Deadpool Survived Thanos' Infinity War Snap, Kevin Feige (Jokingly) Confirms

Deadpool was not a victim of Thanos' Avengers: Infinity War snap because he isn't in the MCU (yet). Marvel Studios has built a movie empire on the backs of Marvel characters with varying degrees of success. They've capitalized on the big names and turned lesser known properties, like the Guardians of the Galaxy, into stars over the last 10 years. Everything built towards the biggest crossover yet in Infinity War, when nearly every one of their movie franchises came together to try and stop Thanos. They were unsuccessful in doing so and it left the MCU with a depleted Avengers roster.

Thanos' snap wiped out half of the universe's population and will be an act the heroes likely will look to reverse in Avengers 4. Some newer faces will join the cause, but many fans are still wondering what the chances are that some of Marvel's other characters could pop up.

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Disney is in the final stages of acquiring 20th Century Fox, a move that will bring the X-Men and Fantastic Four under Marvel Studios' guidance. They've so far operated as separate entities and different universes, but that didn't stop Variety from asking Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige if Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool was able to survive Thanos' snap. For anyone worried about Deadpool, he is technically safe. Feige's answer shouldn't surprise anyone: none of Fox's characters were affected by Thanos' snap because they aren't part of the MCU.

"That's a good question. Nobody's asked me that question. I mean, technically speaking, he was not in the MCU. He was not in that cinematic universe, so he was not affected, probably."

Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool

If we want to have our own fun with the possibility, Marvel's comics are part of a multi-verse with hundreds of different Earths and realities. Some fans have wondered if Marvel Studios could pick and choose which elements of Fox's X-Men to keep by establishing it as a different reality and have Deadpool (and probably no one else) travel to the MCU reality. If that is what happens, does this mean Thanos' snap only had an effect on the current universe he was in and not every alternate one?

Of course, it is also fun to think about what would happen to Deadpool if he was chosen to be a victim of the snap. None of the heroes in Infinity War who died have regenerative healing abilities (except for maybe Groot, but how new versions of him grow hasn't really been explained), but Deadpool does. If Thanos had snapped him out of existence, would his dust particles just allow for a new Deadpool to form or grow? It is an interesting hypothetical to play with, and yet one that will likely never actually get the chance to be explained - unless its part of a future Deadpool joke. Either way, Thanos' snap in Avengers: Infinity War claimed a lot of lives, but not that of Deadpool.

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Source: Variety

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