Deadpool Takes a Shot at Marvel's Failed Inhumans TV Show

WARNING: This article contains SPOILERS for Despicable Deadpool #298


Deadpool may be a target for the entire Marvel Universe, but he still finds time to throw a little shade at the failed Inhumans TV show. In the new issue of Despicable Deadpool #298 the Merc With A Mouth is dealing with the fallout from the last issue - and his decision to put out a $20 million dollar hit on himself.

It's still not clear exactly why Deadpool is so determined to do himself in, but the challenging story arc "The Marvel Universe Kills Deadpool" has begun anyway. Sure, Deadpool has a reason to hate Marvel's heroes, but it's still hard to believe he actually wants to be killed. Or, since he heals from nearly every injury, that he wants to feel pain (although that's a bit more believable).

In the meantime, though, Deadpool is making sure to take his shots at the attacking villains, AND the ABC flop that was the small screen Inhumans.

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Despicable Deadpool #298 sees Wade taking on a range of hard-to-beat bad guys, including Juggernaut, Taskmaster, and Bullseye, with the clear indication that he's been working his way through the various villains who have answered his hit (Rhino is mentioned by name). For a minute there, it even seems like someone might kill him, as Taskmaster and Bullseye team up with a plan to put him through a woodchipper, feed the resultant mush to piranhas, and then incinerate the piranhas. However, they pull the plug when Deadpool reveals that the whole thing was his idea... which makes sense, when you think about it.

Before that point Deadpool can't resist taking a swing at a different part of the Marvel Universe - two different parts, actually. As Taskmaster shows kindness to a passerby, Wade quips "Move over Luke and Danny, there's a new marvelous team up," a reference to the Marvel/Netflix Defenders series heroes Power Man and Iron Fist, respectively. In fact, he even knows a time slot that's suddenly vacant:

It's a solid slam, taking a jab at the failure of Marvel's Inhumans, a series that went first from big screen to small screen, then from a potential universe-spanning jewel in Marvel's crown to the biggest flop from the MCU yet. The series aired on ABC for eight episodes starting in September of 2017, as well as having a special IMAX premiere of Inhumans's first two episodes. Unfortunately, though, the series was panned by critics and dismissed by fans, and while an official cancellation announcement has yet to come, it's all but guaranteed to happen. Especially now that Anson Mount has joined Star Trek: Discovery.

Deadpool is famous for breaking the fourth wall, but this seems like a particularly pointed reference to the 'real world'... and the failure of another Marvel franchise. At least someone at Marvel has a sense of humor about it.

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Despicable Deadpool #298 is available now from Marvel Comics.

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