Deadpool 'Needs To Stay R-Rated' Even In The MCU

Stefan Kapicic opened up about the future of the Deadpool franchise if it eventually boards the MCU under Marvel Studios and Disney. Having played the role of the goody-two-shoes mutant Colossus in the Ryan Reynolds-led film series, the actor is expected to return to reprise his role in future sequels centering on the Merc with a Mouth, as well as the planned spinoff films including Drew Goddard's upcoming X-Force movie. However, the possibility that these plans could be derailed due to the in-process Disney and Fox merger is a major cause of concern for fans, especially given that Deadpool doesn't necessarily fit the family-friendly brand that the House of Mouse is known for.

Deadpool 2 doubled down on the raunchiness of the first Deadpool movie - an indication that Reynolds and his team are going to continue taking advantage of the film's R rating. So what happens when Reynolds and his team find themselves under new management, one that might not allow the downright dirty brand of humor he's been known for? No one knows at this point, but Kapicic is confident that Disney and Marvel Studios wouldn't drastically change the tone of the budding franchise considering how successful it is.

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Appearing at a press event over the weekend attended by ScreenGeek, Kapicic opened up about the possibility of the whole Fox Marvel franchise, including Deadpool, being a part of the MCU due to the looming Disney sale and what it could possibly mean for the Reynolds-led film series. While the actor didn't speak definitively, he's very optimistic that the Deadpool franchise and its future spinoffs will remain R-rated, although there's no set precedence as such in the MCU.

“We’ll see. You know those are the are the questions we cannot answer because we don’t know what is going to happen. But you know, Deadpool is such a successful franchise, so whoever takes over, I don’t think they’re going to change anything – and I don’t it that to be changed because you know Deadpool is Deadpool. It needs to stay R-Rated. You don’t want to destroy something that created so much money and first of all, you need to satisfy fans. So if they make that mistake, they’re going to (Colossus voice) need to fight dirty.”

Kapicic continued to exude confidence that Deadpool will maintain its raw and raunchy tone even if it officially joins the MCU, seemingly teasing that he and his co-stars have a hint of what's ahead for the successful Fox franchise if the Disney and Fox deal gets finalized. “Well, we have [an] extremely successful franchise, so there [are] rumors of X-Force and Deadpool 3. We will see what’s going to happen. Just wait. But we’re not allowed to say.”

The actor's comments are not without merit. Disney CEO Bob Iger previously quelled fans' concerns over the possibility of Deadpool being watered down once it's under the House of Mouse by expressing the company's desire to continue what has been established under Fox with regard to the franchise. How exactly they're planning to do that is still a mystery, especially with Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige not talking about their plans past Avengers 4 yet. Then again, if anything, Kapicic's point about drastically changing something that is perfectly working should be enough reason to believe that however it pans out, Marvel Studios and Disney are too practical to risk the possibility of ruining a potential moneymaker for them like the Deadpool franchise.

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Source: ScreenGeek

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