Deadpool Finds Love With X-Men's Rogue

NOTE: This article contains SPOILERS for Uncanny Avengers #22


Some might take one look at Deadpool's horribly scarred, tumorous face and decide it's one not even his mother could love. But Rogue of the X-Men apparently shouldn't be included in that group, judging by the budding romance between her and the Merc With a Mouth... not long after she beat him as close to death as he's been in years. Those Marvel fans who haven't been keeping up with the Uncanny Avengers have missed out on plenty, but the future is looking brighter for Wade Wilson and his X-Men love.

The love connection comes, as it always should, on the heels of a horrible run-in with the Red Skull. Having taken control of Professor X's psychic brain and turned the comic's heroes against eachother, Rogue wound up being mind-controlled into punishing the one mutant incapable of having his mind hijacked. And believe us, the above image of Rogue impaling Deadpool with her fist is the least graphic image we can reveal of their showdown. Of course, Wade Wilson's healing factor allowed him to live... with some scars. Scars that Rogue takes on herself, as a result of their newfound affection.

Rogue Tries To Make Things Right

Deadpool Rogue Uncanny Avengers

The devoted fans might think that Deadpool walking away from the battle with a cane seems like a hindering of his healing factor. But if Red Skull used his psychic powers to torment and destroy the Unity Squad (a blend of Avengers, Inhumans, and Mutant heroes) across the board, he saved the worst for Deadpool. It was Deadpool who actually saved the day, infiltrating Red Skull's stronghold and slapping Magneto's telepathy-resistant helmet onto the rampaging Rogue. But not before she gave killing him her best effort.

We're not kidding when we say that the images of Deadpool post-pounding are more graphic than usual, and the significant brain damage caused by Rogue's punches left Wade with a long (for him) road to recovery. So as the team gathers to celebrate a mission truly accomplished, Deadpool takes his alcohol, then takes his leave. Rogue keeps an eye out, still clearly torn up about the damage she inflicted... particularly given her recent warmth towards Wade. Not outright affection or flirtation, but as the one woman willing to give as good as she gets when it comes to attitude and bravado, Wade and Rogue have become a strong twosome under writer Gerry Duggan and artists Pepe Larraz and David Curiel.

But as Rogue approached Wade on the street, her concern over him "hating" her is dismissed. As Wade sees it, the problem is he likes her too much, saying "I dig you too much to ruin you--which I would do, okay?"

Rogue Sweeps Deadpool Off His Feet

Without waiting to hear another word, Rogue grabs hold of Wade, heads into the city skies, and plants a kiss worthy of the Man of Steel himself. When the two return to Earth, having finally acted on the growing affection and chemistry between them, Wade makes a stunning discovery. He's healed, removed of his tumorous, scarred skin and returned to his original, healthy body. That's due to Rogue's mutant ability to absorb the powers of those she makes contact with - and if kissing Wade means a toxic complexion, Rogue seems all too ready to endure it.

The pair continue their lip service elsewhere, but almost immediately, Wade has reservations about the glimpse into his mind - fractured into differing personalities and fantasies - that could also be absorbed by Rogue. The nightmares she glimpses are far from pretty, but Rogue holds fast. Until they start intensely kissing, and Rogue is weakened enough for Wonder Man to emerge from her body, having had his essence absorbed by her in the previous run of Uncanny Avengers. It's an unceremonious end to a budding love affair, but we doubt it will be sidelined for long - because who doesn't want to see 'Roguepool' get some time in the spotlight?

The artwork for Issue #23 promises serious drama with Wonder Man's return, and how it may be connected to the larger Pleasant Hill mysteries and conspiracies. For now, we'll simply enjoy the fact that Deadpool and Rogue have each found a bit of romance based on friendship, teamwork, and sacrifice. Their powers seem to compliment eachother well enough to make this thing last, but Rogue will have to regain consciousness, and Wonder Man be dealt with before their next aerial smooching.

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Uncanny Avengers #22 is available now.

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