Ryan Reynolds Makes Deadpool Joke About Fox & Disney Deal

If the potential deal between Disney and Fox is reached, it will throw into question a lot of the studio's plans with their X-Men and mutant universe. However that isn't stopping Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds from having a lot of fun with the possible future, over on his social media.

Reynolds fought hard to convince Fox that the Deadpool property was one worth exploring in a feature film. It's a gamble that paid off as Deadpool became a huge critical and commercial success, even churning out a hotly-anticipated sequel. Given the success of Deadpool, it's likely that even if Fox is acquired by Disney, the franchise won't be put on ice. Even if Deadpool's R-rated antics don't exactly fit with Disney's family-friendly tone both with its Marvel properties and outside it. Still, Reynolds has some very creative and Deadpool appropriate ideas for how the Merc with the Mouth will react to being under the roof of the House of Mouse.

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On his Twitter account, Reynolds quoted a story which stated Disney and Fox could reach a deal very soon. Rather than be dismayed by the potential buy-out, Reynolds is excited to see Deadpool potentially interact with Mickey Mouse, having them popping the cork on their "explosive sexual tension."

Obviously a romance, or anything remotely physical, is never going to develop between Deadpool and the anthropomorphic mouse. While it seems unlikely that Disney would interfere too much with Deadpool's winning formula, they'd certainly never allow wholesome Mickey to appear in anything with Reynolds' Deadpool. Mickey Mouse and Reynolds' Deadpool sharing a screen in any official capacity is nothing short of impossible.

However, there's more than a passing chance that Deadpool could comment and reference the famous rodent, in his upcoming movie or beyond. Deadpool has long broken the fourth wall and if the deal truly goes through it would be shocking if Reynolds' Wade Wilson doesn't have some crass remark to make about Mickey or Disney in Deadpool 2 or in any of the promotional material.

Of course this is all speculation and supposition. The details of whatever Fox and Disney are working on remain a mystery and it's still not clear if it will be a complete buy-out or if it will be similar to something like the deal Disney worked out with Sony to allow Spider-Man to enter the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Although the rumors seem to be that it will, in fact, involve Disney completely assuming Fox's Movie and TV divisions which would put them in control of Deadpool, along with the X-Men and several other famous properties and not just those of a superhero nature.

At the very least, Reynolds' tweet is confirmation that the actor will continue to have fun with and poke fun of everything and anything under the guise of Deadpool.

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