Deadpool Creator Talks Deadpool Solo Project

A Deadpool project has been in the air since David S. Goyer (writer of Blade-Trilogy, Batman Begins/The Dark Knight) did a script while Blade was in production, but now with X-Men Origins: Wolverine a few weeks from release, buzz of a solo flick has ramped up. Deadpool creator Robert Liefeld recently chimed in, adding fuel to the fire.

Liefeld is the mastermind behind a few pivotal characters besides Deadpool: he's the reason why Marvel has Cable and X-Force. Though he's faced criticism in the comic book industry, lately he's been dabbling in a little screen writing and being involved with film. Via Twitter, he's posted a few notes about the upcoming Wolverine origin piece and Deadpool's solo arc.

Also, talked to producers of 'Wolverine' yesterday and they said that there are definite plans to spin off 'Deadpool' if the box office works

He also reminded us that the leaked Wolverine workprint is incomplete.

"The Deadpool re-shoots with Ryan Reynolds aren't in the bootlegged version. audience test response warranted more Deadpool in the pic!"

Now I'm all for a solo movie of the "Merc with a Mouth," he deserves one. But I'm also inclined to be skeptical. From the footage screened, and the whispers of plot details heard, the movie version of Deadpool manifests very differently than his comic book counterpart. That's not a good thing. Aside from Deadpool's signature black comedy, he's uniquely the only character in the Marvel Universe who knows he's in a comic book. The recently released video profile of Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool didn't really feel like it did the necessary research of the comics. The essence is there, but it's very faint.

Fox could always re-tell his story through the solo project and "fix what they've done," but previous interviews have Reynolds saying he is the character that eventually becomes Deadpool. If they want to really pursue a Deadpool spinoff, they cannot ruin the character or a boycott is sure to ensue.

Will Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool deliver the goods?

Nevertheless, Liefeld insures us the character is intact--via the 140-character Twitter format.

"The question I am getting asked the most nowadays, especially at conventions, is how do I feel about Deadpool in the 'Wolverine' movie

My answer is, I'm thrilled he's in the movie, his character is true to the comic and I'm pleased with how he is presented. But I also remind

everyone that the movie is called "Wolverine" and not Deadpool. I hear rumors that they put more Deadpool in the final cut. fingers crossed

It's also cool to see Gambit coming to the big screen, he looks cool, feels like 90's all over again. Next up....Cable? Domino....? Please."

I'd love to see a comic book character that knows he's now in a movie, but if Watchmen is a sign, niche comic books don't make "successful" films (that is, in box office terms).

Do you think Deadpool is worthy of a  big screen solo project? And if so, how should he be portrayed?

Source: MTV Splash Page, via Twitter

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