Deadpool Movie Hilariously Live-Tweeting Super Bowl LII

The Merc With A Mouth may not be getting a Super Bowl trailer for his upcoming sequel, but that isn't stopping Deadpool from having his say. While Super Bowl LII played out, Deadpool added his own color commentary (or should that be off-color commentary?) on the game via social media.

First introduced into the world of comics in The New Mutants #98, Deadpool was quickly developed from a half-hearted rip-off of DC Comics' Deathstroke into a comedic parody of over-the-top action heroes. His 2016 film - a long-planned passion project of actor Ryan Reynolds - defied the Hollywood wisdom that R-rated superhero movies couldn't be successful, becoming the highest-grossing R-rated film of all time behind The Passion Of The Christ. The upcoming sequel, which still hasn't been officially titled, is one of the most highly anticipated films (superhero or otherwise) of 2018.

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Deadpool's musings were delivered via the official Twitter account for the Deadpool movie in his own inimitable fashion. Unsurprisingly, Wade Wilson's thoughts quickly strayed from the game itself, turning to why he loves the color pink so much, some interesting facts regarding the mating habits of eagles and the weather in Minnesota during the winter. This last subject is something the Canadian Deadpool is something of an expert on, being a former member of The Great Lakes Avengers.

While this comedic commentary may not be quite the treat that Deadpool fans had hoped for this Super Bowl season, it's still a credit to the creativity and awareness of the film's media team to try and capitalize on the increasing prevalence of celebrities live-tweeting major events. A Super Bowl ad is a Super Bowl ad, but tweets are far cheaper than air time on Super Bowl Sunday and last for far longer.  They also have the benefit of being far more easily shared by eager fans on social media.

Thankfully, Deadpool fans will not have to wait that much longer for a glimpse of the long-awaited sequel. It has been confirmed that a full theatrical trailer for Deadpool 2 will be among those trailers previewed at the start of the highly anticipated Marvel Comics film Black Panther. That leaves die-hard Deadpool fans with a little under two weeks to wait, barring some sort of last minute surprise at the end of the evening's promotional blitz online. Stranger things have happened and strange things are frequently common when Deadpool is involved.

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