Deadpool's New Mission is WAY Too Disgusting For Film

Even for Deadpool, the latest mission to save the world by defeating a vomit-spewing Celestial is seriously disgusting. Proving once and for all that no matter how many crude jokes get deleted from a Deadpool movie, film will never be able to match the sheer squeamish glory of a a cosmic conqueror covering the planet in puke.

Thankfully, the heroes of the Marvel Universe have Deadpool to count on, as the one hero guaranteed to be invulnerably to vomit. After all, super-vomiting is one of Deadpool's latest powers. But in our exclusive preview of Deadpool #3, the volume of vomit being dealt with (on the scale of Armageddon, except... barf) may be too much for him to handle. So if he can't defeat 'Groffon the Regurger,' who can?

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The name bestowed upon this new Celestial should give a good sense of the brilliance that writer Skottie Young has brought to the new Deadpool. And we would be remiss if we didn't also pay credit to Nic Klein, realizing the skyscraper-sized vomit bombs through both pencils AND colors. After the previous issue left Deadpool face-to-face with the Regurger, and holding the one weapon capable of killing it, things went off the rails. Since Deadpool erased his memory, he no longer knows how to stop Groffon at all.

Take a look at where Issue #3 picks up, thanks to Marvel's preview pages below:

Despite the dire nature of these pages, the odds still seem to be in Wade Wilson's future (unless Marvel editorial has decided to plunge all of their comics into a vomit-covered Earth). The havoc caused by Groffon's deployed weapons - charged with 'preparing' Earth to be suitable for his spawn - is being handled by Marvel's heroes for the moment. Which means Deadpool really only needs to kill a Celestial. That would normally be a tall order in any other comic, but this is Deadpool we're talking about.

The thrill will almost certainly come in how he manages to save the day, before heading off for an even wilder (and way less disgusting) adventure in Issue #4. Still, we can't shake the feeling that Young, Klein, and the rest of the new Deadpool team have a horrifying, stomach-turning, glorious cherry with which to top this sundae. But to see it, fans will need to pick up their issues when they hit store shelves next week.

Check out a full synopsis for the issue below:

DEADPOOL (2018) #3

Published: August 1st, 2018

Writer: Skottie Young

Art: Nic Klein

Cover Artist: Nic Klein

That escalated quickly. Deadpool’s got a plan, and those usually work out flawlessly, so everyone, don’t worry! Earth is TOTALLY GOING TO BE FINE. But, uh, just in case, anyone have an extra spaceship or a teleporter or some interstellar conveyance? I’m sure Deadpool’s got it in hand, just, you know, better safe than sorry…

Deadpool #3 will be available from Marvel Comics on August 1st, 2018.

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