Deadpool Co-creator Doubts He’d Be Introduced To MCU In Spider-Man Movie

Deadpool co-creator Rob Liefeld thinks it’s unlikely that the Merc with a Mouth will be introduced to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in a Spider-Man movie. Since Disney officially acquired 20th Century Fox a couple of months ago, Marvel fans have been wondering whether Deadpool would join the MCU and—if so—exactly how a character like Deadpool would be integrated. Given that Deadpool's R-rated tone is at odds with the wholesome, PG-13 tone of the MCU it seemed unlikely that Deadpool movie could be included in the MCU without compromising the tone of either property.

Nevertheless, that reality hasn’t stopped the rumor mill from grinding away. Last week, MCU Cosmic—a source that’s proved unreliable in the past—reported that Marvel was exploring different options for introducing Deadpool into the MCU. According to that rumor, three main options were on the table as to how Deadpool could be integrated: via a new solo film like Deadpool 3, in a Disney+ limited series or as a guest star in Spider-Man 3. Naturally, the final option that would see Deadpool and Spider-Man team up became the subject of much discussion.

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However, Deadpool co-creator Rob Liefeld took to Twitter to dismiss the rumor that Deadpool would appear in Spider-Man 3 as exactly that—a rumor. Pointing out that Sony still owns the movie rights to Spider-Man (alongside hundreds of other Marvel characters), Liefeld’s incredulous tweet quite rightfully questioned why on earth Disney would let a rival company like Sony make money from one of their characters. He cheekily added, “Did Disney buy Sony and I didn’t hear about it yet?”

Considering Disney’s recent buying spree and the fact the corporation seemingly has its sights set on total box office domination, Liefeld’s last statement might not be completely beyond the realms of possibility. For the time being, however, as long as the two characters remain owned by separate companies a Deadpool and Spider-Man meet-up is unlikely.

Twitter user Roger Wardell also recently posted some intel that further confirms the unlikelihood of Deadpool popping up in Spider-Man 3. Wardell, who previously reported a number of accurate reveals regarding Avengers: Endgame, stated there were no plans to feature Deadpool in Spider-Man 3 but that Sony was pretty intent on featuring Tom Hardy’s Venom. Wardell also pointed out that bar his appearance in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Deadpool has largely remained separate from the X-Men movies and suggested the same would happen with the MCU.

So, while Venom might feature in Spider-Man 3 it seems highly unlikely that Deadpool will.

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Source: Rob Liefeld/Twitter

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