Marvel's Universe Finally Takes Revenge on Deadpool

Between Deadpool’s Killogy and his latest successful attempt to wipe out the Marvel Universe, the MU’s champions are ready for some serious payback, especially after the aptly titled Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe Again. Over the last few months, the Merc with a Mouth has descended more than a few rungs down the hero ladder. Not only did he pick the wrong side in Secret Empire (not entirely his fault), but he also alienated just about every ally he ever had.

As such, it’s no surprise Wade Wilson's so-called friends are a little bit peeved at him. Embracing his morally gray status may have liberated him from the pressures of anti-heroism, but it put Wade in just about everyone's crosshairs, from Spider-Man to Agent Emily Preston (whom he had to reluctantly dispatch), while alienating him from his daughter, Ellie – the very person he sought to protect. And now, his head is on Marvel's chopping block.

News of the latest Deadpool Kills (or more so, "Kills Deadpool") tale arrives via Bleeding Cool. Marvel's revenge kicks off in April of 2018, in The Despicable Deadpool #297. The (at least) three issue arc features current writer Gerry Conway and artwork from Mike Hawthorne and presumably runs through Wade’s 300th-anniversary issue. Accordingly, the synopsis is short and not-so-sweet:

“Deadpool has killed the Marvel Universe – more than once – now it’s time for the MU to return the favor.”

Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe Once Again

Over the past few years, Wade has evolved beyond his villain with a gilded heart status. Between joining the Secret Avengers, his odd coupling with a side of hero emulation in Spider-Man/Deadpool, enjoying a bizarre relationship with ex-wife/queen of the damned Shiklah, and looking after his daughter, Ellie, he truly began to exhibit noble elements. Sadly, this too would soon pass during Secret Empire. Wade unwittingly sided with the fascistic Captain America due to his idolization of Steve Rogers. As a result, he killed one of the few men capable of blowing the whistle on Rogers’ duplicitous actions, Agent Phil Coulson, and fell into a guilt spiral. But his motives weren’t all bad.

Throughout everything, he remained “loyal” to HydraCap to keep his daughter, a mutant, out of Hydra's clutches. When Rogers charged him with ferreting out his friends in the Resistance, he never snared more than a two-bit villain, despite his impressive tracking skills. Deadpool had to pay the piper eventually for all his faux-evildoing. Before Secret Empire rose and fell, his daughter and her foster family, the Prestons, fell ill. Unable to locate Cable, he called in a favor from the time-hopping mutant's warped, spiny clone, Stryfe. Naturally, the antagonist's services came at a price and his first installment was the heart of Cable.

Oddly enough, things usually work out in the end for Wade. With the entire Marvel Universe howling for his blood, though, things might not go his way. Could all this animosity involve the many clones of Deadpool, or "Clonepool," teased in Spider-Man/Deadpool's future, or is this an unrelated act of anti-Wade sentiment? No matter what, he'll need the preternatural luck of fellow mutant Domino to get out of this one. Unfortunately, she’s part of that same cranky hero-set.

Will Wade survive? We’ll have to find out when Despicable Deadpool #297 arrives in the build-up to his wall-breaking anniversary issue.

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Despicable Deadpool #290 is currently available. Despicable Deadpool #297 arrives in April of 2018.

Source: Bleeding Cool

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