Deadpool's New Enemy Just Removed His Entire [SPOILER]

Warning: This article contains SPOILERS for Deadpool #10

Deadpool is no stranger to pain and violence, but in this week's Deadpool #10, the Merc With A Mouth faces off against a brand new villain - who breaks every single bone in his body. And yes, it gets even worse for Wade Wilson, but we'll get to those details shortly.

Anyone who knows the foul-mouthed anti-hero knows that he's impossible to kill - just last year, Deadpool proved his un-kill-able-ness without a doubt when he put out a hit on himself. Over the years, facing off against the heaviest of hitters, Deadpool's healing factor has always managed to revive him. He's taken on the Hulk. He's been dissected. He's been microwaved, blown apart, shot in the head, and re-grown his entire body. But being impossible to kill doesn't mean that none of these events hurt the red-and-black-clad mercenary, and Marvel's latest villain is more interested in hurting him than killing him... and it's absolutely brutal.

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In Marvel's latest Deadpool #10 (written by Skottie Young, penciling by Scott Hepburn), the Merc With A Mouth starts off having a strange problem: every time he takes on a contract, someone else seems to get there first and spoil the job. This new villain's name is eventually revealed to be 'Good Night,' and it seems that he is incredibly powerful. What's even worse is that for some reason, he has it out for Wade Wilson. Unfortunately, Deadpool's plan to get the drop on his new nemesis goes terribly wrong, with Wade ending up in a truly horrible situation as a result. Back broken. Pinned to a wall. With every single bone in his body broken.

The good news? Technically, the bones themselves are still intact... they're just no longer inside of his body.

As to who this big brute is? Marvel still hasn't revealed his identity, preferring to focus on getting the reader to imagine the horrors in wait for Deadpool, if this scene is just the beginning of Good Night's plans. All that is known for now is that he's had a run-in with Deadpool at some point in the past, and is out for some gloriously gory revenge. It seems like he's definitely got the measure of the Merc, too. He's well aware that Deadpool isn't going to die from anything as minor (relatively speaking) as being disjointed and hung up like a piece of meat, but that it's going to seriously hurt.

Cue a classic comic revenge story, with space for all kinds of blood and guts (now that the titular star's bones have been removed to make room). Deadpool fans will be thrilled!

Deadpool #10 is available now from Marvel Comics.

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