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For years, comic book fans everywhere begged and pleaded with 20th Century Fox to make a Deadpool movie that did the character justice. It looked like the studio was going to do just that initially with the release of X-Men Origins: Wolverine in 2009 and the casting of Ryan Reynolds as the beloved character. Unfortunately, fans know what a disaster that version of the character wound up being, and it was another seven years before the character got a second chance at silver screen stardom, once again played by Reynolds. An R-rated, laugh-out-loud comedy action movie the likes of which the superhero genre had never seen before, it was everything fans had waited for and more.

Fox's willingness to release a Deadpool movie that stayed true to the character all the way through, ended up being one of its best decisions in years, when the film went on to become one of the most critically-acclaimed and financially successful comic book films of all time. It turned out to be such a success, in fact, that Fox went straight ahead to greenlight a sequel, which has been in the works ever since the first film's February 2016 release.

One of the Merc with a Mouth's most alluring charms, is his ability to cross over into multiple different universes, properties, and comic-book stories, and breaks the fourth wall by giving his honest, usually tongue-in-cheek opinion about everything going on around him. One crossover some fans may never have expected to see, though, is Deadpool appearing in some classic Disney films. But that's just what famed animator, Butch Hartman, did with his latest YouTube video, in which he reimagines some of Disney Animation's most classic scenes in history as if Deadpool were starring in them rather than princesses or boastful villains. Check it out for yourself in the space above.


In terms of the many Deadpool-themed spoofs that have been made and released -- some even by Reynolds himself -- this is one of the more ingenious. Just the thought of the Merc with a Mouth appearing in films like The Little Mermaid or Frozen should be enough to elicit a bit of a chuckle from fans of the character. Surprisingly, Disney films have managed to mostly avoid Wade Wilson's pop culture skewering up until this point also, but it'll be interesting to see if there are any Disney-related jokes or running gags included in the Deadpool film sequel, especially since the studio owns Marvel Studios.


Meanwhile, things on the Deadpool 2 front only continue to get even more interesting. After losing original director Tim Miller, the sequel went on to replace him with John Wick director, David Leitch, and it was just recently revealed that Cabin in the Woods director, Drew Goddard, was working on the film's script with Reynolds. So basically, fans can look forward to a lot more from Deadpool and his crazy antics over the next few years, and that's only considering what's been announced so far.

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Source: Butch Hartman

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