing, only marked by the mental and physical growth that students go through that turn them into young adults. This meme makes so much sense because it is so relatable.

Most people start high school as normal kids with a lot of anxieties that make them afraid of the world, but by the time they go through the gauntlet race that is modern-day high school, they become something else. They go from calm, cool and goofy Ryan Reynolds to butt-kicking, cursing and mostly angry Deadpool. Everyone has been there. High school is not easy and it changes a person.

11 Stormpool


The thing about Deadpool is that he can turn up anywhere. He's sort of like the Spanish Inquisition: no one expects him. But that's where he will always be: where he is least expected.

This meme shows Deadpool hiding inside a Stormtrooper suit and will probably make Star Wars fans wonder about how a Star Wars universe with Deadpool would affect their beloved franchise. Deadpool could probably take on the Empire single-handedly.

This photo suggests a plot for the non-existent Deadpool and Star Wars movie that would probably end the franchise with one single action scene where Deadpool disguises himself as a Stormtrooper to get on the Death Star, kick Darth Vader's butt, and take out the Emperor. There it is, Star Wars franchise over.

10 Deadpool vs. Spider-Man

Deadpool meme

In the comic books, Spider-Man and Deadpool have a love-hate relationship. They always work well together, but generally don't approve of the way the other's moral compass - or lack thereof. Basically, it's Spider-Man judging Deadpool for being morally ambiguous. Building on their complex friendship, Deadpool frequently flirts with Spider-Man throughout their collaborations.

Both Spider-Man and Deadpool (otherwise known as Andrew Garfield and Ryan Reynolds) were at the Golden Globes in 2017. Poor Deadpool didn't win an award, but when the actual winner, Ryan Gosling, took the stage, Deadpool reacted in the only way he knew how: he landed a big kiss on Spider-Man for the world to see, stealing the scene from Gosling. Deadpool and Spider-Man fans rejoiced!

9 Deadpool is the meme

Deadpool meme

Deadpool is funny, sarcastic and doesn't seem to care about any rules handed down to him. He constantly breaks the fourth wall to talk to his audience just before involving himself in some fight that will result in as much blood and gore as he can fling into the air. That's the beauty of the character. That's why most of these memes, even the funniest ones, are kind of useless.

Deadpool isn't just the subject of memes. He is the meme.

He is a walking meme who always makes the best comment on what is currently going on around him. In the end, let's just remember that the best meme is just Deadpool being himself. Any joke a fan can think of making about Deadpool, the Merc with a Mouth already made himself - probably multiple times.

8 It's a trap

Deadpool trapped meme

Now that we have established that Deadpool is the ultimate meme, we offer up this meme as a perfect example of that. Here is Deadpool looking up at text that appears above his head in the meme. The text mentions that once it's there, that's a good sign that someone is in a meme. But Deadpool, being Deadpool, actually recognizes that he is in a meme and has something to say about it.

In typical Deadpool fashion, he breaks the fourth wall to talk to the people who created the meme, as well as those who look at it. His response is the very nature of his character: "Can't you nerds give me a break?" This makes more sense than it should.

7 To be or not to be

Deadpool Hamlet meme

Fan artists often captures the essence of characters just as well as the original artists. This particular piece of fan art shows that the creator gets Deadpool.

Deadpool will take any serious situation and make light of it (again, all part of being the ultimate meme). In this particular instance, Deadpool has just met up with Ghost Rider. Most people who find themselves intimidated by a guy who has a flaming skull for a head, but Deadpool isn't like most people. Instead, he yanks off the flaming head, holds it high in the air and starts quoting lines from Hamlet.

This makes sense because Deadpool reacts to the comics world in a way that makes us realize how ridiculous it can be.

6 Pray for Wade Wilson

Pray for Wade Wilson

Facebook is full of photos and stories of people who have been through extraordinary circumstances. Most of those are images of people with their stories carefully typed up on that image asking for prayers for someone who doesn't get enough attention. Someone, though, was as bad as Deadpool (or perhaps it was Deadpool himself) and created a meme for Deadpool's alter ego, Wade Wilson, with a fake story about how he got burned in a bus accident while saving everyone on that bus.

People not familiar with Deadpool's story actually responded, though, with "Amen" and prayers. Itt's hilarious because these folks are so out of tune with pop culture that they're praying for Wade Wilson, who, as Deadpool, is actually pretty despicable. Deadpool would certainly approve.

5 Stan Lee cameo

Deadpool Stan Lee

Every Marvel movie has that one thing that fans always look for with anticipation. No, it's not the additional scenes at the end of the movie after the credits - although every Marvel fan will sit through the credits for that. It's the cameo by Stan Lee, where Lee comes in and plays a random character who interacts with superheroes for a few minutes before disappearing off-screen.

What Marvel fans really want to see is Lee in a Deadpool movie. Because Deadpool is so off the wall (and in tune with the audience actually watching him in a movie) if Lee popped up in his movie, Deadpool would call him out as being Stan Lee. He would probably point it out to the audience too.

4 Superhero landing

Another reason that people love Deadpool is that he says everything that's on his mind. Deadpool has no filters and will comment on something, whether he should or not.

Anyone who watches a lot of superhero movies know that there is a trope that means that almost every superhero who flies or jumps in the air must land a certain way. No one really mentions it because it's just always the way things are done. Deadpool, though, realizes that this is a trope that is way overdone, so when he watches a movie (perhaps one with the Avengers in it), he will comment on that landing and point it out in typical Deadpool fashion. Because Deadpool just really makes a lot of sense.

3 Deadpool vs. Batman

Deadpool vs. Batman

It's two different universes, but many comic book fans would love to see a world where Deadpool and Batman meet. They're both kind of dark and moody, but in entirely different ways. Deadpool would totally make fun of Batman, his suit and his pointy little ears. Deadpool would challenge Batman in ways that Batman has never been challenged. It probably won't ever happen, but comic book fans can dream.

This meme pretty much describes a conversation that might take place during that meeting. Batman would totally ask Deadpool if he bleeds. Deadpool, being who he is, would answer in a sarcastic fashion and point out that not only does he bleed, but that's why his suit is red. It's funny, but it also makes a lot of sense.

2 Deadpool, The Last Avenger

Deadpool and The Avengers

Now that Disney owns Fox, Deadpool is technically a Disney product. Deadpool is also Marvel, so a team-up with Deadpool and the Avengers is not such a far-fetched idea. Well, it's not far-fetched save for the idea that Deadpool really doesn't fit into the world of squeaky clean Avengers.  Captain America would constantly yell at him about his language and Deadpool would probably spend a lot of time deliberately trying to get under Tony Stark's skin.

The Avengers are their own thing and this meme understands that. It also understands that even if Deadpool were in The Avengers, he wouldn't do much of anything: he would tell them that whatever they were fighting was their problem and that they alone should deal with it. Not his monkeys, not his circus.

1 Stepbrothers

In the world of the X-Men, Deadpool and Wolverine know each other pretty well. Wade Wilson has turned up in Wolverine movies, after all. in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Deadpool gets sent to go after Wolverine. That resulted in a pretty bad ending for Deadpool - or so everyone thought. Then Deadpool came back. Now, fans really want to see more Deadpool and Wolverine, but one fan, in particular, thought they should return in a comedy.

That fan created this hilarious poster for a satirical version of the movie Step Brothers. Fans probably want this to become a real thing (spoiler: it probably won't). But it's funny and it makes sense, because Wolverine and Deadpool together are highly entertaining. Someone put Deadpool in an X-Men movie already, please?


Do you have any other super sensical Deadpool memes to share? Let us know in the comments!

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