15 Most INSANE Alternate Versions Of Deadpool

If you thought Deadpool was insane, wait until you see these alternate versions of his character scattered throughout the Marvel Universe.

Since his introduction in 1991, the character of Deadpool has steadily built a devoted fan base. Created by writer Fabian Nicieza and artist Rob Liefeld, this character well beyond being just a parody of DC Comic’s Deathstroke character.

Although Deadpool alone is very entertaining, the expansive multiverse of Marvel created the opportunity to take the “Merc with a Mouth” into completely different directions. We would love to see more stories using the over-the-top Deadpool characters like Knightpool, Mimepool, and Beespool. Beyond the ridiculous characters, some variations of the Deadpool have also led to unique character mashups with some of the most popular superheroes in the Marvel Universe. Fans were treated with Grootpool, D.E.A.D.P.O.O.L., and Galactipool.

Moreover, mashups have not been limited to other humans either. Animal kingdom-style Deadpool versions have included Pandapool, Deadpool Dinosaur, and Squirrelpool. The number of Deadpool variations is quite extensive and would take some time to review them all. While some only make brief appearances in one issue, others are given more extensive background stories and full plots.

In the article, we pulled together some of the alternate versions of Wade Wilson with unique appearances, backstories, and the all-out insanity we have all come to expect from him.

Here are the 15 Most Insane Versions Of Deadpool.

15 Dogpool

Poor Dogpool has had a “ruff” life in the comics. Originally from Earth-103173, he was the property of Mascara X and was subjected to numerous experiences for their products. In particular, he was used to test out their newest cosmetics. Those experiments caused a mutation that gave him the ability to heal himself. After several dangerous experiments seemed to leave him for dead, the company chucked him into a dumpster.

The mangy pooch then landed a job with the circus starring as the headline act “Deadpool the Daredevil Dog”. With each death-defying stunt he performed, he always made it out alive, to the amazement of the audience. In the series Deadpool Kills Deadpool, he was recruited by Deadpool from Earth-616 to join the Deadpool Corps and became close with fellow member Kidpool. Ah, the classic friendship of a boy and his ugly, self-healing dog.

14 Death Mask

There is a very thin line between the super genius and criminally insane in the Marvel Universe. One excellent example of this dynamic can be found in the character Death Mask. Originating from Earth-11638, this Deadpool character was suffering from a fatal brain tumor. Using a new groundbreaking technique, Reed Richards was able to successfully remove the tumor with unexpected results.

The procedure turned the normally crazy Deadpool into a super genius with a proclivity for criminal mischief. Referring to himself as Death Mask, he wore a more mechanized suit and became an amalgamation of the characters Doctor Doom and Deadpool in this world. Inversely, there was another character in the same world named Deathwish that donned a costume exactly like Deadpool’s, but he wore green and black for his colors.

Even Earth-616 Deadpool mistook Deathwish for his other world counterpart and began a fast friendship with him. However, he discovered that Deathwish was the Doctor Doom of this universe who went insane after killing The Fantastic Four. From super genius to "Deadpool crazy" in the blink of an eye.

13 Golden Age Deadpool

Golden Age Deadpool

Frederick “Wheezy” Wilson looks like a character straight out of “The Empty Child” episode of Doctor Who. Nephew to President Woodrow Wilson, this character is forced to enlist by his overzealous uncle. Wilson does everything in his power to be disqualified, including smoking way too much and faking mustard gas poisoning. Though he does manage to damage his lungs, his efforts do not keep him out of World War I.

Consequently, Wheezy must wear a breathing apparatus going forward. Over the years, he began to lose his mind while also overindulging on watching cartoons at the movie theaters. During WWII, the Germans decided to change him into “Weapon Swastika” and gave him exceptional healing abilities and increased strength.

Though intended to be a great weapon for the Germans, Golden Age Deadpool decided that it wasn’t for him and decided to go rogue instead. He is still Deadpool, after all…

12 Dead Man Wade

As one of the few survivors of the Age of Apocalypse era, Dead Man Wade received his healing abilities from Apocalypse himself. He served as a member of the Pale Riders and had a particular affinity for pain. Although Wade obtained the ability to heal, he found that he was constantly decaying as well. This suffering kept him in a perpetual state of pain and made him wish he was dead.

Over time, these issues eventually led to Dead Man Wade becoming depressed and continued to push him to the brink of insanity. He was later killed during a fight when Nightcrawler grabbed his head and teleported it away, leaving his severed body behind. Though killed in this initial appearance, he made a later appearance as a member of the Dreadpool’s Evil Deadpool Corps.

11 The Deadpool Kid

Deadpool Kid Deadpool

Now, this version of Deadpool we would have loved to see in action in a great Western themed comic. The outlaw known as The Deadpool Kid lived on Earth-1108. Dressed in red and black cowboy attire and carrying both guns and his trademark katanas, this version of Deadpool was a wanted man. His list of crimes included bank robberies, software piracy, and attacking an orphanage with a stampede of pygmy goats (yeah, you read that correctly).

You would think 616 Deadpool would take to this character immediately. However, he was not amused by his antics. Upon meeting him, Deadpool shot The Deadpool Kid in the head and left him for dead. Thankfully, he survived the shot and was later recruited by Dreadpool for the extermination of all other Deadpools in the universe.

10 Wadey Wilson aka Ultimate Deadpool

Deadpool leading the Reavers in the Ultimate Universe

After surviving the Wakanda War, US Marine Sergeant Wadey Wilson decided to go by the new name of Deadpool. Leaving his military career behind, he became a mercenary and was hired by the Genoshan government to recruit mutants for them. And by recruit, we mean hunt down, kidnap them, and force them to be hunted alive live on television.

Leading the Reavers, Wadey managed to capture the X-Men and Spider-Man for his mission. However, the group was able to overpower him, revealing the truth behind his mask. He had left his humanity behind and, much like the Reavers, became a cyborg instead. His initial appearance in Ultimate Spider-Man #91 was followed by a brief appearance in Deadpool Kills Deadpool, where he is slaughtered by his Earth-6161 counterpart.

9 Watari  (Ronin-pool)

Watari Ronin Pool Deadpool Character

Our next alternate Deadpool can be found in the heart of 17th century Japan. Watari (or Ronin pool) was one of five superheroes highlighted in the 2011 series 5 Ronin. Living on Earth-TRN150, he was considered the most dangerous samurai of his times However, his domination was brought to an end when he was betrayed by his friend, ambushed and left for dead. His face was viciously scarred and he soon becomes known as “The Fool”.

Watari became homeless and lived his days in a drunken state constantly moving from town to town. In the end, however,  he was able to take his revenge on his betrayer. He later appeared as one of the many incarnations of Deadpool that decided to join the Deadpool Corps to take down the evil Dreadpool.

8 Evil Deadpool

Deadpool vs Evil Deadpool

Ever wondered what happened to all of the parts of Deadpool that have been cut off, shot, and dismembered over the years? Yeah, we didn’t either. However, his stalker Ellen Whitby found a good reason to save these severed limbs in her freezer. Once they were discovered by Deadpool, he threw them away in a dumpster. Still infused with his healing factors, the thawed parts eventually joined together to create Evil Deadpool.

This Frankenstein-like creature set out to bring an end to the real Deadpool and even blew up his favorite chimichanga spot in the process. Now, that’s just disrespectful! After his initial appearance in Deadpool Vol 2, #44, he returned as a member of the Evil Deadpool Corps in Deadpool Kills Deadpool. He finally met his end at the hands of Lady Deadpool and Galactipool.

7 Kidpool

Kidpool Deadpool Character

Deadpool has never limited himself when it comes to harassing and annoying other heroes of the Marvel Universe. Although he may never see him interact with the Avengers onscreen, we have been witness to him visiting the world of the X-Men. With the way he acts as an adult, you have to wonder what he would have been like  as a kid with his current powers? Hmm, younger Deadpool at a certain school for mutants maybe?

Enter Kidpool, the younger version of our favorite Merc with a Mouth attending/raising havoc at the Xavier Orphanage for Troubled Boys on Earth-10330. First appearing in Prelude to Deadpool Corps #2, Kidpool managed to not only constantly remain in trouble but also entangle a few young X-Men into his exploits. From skipping detention with Cyclops to getting into a fight with Wolverine, Kidpool regularly acted out because he never quite fit in.

Luckily, he found a home as a member of the Deadpool Corps with his future best friend Dogpool.

6 Wolverinepool

Wolverinepool Deadpool Character

The dynamic between Wolverine and Deadpool just cannot be matched. Between their smart mouths, brutal killing styles, and remarkable healing abilities, these heroes would never see an end to their fighting. Sadly, we never got the opportunity to see these two onscreen together though fans were hoping for a Deadpool appearance in Logan.

Although they make for an intriguing partnership, the combination of these two characters makes for an even more unbelievable concept. The character of Wolverinepool existed on Earth-1946 where Wade Wilson received the Adamantium injections during the Weapon X program.

Wolverinepool first made an appearance in the Marvel Universe in Cable & Deadpool, issue #46. He met his end, however, at the hands of Earth-616 Deadpool by means of a grenade filled with flesh-eating bugs. All that remained were his claws and skeleton.

5 Zombie Deadpool/Headpool

Headpool Zombie Deadpool

First appearing in Marvel Zombies #3, Zombie Deadpool (aka The Merc with a Half Mouth) hailed from Earth-2149 that had been plagued by a zombie apocalypse. While little is known about his life prior to the infection, readers can assume his history followed a similar path as the Deadpool we know and love.

After the zombified heroes had run out of food sources on their world, they set out for better options and arrived on Earth-616. However, in a fight with Jennifer Kale, Deadpool was defeated and reduced to live as just a head (becoming Headpool).

However, our Deadpool still found him to be useful and also recruited him to the Deadpool Corps. To make life a little easier, he gifted Headpool with a beanie hat so he could fly around. He, sadly, met a gruesome end in Deadpool Kills Deadpool when Evil Deadpool stuck him in the microwave and he exploded. We've got to wonder if there was a "Deadpool" setting on that microwave...

4 Venompool

Venompool Deadpool Character

This version of Deadpool turned out to be quite the party animal. Premiering in the Venom/Deadpool: What If? comics in 2011, the four part series followed the adventures of Venompool living it up in the 1980s.

Set on Earth-90211, he was hired by Galactus and sent on a mission to kill the Beyonder. After tracking him down to a nightclub, Deadpool was set to complete his mission but was caught up in, well, the boogie. He got swept up in the Beyonder’s partying lifestyle and joined in. He even managed to grow Jheri curls in the process!

While traveling in the Beyonder’s flying limousine, the two are interrupted by Spider-Man demanding that the Symbiote costume be removed from him. Once completed, the Symbiote merged with Wilson and created Venompool. While the sight of Deadpool with Jheri curls was disturbing, the appearance of Venompool rocking that '80s hairdo is truly the stuff of nightmares!

3 Deadpool the Duck

Deadpool the Duck

We are glad to see that Marvel character Howard the Duck finally get some love in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. After that '80s classic (but still a tragedy as a movie) Howard the Duck, he definitely needs a comeback. Earlier this year, he starred as the newly fused character Deadpool the Duck from Earth-616 in his own comic book series. However, this wasn’t the first time that this fused character has made an appearance.

The character Deadpool the Duck became one of the many Deadpool characters involved in the 2013 series Deadpool Kills Deadpool. Hailing from the same Duckworld as Howard (known as Earth-791021), this version of Wade Wilson was recruited as a member of the Evil Deadpool Corps. In his pursuit to help Dreadpool, however, he shared the fate of the other members of the groups and was mercilessly killed.

2 Lady Deadpool

Lady Deadpool

No list of Deadpool variants would be complete without highlighting the female version of Deadpool. Created by Victor Gischler and Rob Liefeld, Wanda Wilson lived on Earth-3010 as the Deadpool of that world. She lacked a sense of belonging and sought out causes that made her feel like she belonged. While she did fight against the corrupted General America (an evil version of Captain America), she finally found her place leading the good Deadpool Corps. In fact, Lady Deadpool warned the 616 Deadpool of the plot to kill all of the Deadpools in the universe in the first place.

Although the sight of a female Deadpool is quite awesome, fans were very grossed out when she and the main Deadpool decided to make out. Because what sane-minded person wouldn’t want to make out with the gender-opposite version of themselves? For those of you with your hands raised, shame on you!

1 Dreadpool

Dreadpool Deadpool Character

Considered the deadliest version of the Merc with a Mouth, Dreadpool thrived on mass murders and destruction. Interestingly enough, he is never referred to by this moniker in the comic books. According to an article on Newsarama, this distinct name was given by Cullen Bunn via an interview only.

Originally from Earth-12101, his first murderous actions were depicted in the 2012 series Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe. After the failed attempt by Psycho-Man to brainwash Wilson, he is left with one deadly voice that whispered lies about the universe being false and encouraging him to slaughter everyone in it. He then proceeded to execute every member of the Marvel Universe.

As the instigator behind the Deadpool Kills Deadpool series, Dreadpool set his sights on eliminating every version of himself from the universe. With the Evil Deadpool Corps at his command, he led his own team on a suicide mission to accomplish his task.  However, after all the other Deadpools had been slaughtered, he met his end at the hands of Earth-616’s Deadpool.


Which alternate Deadpool is your favorite version? Let us know in the comments!

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