Deadpool Interrupts Hugh Jackman's Birthday Message

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Hugh Jackman just wants to record a heartfelt birthday message, but gets interrupted by a singing Deadpool in a hilarious Twitter video. The Merc with a Mouth returns this summer for Deadpool 2, the sequel to the 2016 blockbuster. This time around Deadpool is joined by his very own team The X-Force as he does battle with Cable, a heavily armed soldier from the future. The market for Deadpool's brand of comic book action and profane fourth-wall-breaking humor doesn't seem to have dissipated as the sequel is tracking to be an even bigger hit than the original.

Long before he became such a box office phenomenon, Deadpool was just a humble second-tier X-Men character making a weird appearance in a Wolverine stand-alone film. A lot has happened to both Deadpool and Wolverine since that largely forgotten movie, X-Men Origins: Wolverine. While Deadpool has gone on to become a pop culture sensation, Wolverine has gone on to die a self-sacrificing death in the movie Logan. Despite Wolverine's demise, many fans still hope that somewhere down the road, he and Deadpool will cross paths again. Of course, in the comics they've enjoyed many a fight and many a team-up, often with truly gruesome results.

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It may not be exactly what fans had in mind, but Deadpool and Wolverine just enjoyed a reunion...sort of. In a video posted to Twitter, Wolverine actor Hugh Jackman meets up again with Deadpool aka Ryan Reynolds, though their showdown is not exactly action packed. See the clip below.

When you’re trying to record a heartfelt birthday message .... but are interrupted by the least greatest showman. @VancityReynolds

— Hugh Jackman (@RealHughJackman) April 27, 2018

In the video, a bathrobe-clad Jackman just wants to record a birthday message when he's suddenly interrupted by someone singing the song "Tomorrow" from Annie. But it's not Annie singing, it's Deadpool. And for some reason he's lying in Jackman's bed. An annoyed Jackman tries continuing with his birthday message, but then Deadpool launches into "Who Let the Dogs Out?" and Jackman can't help but join in. The video comes on the heels of another Jackman and Reynolds bit at CinemaCon, where Jackman joined in on a musical number along with the Deadpool actor.

Jackman clearly enjoys hanging out with Ryan Reynolds/Deadpool, but is it all just for laughs or is something bigger afoot? Many will naturally speculate that Jackman's involvement in Deadpool promotion points to some kind of Wolverine-Deadpool pairing down the road. Of course, Jackman insists he has hung up Wolverine's claws for good after enjoying arguably the perfect send-off in Logan. Timeline-wise, there's no reason Wolverine couldn't come back for a Deadpool cameo (Logan takes place many years after the events in the Deadpool movies), but would Jackman really bring back the character just to mess around with Deadpool?

Though Jackman says he has left the character behind, there could be mounting pressure for his Wolverine to make at least one more return. The upcoming spinoff X-Force movie, set to feature Deadpool alongside Cable with Zazie Beetz's Domino also confirmed, might be a natural place for a Wolverine appearance. In a dream scenario for many, Wolverine could also conceivably show up in Avengers 4 after the Disney-Fox merger goes through. The Russo Brothers in fact have said they wished they could have included Wolverine in Avengers: Infinity War. It seems everyone wants Hugh Jackman to bring back his most famous character, and that may make it tough for Jackman to follow through on his promise to walk away.

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