Deadpool Finally Kills Cable... Technically Speaking

Deadpool Kills Cable Despicable Deadpool 290

It's finally happened... Deadpool has killed Cable in the Marvel Comics universe! Long-time fans of these characters will know that this is an event that has been hinted at since the two first met, all the way back in Marvel Comic's New Mutants #98, when Deadpool had been hired by Tolliver to kill Cable. It was a hit that never actually came to pass, and one that introduced two characters who would go on to share in all kinds of adventures. Since then, Cable and Deadpool have become one of Marvel's most popular bromances, and even shared their own title as a team-up.

Now, however, Deadpool has done the unthinkable and killed his friend in the latest issue of Despicable Deadpool, #290. The Marvel Legacy title started a new storyline with issue #287, with the revelation that Deadpool now owes Stryfe (an evil future-clone of Cable himself) a life-debt in return for helping him out last Christmas. Deadpool had agreed to kill four people for Stryfe (which is hardly a big deal for the merc), but was taken aback when the first name given was that of Cable himself! Marvel's Despicable Deadpool picks up as Deadpool is attempting to fulfill his contract, and this week, we learn that Cable has an interesting plan for staying alive...

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Despicable Deadpool #290 begins as Cable and Deadpool have decided to team up to try and take on Stryfe, and as Cable decides to turn to a future version of himself for a little help. Old Man Cable is dying, and has chosen to set up shop at the end of the universe (in a very Douglas Adams way) and wait for the end. Present-Cable and Deadpool realise that as long as Stryfe gets a heart from a Cable within that universe, the contract will be satisfied; and by taking it from Old Man Cable at the very end of his life, the timeline will remain un-damaged. So the two head off to the end of the universe, Deadpool shoots Old Man Cable in the face, cuts out his heart, and stuffs it in a pillowcase to bring to Stryfe.

Deadpool cuts out Cable's heart

It's a fitting end for Cable, even though he claims to hate that his final end is at the hands of Deadpool himself. However, there is something very neat about the whole thing; not only does Deadpool finally manage to complete a hit on the time-traveler, but he does it in the most time-travelling team-up way possible. Killing a future-self with the help of a present-self in order to appease a clone-self is just so perfectly Cable, and Deadpool's decision to help his friend in the end is a perfect summation of their relationship.

Of course, this doesn't mean that there are going to be no further issues between Cable and Stryfe. As Cable says at the end of the issue, if Stryfe is after his heart, that means that he is probably looking to start creating more clones... which is never a good thing! There's no telling how he'll react to the realization that Deadpool is dropping off a heart from the future, either, although it's certainly a technical win for the Merc With A Mouth.

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The story continues next week in Marvel's The Despicable Deadpool #291.

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