Deadpool Cartoon Is Coming Sooner Than Later, Says Rob Liefeld

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The rumored Deadpool animated series may soon be hitting the small screen, as Rob Liefeld has confirmed on Twitter that a Deadpool cartoon is coming. Deadpool has made several cameos in the animated series of other Marvel characters in the past, dating all the way back to the X-Men cartoon of the 1990s. The rising popularity of the character following the first Deadpool movie led to Marvel greenlighting a Deadpool animated series that would have aired on FXX.

The Deadpool cartoon had Donald and Stephen Glover as its showrunners, and would have run for ten episodes. The project never came to fruition, and it was officially canceled in March 2018, which led to both Liefeld (the creator of Deadpool) and Ryan Reynolds publically lamenting the decision. All that exists of Donald Glover's vision of Deadpool is some leaked test footage.

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It seems that the Deadpool animated series is still happening, as Liefeld has confirmed on Twitter that the cartoon is coming and it'll arrive soon. Liefeld has no information concerning the form the cartoon will take or even which version of Deadpool it will focus on - he just knows that it's on its way.

There's currently no confirmation on whether the revived Deadpool cartoon is based on the episodes created by Donald & Stephen Glover or whether they will be an entirely new product. It's possible that the Disney-Fox acquisition prompted the revival of the idea, as Disney is looking to create more Marvel content for its upcoming Disney+ streaming service, and Deadpool is one of the biggest franchises they acquired in the Fox deal.

There are still a lot of questions remaining about the Deadpool cartoon, with the most pertinent being whether it will be R-rated like the movies? Deadpool has appeared in other Marvel animated series in the past, and it's usually been in a more saccharine form that highlights the wackier aspects of the character. It's not out of the realm of possibility for Disney to want an adult Deadpool animated series, as they've greenlit four cartoons with an adult audience in mind as part of a deal with Hulu. There's a chance that the Deadpool cartoon will follow suit and will more closely emulate the highly successful movie franchise, rather than trying to sanitize the character for a general audience. The Once Upon a Deadpool experiment didn't pay off in terms of box office, and it's likely that the people at Disney won't want to repeat its mistakes.

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Source: Rob Liefeld/Twitter

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