20 Secrets Only True Fans Know About Deadpool And Domino's Relationship

Deadpool sliced and diced his way to unseating Avengers: Infinity War from its box office throne over the weekend, scoring $300 million+ internationally.

The hefty haul for the second offering in the DP franchise has caused everyone to wear some kind of Deadpool merch, transforming the “Merc with a Mouth” to the “Merc with the Money.”

Like any Marvel offering, an iconic protagonist is the perfect red-and-black springboard to launch other superheroes with hopes of franchise aspirations. Case in point: Domino, the mercenary mutant mistress of mischief.

As well as being the only legit member of X-Force in the movie (minor spoiler alert), Domino has been a mainstay in Deadpool’s universe since 1991.

They share a love/hate relationship with each other and have overcome numerous conflicts to be reliable allies in the field of battle. Their camaraderie is expected to continue in future movie sequels and spin-offs (an X-Force movie fronted by Drew Goddard has been announced), and has strengthened in Domino’s solo comic launched by Marvel this year.

As Deadpool says in Despicable Deadpool #287, the character is for you “if you enjoy violence, crude humor, breaking the fourth wall, and the total disregard for continuity or shame.”

Without further ado, here are the 20 Secrets Only True Fans Know About Deadpool And Domino's Relationship.

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20 Reynolds has Beetz's back IRL

Last March, Ryan Reynolds tweeted a picture of Zazie Beetz, announcing her casting as Domino in Deadpool 2.

The photo showed Beetz’s head cropped and positioned over her comic book counterpart's -- a cheap Photoshop job that Reynold's likely edited himself. Unfortunately, the image was met divisively by fans-- some applauded the casting decision, while others criticized changing the character's appearance and race.

Beetz discussed the casting reaction on Sway in the Morning: "They were reading with all kinds of women. I wasn't the only one who was black that they were talking to, and it also was never really a conversation or an issue."

She continued: "For them it was kind of a no-issue sort of thing and I kind of went into it honestly a little bit concerned because I was like, 'I don't wanna get s**t from people or backlash. But Ryan [Reynolds]— literally he was like 'I cannot wait for someone to ask me about that.'"

"So he was kind of all for it from the beginning and had my back and so that really made me feel comfortable about that," said Beetz.

Along with supporting the casting, several photos taken on-set captured Reynolds cracking Beetz up, showing that the connection translates both on-and-off the screen.

Since Deadpool 2's release, Beetz has received nothing but acclaim for her performance, prompting fans to demand she receive her own solo flick.

Beetz recently inked a three-picture deal with Fox, so a separate Domino mission doesn't seem that farfetched.

19 Domino Held A Grudge Against Deadpool For Years

"Everyone wants to shoot you within a minute or so of meeting you," Domino told Deadpool in Mercs for Money II #6.

If you knowingly allowed someone to be held in the basement of a guy from the future with daddy issues, that captive would probably have every right to be mad at you.

After being kidnapped by Tolliver (Cable’s son) for months, Domino is sprung by Cable, and blasts Deadpool with Copycat’s gun when he’s about to claim the life her lover in X-Force #15. Deadpool knew about the entire abduction, and did nothing to stop it, something Domino wrestles with for years after their initial encounter.

This is how Deadpool and Domino originally met-- despite harmless banter where Domino threatens Deadpool's livelihood if he's being obnoxious, there have been times where they've actively hunted one another.

When Domino fetched Deadpool to join the X-Men in Deadpool #16, Wilson is convinced she’s there to destroy him, using her friendship to take him out to pasture.

While trying to claim the life of the father of a mutant who wants his daughter back from the Xavier compound, Domino crushes Deadpool with a stagelight in Deadpool #17.

The roles have been reversed: Deadpool joins a revived Thunderbolts team when Domino unveils the identity of Red Hulk during Hulk #14. Their target is to eliminate Domino before she spills the beans on her discovery.

However, besides her harbored resentment, Domino usually saves Deadpool.

18 Deadpool Has A Crush On Domino

Marvel usually teases Deadpool’s Domino crush to sell issues of their comic.

On the front of a plethora of Deadpool issues, Domino is usually in suggestive positions, which indicates that this might be the storyline where the two mercenaries get together. However, it never happens.

Despite their platonic relationship, Deadpool still tries to pull some moves on his co-worker.

Part of Deadpool’s personality is being a sleaze-bag intent on sleeping with every woman within his general vicinity. Domino uses his character flaw to her advantage, alluring him in Deadpool #17 and plopping a roofie in his drink later in the hotel.

She leaves him bound and gagged for the X-Men, who want to stop Deadpool from being a loose canon and causing more damage than good.

In Mercs for Money II #6, Deadpool is alone in a basement playing with an assortment of action figures. He has figurines of himself and Domino getting romantic, miming how much they love each other.

“Ever since Wolverine kicked the bucket and Colossus ran off to hell, I can’t stop thinking about you,” he says.

Eventually, he’s caught in the act being weird with the figures by Domino herself and doesn’t try to hide the fact that he has an entire crate brimming with action figures bearing her likeness.

17 They've Both Been In Love With Wolverine

During X-Force: Sex And Violence, Domino and Wolverine are a couple-- she purchases Wolverine a car for his birthday with a stolen $37 million that was supposed to go to charity.

Just like he mimed loving Domino with the action figures in Mercs for Money #6, Deadpool did the same with a Logan toy, confessing that he was infatuated with Wolverine.

In Despicable Deadpool #289, Deadpool imagines Rogue feeding him grapes on an island, and confesses “I always love when you X-Men call me ‘bub’” in reference to Wolverine’s favorite nickname.

In the movie series, Deadpool is infatuated with Wolverine -- in particular Australian hunk Hugh Jackman. Ryan Reynolds usually makes one-liners and passes at the Wolverine star's expense.

During the first movie, Deadpool wears a Jackman mask under his own and claims that he only got his solo movie by feeling up “pulverine.”

During a recent promo for the Deadpool 2, Hugh Jackman actually shows up in bed with Deadpool, singing a duet. Recent tweets between the two stars saw Ryan Reynolds wanting to caress Wolverine’s “soft, sweet fur” and Hugh Jackman telling Reynolds to “back it up a little, play a little hard to get.”

16 Deadpool Usually Follows Domino's Lead

Deadpool is often heralded as the best mercenary in any comic book universe. Unfortunately, he's not a very good leader, as he often allows the damaged and deranged monologue in his head to dictate his decisions.

Usually, this works out for the best, but involved parties are rarely put on notice when it comes to any semblance of a plan.

If Domino is in the illustrated panel, Deadpool has a proclivity of following her guidance, since "Lady Luck" often prevails.

In Deadpool: Bad Blood, Domino fronts Team Weapon X, concocting an elaborate con that includes taking out a dangerous substance cartel and making it so graphic that a senate hearing would be initiated, during which a group of senators who stood in the way of anti-mutant legislation would be assassinated.

"I don’t miss things Wade. That’s kind of my entire deal," Domino says in the run.

After Deadpool proves himself a reckless leader, the original Mercs for Money disband and a new group fronted by Domino is created.

Their plight is to help Deadpool right his wrong with the Umbral Dynamics (Mercs for Money II #4).

Deadpool tries to wrestle the power back by throwing an assortment of power moves at her, including having the team wear different colored Deadpool costumes, much to Domino’s chagrin. However, they inevitably rid themselves of the silly attire and Domino continues her command.

15 They Were Introduced In The Same Issues (Sort Of)

Two things stand-out with '90s comics. First, many comic book characters usually just appeared in storylines and were later given hefty backstories if fans responded positively to their introduction. Secondly, following the success of Terminator 2: Judgement Day, pop culture was obsessed with time travel.

Rob Liefeld came on board to New Mutants from #86-#100, combining both popular devices of the decade into his Marvel run.

Liefeld breathed new life into the comic, bringing Cable to New Mutants #87 from the future to lead the team. The run boasted brutal action coupled with grittier stories, morphing the group into a militaristic unit patrolling darker terrain.

Deadpool and Domino soon followed in New Mutants #98 -- two issues before the series end.

Secretly, Domino was impersonated by a mutant named Copycat, who was hired by Tolliver, Cable’s son from the future sent back in time to destroy his dad.

Copycat was tasked by Tolliver to infiltrate X-Force, and when she fell off the grid, Deadpool was hired to wrangle her back to her boss. The real Domino doesn’t come into the fray until X-Force #8 and reveals the whole sham.

Neither Deadpool nor Domino are given backstories until later, but audiences accepted them and made them mainstays in the X-Force arc.

Because of the way Liefeld was writing New Mutants, X-Force was a seamless transition, and the first issue remains the second best-selling back issue of all time.

14 They Share A Love/Hate Relationship With Cable

Despite being the steadfast leader of X-Force, Cable motives are controversial. Because of Cable's ambiguous moral compass, both Deadpool and Domino have attempted to stop the mutant from the future.

Domino tries to assassinate her BFF/lover twice in Cable and Deadpool #29. As the ruler of Rumekistan, Cable leads the country with the support of the people, who quickly turn on Domino, claiming that “she is an outside agent sent to prevent the people of Rumekistan from determining their own fate.”

Deadpool tries destroying Cable in Deadpool v. X-Force, which serves as a prequel to his first ever appearance in New Mutants #98, where he is hired to take him down again under Tolliver's direction.

In Despicable Deadpool #287, Deadpool is hired by Stryfe after racking up a major life debt, and uses Cable's arm as a weapon. After being overcome with bloodlust and cornering Cable, the future son of Cyclops turns the tables, retrieves his arm, and shoots Deadpool in the face numerous times.

During the Deadpool Kills Cable arc, Wade is given a cure for a bioweapon that infected his family by Stryfe, with the only fix coming from the future. In order to repay his debt, Deadpool destroys an old man version of Cable millions of years into the future to satisfy his contract obligation to Cable’s evil clone.

Their relationship with Cable isn’t always negative: Cable described his relationship with Deadpool best in Cable and Deadpool #35: “for two people who say they don’t need each other, both of us keep doing a lot of stupid things to try and stay together.”

Domino has an on-and-off again love affair with Cable. In Cable and Deadpool #28, Domino regards Cable as a “friend, enemy, teammate, leader, lover.”

13 Their Relationship Is Platonic

Domino Fights Copycat in Cable Issue 37

In a comic book universe where everyone basically sleeps with everyone, it’s refreshing to see a fictional relationship between two members of the opposite genders that’s not romantic in nature.

In over two decades of knowing each other, Deadpool and Domino’s relationship has been strictly platonic, relegating their feelings to the limited parameters of the friend zone. Instead, they put faith in each other to come in clutch during jobs and reveal their deep insecurities.

That’s not to say that Deadpool doesn’t lust over Domino, however.

While trying to infiltrate a marriage convention, Deadpool and Domino end up getting married. They divorce soon after, and Deadpool is upset because they never consummate the marriage.

Also, because there's no romance complicating their relationship, Deadpool finds it easy to confide in his on-and-off again teammate, approaching her about his team rebelling in Mercs for Money II #1.

In addition, Deadpool likely doesn’t want sloppy seconds: Domino has been with both Cable and Wolverine, who are both close allies to Wade Wilson.

The only time they shared a romance was during Deadpool Max #6, when Dr. Inez (or Outlaw) painted her face and tried to convince Wade that she was Domino. They later get engaged, but chaos ensues when she reveals her true identity.

12 They Are Employed In The Same Profession

In a fictional world where simply slipping on a pair of tight spandex doesn’t pay the bills, working as a mercenary is a popular profession. While it is a morally ambiguous position that creates eternal strife for some, it is a reliable cash flow for others.

After forsaking the Church of the Sacred Heart, Domino became a freelance mercenary, later transitioning to field leader of Cable’s X-Force.

Like Deadpool, she is an expert in using firearms and explosive. Because of her probability factor, she’s an accurate shot, and nearly impossible to destroy beneath her protective shroud of “Lady Luck.”

Deadpool has his healing factor, which makes it impossible to destroy him -- even by beheading, dismemberment, or explosion.

Both are armed with an arsenal of weapons that are holstered across various parts of their body armor. They consistently rank in the upper echelons of mercenaries in Marvel comics, but Deadpool has the definite edge-- he's bulletproof, while Domino is not.

The mercenary life grinds on them from a moral perspective. During a candid conversation with each other at a diner in Mercs for Money II #1, Deadpool relates how difficult their profession is:=.

“Mercenary life is tough. You build a team, try to make a little cash together, try to build some brand equity, but no matter what you do, no matter how cool you are… nobody likes the boss,” he says.

11 They Belong To A Lot Of The Same Teams

X-Force Attacks Xavier Institute

A running joke is that Deadpool is not an X-Men, but proclaims himself as such whenever he gets the chance to annoy his comrades.

In numerous issues, he wears variations of the X-Men outfit, including those costumes that are more appropriate for females. Last we saw Deadpool trying to pull off the yellow-and-blue spandex, he was rocking an X-Men trainee crop-top in Deadpool 2.

Domino joins the X-Men after Wolverine and Cyclops split the team-- she sides with the latter, clashing with former lover Wolverine.

Since her official introduction in X-Force #8, Domino has been a mainstay in most iterations of the comic, including groups fronted by Cable and Wolverine.

Although not technically a member of X-Force, Deadpool made various appearances throughout the original run. He didn’t officially join the team until X-Force #4 (2004), helping a futuristic Domino dressed as Stryfe against Skornn.

He was also a member of the Uncanny X-Force and appeared with Domino as a throwback cartoon version of the team in X-Men ‘92.

In Deadpool 2, he started the movie version of the X-Force, which ended poorly for most of the participants.

Other shared groups include Team Weapon X and Six Pack.

During Wade Wilson’s War, Deadpool forms a merc team with Silver Sable, Bullseye, and Domino known as Team Weapon X, referring to their shadowy roots as experimental test subjects.

Domino also recruits Deadpool as the sixth member of Six Pack in Cable and Deadpool #33 after he betrays Cable and shoots him in the back of his noggin.

10 Both Are Honest With Each Other

Honesty is an important part of any friendship, and Marvel comics are no exception. Despite Deadpool keeping his plans close to his deformed chest, he often spills the beans to Domino, who possesses an uncanny sense when he's hiding something.

"I don’t lie to her. Not anymore. Not since the bad old days," Deadpool admits in Deadpool: Bad Blood.

While playing both sides between Stryfe and Cable during X-Force: Messiah War, he admits to Domino that the time-shield is Kiden Nixon -- a mutant Stryfe uses to stop time, amplified over an entire continent -- which prevents them from time-jumping or bodysliding.

He also warns her to leap home the moment Cable's daughter Hope is taken out, because Stryfe is implanted in his head and he doesn’t want Domino to be destroyed along with the rest of the mutants.

Later, she approaches him convinced by his somber demeanor that he isn't telling her the whole truth. Deadpool confesses that Stryfe was on his way to destroy the team in X-Force #14.

While eating at a diner, Deadpool relays his insecurities about leading a team in Mercs for Money II #1, and Domino admits that “I think that he was really trying” when opening up to her.

They eventually rebel against their unreliable frontman and Domino takes the reins, allowing Deadpool a trustworthy slot within the team.

9 Deadpool Has A Relationship With Copycat, Domino's Impersonator

Deadpool and Copycat

As the second most popular shapeshifter in Marvel behind Mystique, Copycat has the ability to restructure her original form and copy superheroes' powers -- one upping her X-Men counterpart.

Tolliver originally hired her to impersonate Domino for six months while she was kept in his basement. In X-Force #11 and in Deadpool’s third appearance, Wade reveals that Copycat has been impersonating Domino within X-Force.

While battling, he has an internal voice over about what a tease she is and how the body blows make him nostalgic. Deadpool warns her not to fall in love with Cable and that she is still part of Tolliver’s property.

Because Tolliver forced Copycat into the job, she decides to lay low following the identity debacle.

In Deadpool: The Circle Chase #4, Deadpool finds Copycat, and she sacrifices herself when Slayback stabs Deadpool. Deadpool uses his flesh for Copycat to absorb, healing the gaping wound in her body.

While she’s recovering, she admits that “I still care about you, but I’ve gone beyond what we had” when Deadpool professes that he still loves her.

Although they never married, both were engaged twice. In another storyline, Deadpool married her as a sock puppet after she passed away, taking her on many adventures.

Similar to the movie, where Vanessa appears sans her Copycat powers, Deadpool splits with his lover when he discovers that he has terminal cancer.

8 They Share Similar Origins

Domino was conceived in Project Armageddon -- a ominous titled laboratory that tried to make super soldiers.

She developed powers that affected probability itself, manipulating luck to her own benefit. After being sprung by her biological mother, she was adopted by a priest at the Church of the Sacred Heart. She fled the church and joined a group of mercenaries called Six Pack.

In the late 1970s, Wilson was a blue blooded solider with a life-time of claiming lives ahead of him. After being diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer, he was kidnapped by a subset of the Weapon X program known as the Justice Department Special Operations Center

Treated like a human guinea pig, the experiment was supposed to boost his system and amplify natural abilities. A fire allowed Wilson to escape, save a couple scientists, before an explosion cooked him.

In other tellings, the cancer rots his outside, making him look like a muscular Freddy Krueger.

Both share their failures as experiments. Deadpool was given his name when subjects created a betting pool to predict how long others would live. Domino earned her title from the tattoo on her eye, and other experiments falling one-by-one, like stacked dominoes.

7 They Have Strong Morals

As mercenaries, neither mind the act of taking lives, but violence doesn’t necessarily make them cold-blooded.

Despite a “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy when it comes to jobs, Deadpool and Domino are renowned for having a change of heart if the gig is nefarious in nature.

Overwhelmed by flashbacks of his adolescents, Deadpool rescues Thumper from Kane in Deadpool: Bad Blood, who was a childhood friend intent on mimicking everything Wade did.

During Mercs for Money II, Umbral Dynamics hires the team for a job hunting down innocent people with radioactive powers and handing them over to the shadowy corporation for oodles of mullah.

After delivering Negasonic Teenage Warhead and Radioactive Man to Umbral, Deadpool suffers a moral crisis and is convinced that he has performed misdeeds for the job.

Along with sheltering the mutant Adelbert in Domino #1, Domino saves her clone Lazarus in the miniseries Domino (2003) after her mom is obsessed with taking the life of the child. Domino also releases the Punisher after discovering his innocence and abandons the Assassin's Guild for trafficking women.

Whenever there’s a bounty on Cable, both have the habit of flip-flopping and allying themselves with their futuristic friend.

6 They Both Share A Fondness For Colossus

As well as an obsession with Wolverine, Deadpool and Domino both share a fondness for Colossus -- the round mound of muscular metal.

In Cable and X-Force #5, creators Dennis Hopeless and Salvador Larroca show us Colossus and Domino getting lucky. Clearly, Colossus is over Kitty Pride and only has eyes for the mercenary.

Their relationship comes to a head in Cable and X-Force #12, when the pair discuss their connection while breaking into a vibranium vault and battling off a horde of demon monkeys once inside. So, basically a Monday for the X-Force.

Domino is reluctant, but Colossus kisses her in an elevator, claiming "we will make it work."

Unfortunately, his confidence didn’t translate into the real world, and the relationship flames out. Domino explains that it best that “relationships between super heroes never work. You know it as well as I do.”

The love Deadpool has more Colossus is a little more crass in Deadpool 2. While Wade is rehabilitated at the Xavier Institute after trying to take his own life, Colossus finally talks him into becoming an X-Man. In response, Deadpool caresses and grabs his large, metal rump.

Later, Wade waits outside the mansion window in a scene mirroring Say Anything. A boom box app plays from his phone and he begs Colossus for forgiveness.

When Colossus shows up to rescue him during a final confrontation between Firefist and Juggernaut, Deadpool makes lewd copulation gestures with his hands.

His wife Vanessa even warns him not to shag Colossus -- an action we may see in the sequel with how palpable the tension between them is.

5 They Share An Irrational Fear Of Chickens

The Marvel comic universe is teeming with characters suffering from irrational fears: Nova is terrified of rabbits, Wasp hates long words, and Colossus doesn’t like outer space. Even the Fantastic Four are terrified of making a good movie adaptation.

Alektorophobia is defined as the fear of chickens (or other feathered creatures that can create eggs), and also sounds like a Harry Potter spell.

Alektorophobia is also something that both Deadpool and Domino both suffer from.

As told in Deadpool #16-17, both mercenaries bond over the shared debilitating phobia.

Deadpool first confesses to Domino that he's afraid of cows: “You ever had one stare you down? It’s chilling. And that’s all they do! Stare at you! Waiting.”

He then asks what Domino is afraid of, and she tells him about her phobia of chickens. After she tosses him out the window in a spat, Wolverine jokes “well at least we can eliminate farm” as a possible current location for Deadpool.

While maneuvering through a vent, Domino inexplicably runs into a chicken, who impedes her progress. Wolverine is forced to cut through the metal of the air duct, and both superheroes and the rooster come plunging out.

The reasoning for the unusual location of the chicken is never explained and it is never seen again, and neither is the mention of Alektorophobia in another issue of Marvel's comics.

4 Domino Doesn't Understand Breaking The Fourth Wall

Knocking down the barriers of the fourth wall makes Deadpool a unique, albeit unreliable narrator. His cartoony introductions are a staple of the character, as he often speaks directly to the audience to catch them up to speed.

He understands that he’s trapped inside the panels of a comic books, and usually cracks several jokes at his own ink-and-pencil expense.

A running joke is supporting characters -- whether it be a superhero allying themselves with Deadpool during a mission or a scientist operating on him during an origin flashback -- who are clueless to whoever he is talking to.

Domino especially doesn’t understand the fourth wall.

In Mercs for Money II #6, Deadpool claims that she “doesn’t know the value of branding” and that no ones “beating down the door to hire Domino and the Mercs for money.”

Deadpool speaks to the audience in Cable and Deadpool #34, while she criticizes him for calling her a “girl-toy” and questions their plan against a crazed Cable.

Despite her annoyance with Deadpool’s constant narration, Domino talks to herself on the job whenever she is nervous.

Deadpool describes utilizing the technique best in Deadpool #87: “none of this is actually happening. There’s a man at a typewriter. This is all his twisted imagination.”

3 They Share A Strong Friendship

"I could always count on Domino to watch my back. And she could always count on me to watch hers," Deadpool said in Deadpool: Wade Wilson’s War #1.

Even though they started as enemies, Deadpool and Domino have developed a friendship with each other through the years.

The duo attended various parties to support the other. Deadpool served as DJ at Domino's birthday party in Domino #1 (2018) and hired Dazzler for the evening performance. In addition, Domino witnessed Deadpool’s wedding to Shiklah, one of the 16 times that he was married.

After a brouhaha with Six Pack against Cable, both Domino and Cable rekindled their romance. While sparring, she tells Cable “don’t forget to check on Deadpool.” When Cable asked if she was worried about the Merc with the Mouth, she referenced their mutual pasts.

After Topaz attempts to take down Domino in Domino #2 (2018), Deadpool brings along a posse of super-friends and tells them “you made the dumb mistake of picking on someone we all happen to like.”

Everyone leaves her birthday party to give her space, but Deadpool refuses. While trying to profess his emotions, he uses her dog as a means to project his true feelings, claiming “anyone [who] messes with the dog has to go through me first.”

In Mercs For Money II #1, during a conversation about the strife he senses in his team, Deadpool is startled by Masacre and draws his gun on him.

Domino scolds him for pointing guns at his friends and says that it won’t earn him any brownie points. Deadpool retorts “all those years you and I pointed guns at each other... and I’ve always thought of you as one of my best pals.”

2 Deadpool Had A Relationship With One Of Domino's Best Pals Outlaw

As one of Domino’s closest friends in her new self-titled series, Outlaw was a woman who Deadpool would occasionally make googly eyes at throughout his 2002 arc.

It wasn’t until the Suicide Kings storyline that their relationship became serious. Originally, Outlaw rejected his advances, like most woman who were annoyed by him.

After Deadpool and Punisher get into a brawl and destroy her apartment, Deadpool fronts the bill to get her pad fixed. With this simple gesture, Outlaw claims that its the kindest thing that anyone has ever done for her and they hook-up.

They later were wed, but because of Outlaw’s super strength and insatiable appetite for physical exercises in the bedroom, Deadpool’s pelvis was shattered into numerous bone fragments.

Other continuities include Deadpool: Pulp, where Outlaw is a rogue CIA agent hired to betray America by delivering a suitcase of nukes to Russia. Deadpool admits that she is the only woman who he has ever loved, before taking her down to save the country.

In the bizarre and R-rated Deadpool Max, Deadpool envisions Outlaw as his psychologist, who often murmurs advances to her patients. She ends up sending Deadpool to a psych ward in order to get closer to him and fakes being pregnant with his child, later embarking on a spree as Domino to impress him.

1 Deadpool Rescued Domino From Being Lobotomized

During Civil War, Deadpool and Cable stand on opposite sides of the Superhero Registration Act. Deadpool is hired to track down superheroes who haven’t registered, while Cable is intent on having freewill and protecting the interest of humanity.

The president of the United States instructs Deadpool to apprehend Cable. Despite their rumble, Deadpool voices his insecurities with taking on his on-and-off again ally, claiming that “throwing down with Nate just doesn’t feel right” in Cable and Deadpool #32.

Cable cobbles together a floating island called Providence, inviting the brightest minds and liberated individuals to populate the levitating region.

Providence can also teleport, which seems like the creative brainstorming of a rejected Studio Ghibili flick. After losing a brawl with Silver Surfer, Cable is on the verge of losing his life, and instructs Deadpool to lobotomize him with the teleporter.

Later, Cable sucks members of Six Pack into his broken psyche as he’s passing away. Deadpool saves Domino and her crew by introducing an alien symbiote composed of a similar matter that makes Cable’s mind meld with the ET, forming a new arm.

If he didn’t do it, Cable would be destroyed and essentially lobotomize Domino and Six Pack.

Deadpool later joins Six Pack and they fight a resurrected Cable. Deadpool is punched so hard that he’s rocketed out of Rumekistan, while Six Pack forfeit, with Domino recanting her position opposing Cable on live television in Cable and Deadpool #34.


Can you think of any other facts about Domino and Deadpool's relationship? Let us know in the comments!

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